Greece: The Grand Finale Part 4 – The need for a plan

So this is their plan. The jews want to create an urgent situation in order for the US to take over the EU. And this requires an insidious plan that will entrap Europe. A complicated planning. In order to understand how this plan could be initiated, we have to mention a few things. First of all we’ll start our analysis with the real data of the situation and not the data that are presented as “real”. According to the United States’ own Donald Trump –and they didn’t like it– the US are a “superpower” of debt. A superpower of jokes, that awaits their end. What kind of “superpower” is a country that, in a planet immersed in debt –the national debts of all the countries are 55 trillion dollars– the US alone have the one fourth of this debt?

What did the famous American businessman revealed with this observation? That things aren’t the “optimistic” way Obama “says” they are. The US are in a tragic situation. They are extremely close to the limits of financial bankruptcy and social disintegration. Unemployment is raising and households suffer. But, the biggest problem of the US, that threatens with real destruction, is their debt. Their enormous debt. A debt that seems like a huge “anvil” tied onto them and are sinking them to the “abyss”, threatening to knock them down from their “throne”. This is the big problem of the jewish controlled US and that’s what they’re trying to solve.

Which is the best way to get rid of a debt, without “throwing” it out in the “trash”, causing economic chaos in a profiting system? “Charge” it to someone else. This is desired. In order to avoid problems in the existing world economy, which suits the US –owners of the “magical” dollar– and want it to keep working the way it already works. They need a “sucker” to release them from their debt. A sucker to carry all the debt.

Who can be charged with such a debt? That’s who we’re looking for. Who are the largest American bonds “investors” and therefore lenders of the US? If we suppose that China, Japan, Brazil and a few others each have about 1 trillion dollars in American bonds, a large part of this enormous American debt lies in the European hands. The Europeans, with the Germans leading, “invested” in the American bonds. In the AAA investment products, which were considered to be the safest and best in the world. If these Europeans “combine” the American debt that they are holding, then these are the biggest lenders of the US. When these Europeans belong to a EU, then it’s even better.

This means that the US have an enormous debt to the European countries and the European countries don’t owe the US anything, since the American transactions happen “alchemically” with the ECB that will be owned by them in the future. Generally the “garbage” travel from the West to the East. Like the golf stream, where the “garbage” drift from America to the Europe. What does that remind us of? What rings in mind when someone has a huge debt to another and not only he avoids to pay it back, but tries to create such a debt to the other in order to make him a subordinate? Which situation does that remind us? Especially to the Greeks? Does it remind us of the Greek “guinea pig”?

[Translator warned not every info is relevant here. Now author goes into how Germany “owes” smth to Greece or to any other country because WW2. I had to cut this as it is absolutely against justice and based on wrong jew-written history. Allies, not Germans, were the ones committed the worst war crimes against humanity such as mass rape and violence against civilians, including Greece. And Germans suffered the most. However the fact that post-war Germany is jew-owned is truth – see Merkel is jewish – and that EU is blood-sucked by jew-owned puppets is also truth – see World War Jew. That’s why information below is worth reading between the lines as it shows how jew works. Welfare states, life lived on loans and debts, etc – are direct creations of bankster jews used to divide and conquer.]

Germany (controlled by the jews) was plotting against Greece. They took advantage of the money, that would otherwise belong to Greece, and developed. In this period, that Greece entered the Eurozone, Germany became rich and was the one leading Greece to an unprecedented decline. A decline that transformed Germany into the major loaner of Greece. Now, even if Germany pays back the owed amount, it’s irrelevant. The amount will be blown away by the “interest rates”. Money that in the past would “catapult” Greece to the “heights”, today, if Germany pays them back, they will just lower Greece’s debts. Germany has destroyed Greece’s economy and in minimal time the destroyed Greece would not only have difficulty to get back on track, but the country would reach a situation to be forced to borrow money again.

Without having an official “conflict” between Germany and Greece, the first destroyed the second and converted her to a colony of debt. Theoretically, Germany could “pay off” the debt and not only avoid poverty, but they’ll not even be affected by this pay off. Germany got rich from the “salvation” that sold to the now poor Greece.

It’s simple arithmetics; When Germany with her austerity policies and the loans managed to increase the Greek debt to 500 and 600 billion euros and her own surplus reach trillions, it’s obvious that they could pay back without anyone noticing. She “got rid” of her debt against an independent country and made her a slave.

This is where the new bonds of Varoufakis come into play. “Perpetual” bonds meaning eternal tribute of Greece to Germany. It is strategic choice to associate the “pioneering” bonds of Varoufakis with the concept of development, such as strategic choice was in the Middle Ages to associate the poll tax with the concept of the harvest.

Large harvest, high poll tax. Small harvest, low poll tax. High development, high loan installments. Low development, low loan installments. However, you will never be able to bail out of your boss, owner and master. A master who is cunning and doesn’t profit from absolute numbers. The loan installments will never be too high, to make the victim to halt payments and ruin the master. The loan installments will never be too low, to be able to pay off the debt and the slave to be able to get rid off the master.

The plan is to adjust the debt to the size of the slave. Different “plow” for the horses, different “plow” for the oxes. Though, both will carry “plows”. If this plan –plotted by the sponsor jews of Papandreou and expressed by Varoufakis– succeeds in Greece and she becomes “happy” against Germany, then the experiment succeeded. They will try it in Europe. Greece will carry the German “plow”, but the EU will carry the US “plow”. The Europeans will be “happy” and Germany will be “sad”, by betraying Europe in order to serve the jew money lenders.

This was the plan. Afterwards Greece was used in all the phases of the plan. They created a Greek debt in order to create a “common” European account that will be able to affect the European economies. All the European economies and not only those of Euro. For this reason they –maliciously– included countries that don’t use this currency in the agreement for the Greece loans and the Euro support group. By using Greece they created a “network” of debt, that would connect everyone under the common problem. In the common “cup” of the European economy, Greece would be –whenever is was most profitable– the “drop” that would overflow the problems. The “drop” of debt, that would bankrupt the EU.