Greece: The Grand Finale Part 12 – What are they afraid of? Where can we aim?

So after reading the previous parts, we come at this natural conclusion; What the jewish usurers are afraid of? What Germany, the ECB, the European Commission are they afraid of? What the criminal Merkel is afraid of? We will try to identify the weak points and maybe target to these points.

In regards to Greece…

Germany fears the “time bomb” that is holding in her hands. A time bomb that is harmless only when she holds the “key” to the “trigger”, and that trigger is Greece. She’s afraid of hundreds of thousands of files, hidden in the “drawers” of German Justice concerning the corruption of the German companies in Greece. As long as this German “bomb” is in German “hands”, Germany is not at any risk.

Germany may play a safe game doing a propaganda war against Greece. She may blame Greece for corruption by using “dirty” tricks, which knows better than anyone, and simultaneously pretending to be the cleansing power, while in fact Germany protects her own jewish people and their jewish owned companies.

With the jewish controlled Germany’s own crimes, she can hold incriminating lists and actually keep hostage almost the entire staff of the political spectrum in Greece. We are talking about politicians from the extreme right, like the now accused Georgios Karatzaferis, the extreme left like Communist Party of Greece, and even Sokratis Kokalis the chairman of Intracom, Siemens, and the Stasi.

However, this applies as long as Greece, through her treacherous leadership, does not react to the German taunts. As long as, Greece avoids the revelations that will destroy the political “castes” of the country, she does not make use of its rights and leaves Germany leading the country into absolute disdain and destruction. This is valid as long as Greece does not demand these files, as a member state of the European Union, in order to at least punish their own people.

Even today Germany, with Schaeuble starring, they’re blaming the political elite of Greece, which led the country to disaster, but they forget to mention that this elite became as such with money of their own German companies. These elites were monopolizing the power in Greece, simply because they were the jewish controlled Germany’s co-conspirators. Their own people corrupted by the German companies and were pretending, by the grace of Germany, to be the “elite” of Greece. These corrupt Greeks, who are friends and pets of the jews, are the co-conspirators of Germany. The only corrupt Greeks and the only Greeks who still remain friends of the jewish controlled Germany.

This is the reason of why Schaeuble is being troubled when ordinary Greeks are asking data on the corrupt Greeks. He’s upset when the Greek nation demands for information about his “friends”.

The demands of Greece to obtain the German files could be dangerous for Germany even though it’s seemingly directed solely against the Greeks. Why? Because simply, if Greece decides to punish the corrupt Greeks, she should have to reveal the whole truth about them and hence the identity of their corruptors. The German identity of the corruptors. And this is very dangerous for Germany. Dangerous, to the point of destruction.

First of all this will irreversibly “hurt” Germany’s “image” as a law-abiding European state. It is one thing to state hypocritically that your morality does not allow you to even cover yourself, and another thing to be convicted in foreign courts. The “sorry” of the corrupted is worthless. Even Schaeuble has said “sorry” for his own corruption, in a case that led to the suicide of his partner.

But, if the case of the Greek corruption leaves the “drawers” of German Justice, the German “sorry” will not suffice. When he, who shall be convicted in Greece –that caused heavy damage to an unsuspecting nation– is a German, things are very special. Germany is not just any European country. Since losing the war, Germany is a member-“murderer”, which has only served a part of the “sentence” and in fact are under surveillance. A state, that if it’s actions are classified as “relapse”, it can be destroyed. And this will be a great profit for the jews that want to destroy and pillage Germany and Europe as a whole.

The jews have thought the possible scenarios. If the corrupted Greek politicians play their part, then Greece becomes the “trigger” for the EU debt “bomb”. If somehow Greece manages to free from this illegal debt and seek justice, Germany and it’s politicians will be destroyed. And with Germany would fall the basic structures of the EU would take an enormous hit, because the European Commission and the ECB are also involved. This would weaken the position of Europe and the common currency against the US and the dollar.

A conviction by any European Court would reveal that Germany — due to its leaders, who are subjugated to the jews– remains an unrepentant unfriendly, uncivilized and anti-European state, which waits for the opportunity to attack anyone naive enough to trust this jewish controlled state.

A state that uses the culture and visions of other nations, in order to serve the jewish plans and to gain profit, by becoming richer at the detriment of these nations. At the detriment of old victims, such as Greece, Serbia, Ukraine, etc. At the detriment of those who are not yet compensated for the previous wars.

However, if this is the ethical dimension of the issue for Germany, there is the economic dimension.

The economic damage which may be suffered by Germany in this case, is colossal, since, according to the Statute of the European Union itself , European companies, which are guilty of bribing state officials within the Member States, are denied the right to participate in tenders for public works of the States of the European Union. What will happen when amongst the corruption scandal of Greece are the companies, which are the main industrial “body” of Germany? Companies such as Siemens, MAN, Thyssen Krupp, Ferrostaal, Mercedes, Bayer etc.?

The revelation of this insidious and really unjustified attack of the jewish controlled Germany towards Greece can only lead to disaster, because it activates processes with enormous economic costs for the Germans. They are even deprived of any excuses they can state, in order to avoid and paying damages to Greece.

The jews have planned this. Either our Greek brothers and sisters —the mortal enemies of the Maccabees— would continue on their path to destruction, or our German brothers and sisters –the vowed enemies of the Jews since WW1– will be destroyed.

Whatever the outcome will be, the jews only need to be prepared ahead of time. To loot whatever they can and leave, just before destruction hits. And then, after the destruction, they’ll come back as “saviors” to enslave those who remained alive.

We have to think outside the box, in order to bring hell upon them. We have to think smart to fight them and avoid the befalling destruction on our brothers and sisters. We have to fight strong to beat their long-term plans.