Greece: the Grand Finale

Article Series describing Jewish Destruction of Greece.
Collected and translated from Greek by member of JoS groups, Lolo Bardonik

I’m guessing that those of you that follow world news have heard about the Greek Debt Crisis in EU. They try to accuse Greece with laziness and corruption, but most of us know that there is one parasite behind all these. The jew. Unlike what the jews are trying to portray, the Greek people are passionate, hard working with work ethics and care very much for people’s wellbeing, the animals and the environment.

The jews are trying for centuries to undermine the good nature of the Greek people (with wars, xianity and communism) but they are still failing to suppress their inner passion for truth and justice.

If you haven’t realized it, they are one of the few nations that escaped the jewish monster of the inquisition. The Greek people had other kinds of suffering at the time, but they escaped the selective genocide. They managed to keep their spiritual genomes that were “excised” from the rest of the Europe though torturing and killing anyone with even the suspicion of any kind of spiritual power.

The Greece at the time of the inquisition was occupied by the Ottoman Empire and escaped this selective genocide. They still have their genetic lineages of spiritual abilities and they can pass it to their successors. Their children currently continue to advance and they pose a threat to the jews that want to eradicate any and every spirituality in the Gentiles (a word stemming from the Greek word “Ethnos”, meaning Nation). This is the reason that the Greek are very important enemies of the jews.

The monetary crisis in EU was invented/created and it was focused on Greece. The following text is a (paraphrased) translation of a Greek article that reveals all the information that the jews would like to be hidden and it also connects all the dots revealing their plans. I feel that the information contained in the article is too valuable and need to be spread across the world.

I have done a lot of paraphrasing because the original author is without, and fails to see the obvious jewish influence in many of these events. He tries to accuse the US, the Germany (calling them Nazis) and the various international companies, when it’s obvious that behind all these is the hand of the jew. I’m using the information he gathered because they are very close to the truth, and present them here to you.

For anyone able to read Greek this is the original article (note that the author is not related to JoS and has slightly different views). LINK

This is an attempt to reveal the valuable information that the author managed to collect and managed to connect and reveal the malicious plan. There are many references in the original article that reveal detrimental information, and in order to make it easier for the readers unfamiliar with the Greek news and history, I’ll try to post some related links wherever I can.