Greece: The Grand Finale Part 6 – The same plan again and again

Today’s Europe, indebted and sunken into recession. People desperate and disappointed looking for “saviors” in the chat rooms and forums of the internet. “Saviors for the day”, like Varoufakis, who with a weird jacket and a few “catchy” Photoshops spotlights in the news. What is needed then, to push Europe onto devastating events? A threat for bankruptcy. A threat that will allow them to act like sponsors and therefore like “saviors”. However, in order to do this, they will have to create an enormous debt crisis in Europe. An artificial debt crisis, which they will create when they will be ready to control to further their plans.

At this point, little Greece comes into play with her global role and importance, like Obama told us. The problem of little Greece is like the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was the “detonator” of WW1. The taunting of Hitler’s Germany not offering any peace options (read the many newsletters and articles the JoS clergy has written). In order to detonate the most powerful bomb it requires a small detonator. It’s the same in this case. Greece is this small “detonator”. What is a “detonator”? A small “bomb” inside the bigger one.

The “explosion” of Greece will detonate the “explosion” of Europe. The debt of Greece in particular will “detonate” the debt of Europe. The public funds that Karamanlis gave to the private banks, destroying the “balance” of Greek public debt, will be “repeated” with the debt of Greece and the “balance” of the EU debt. The debt of Greece, because it affects almost all European nations, will become European debt, changing the “balance”, in order to bring it to a situation to borrow money and therefore leaving EU in the mercy of the “markets” (jews) and the jewish controlled US.

This is their strategic attempt. This way the bankrupt US will obtain the chance to be “relieved” from debt. Today’s problem will become the “solution” for the problem which they will create to another one. Again we see the one-and-only jewish trick; problem, reaction, solution. It’s like someone having –because of his decease– exhausted “viruses” and transmitting his decease to selected victims, in order to terrorize others and sell them the “vaccine”. We are talking about a big crime. A crime that we have “seen” before. And from the same filthy criminals. The leeches of the planet, the jews.

What the jews are doing today is the same trick they did for the big “Crash” of 1929. Same people, same old trick. How else could the bankrupt US of 1929 would become the Superpower of 1945, who would finance the whole planet with “Marshal Plans”? How would a nation destroyed from debt would become the biggest investor in history? What did the jews do then? The large debt of the US was “eliminated” and was zeroed, by giving “help” to Europe.

They “got rid” of their debt, “investing” long-term into a flattened Europe. As “investors” they helped to realize this investment even when it was highly improbable. They invested in a flattened Europe before it becomes flattened. They went out of their way to create war in Europe and taunted Hitler’s Germany, not giving them any options for peace (The JoS clergy have written extensively on this). They created the war in order to profit from the destroyed Europe. Then they printed a ton of money. It was free. Just a little ink and a few sheets of paper.

They managed to create war in Europe, in order to earn a bigger amount of money from rebuilding it. An enormous amount, which not only would it “erase” their own debt, but it would make the filthy rich. In a short period they managed to convert the most rich continent of the world until then, into an indebted and destroyed society. This happened in WW2, which they caused. They created the lies of the “holocaust” and created their own country evicting the Palestinians from their own country. And at the same time controlling Germany, holding the ownership to this day.

Now –in the same trick– they’re not only trying to conquer Europe, but they’re attempting to obtain the ownership. Make Europe their colony. Become the owners, like they once did in Germany. To profit from Europe’s production and output. This is why this bankruptcy is being pushed.

The jews not only want Europe to be their customers, but become their pets. This is what the jews think of the Gentiles, their pets. The trick is the same; The jewish FED will start their “engines” and print dollars, through the known jew “brothers” like

1. Rothschilds of London

2. Lazar Brothers of Paris

3. Israel Moses Seif of Italy

4. Warburg Bros of Hamburg

5. Lehman Brothers of New York

6. Kuhn Loeb of New York

7. Chase Manhattan of New York (Morgan)

8. Goldman Sachs of New York,

they will be converted into “international” money of the “international” “markets” and they will start to be provided as “loans” to EU, which will be a bankrupt federation. A federation of bankrupt nations. This is the homogenization the want to achieve with their “new deals” of their own pets like Varoufakis. This absolute homogenization of European Economy is needed in order to control it without problems and frictions between nations. First the “new deals” for Europe and then perpetual bonds, deposited in New York’s FED.

This way the “chain” of World Wars –that they started– will end once and for all, in the best interest for them. The jew money lenders will achieve their global target, which is world domination. A target the was set by the “patriarch” Rothschild since the days of the Napoleonic wars. A target that started to hunt when they managed to strengthen and started “to unify” the world. A target whose “hits” we know as World Wars. This is what is about. After three World Wars in Europe, they will become the owners.

The only difference between these wars is that the first two demanded guns and blood to work out, but the last needs only debts and traitor leaders. Traitor leaders of countries, that will act in the “play” of the desperate, but also a country-“nark” that will betray the European Union. A country that would star in the establishment of this useful United Europe, who would surrender to the jews after an enormous “load” of debt.

This country-“nark” is the jewish controlled Germany. Germany who from the hands of Hitler would reach the hands of Merkel, for the detriment of the whole EU. Germany would once again be the “enemy” of the US, because this is the “script”. This “script” that would protect the imperialism of the US, since they don’t have the strength to shoulder the “morale cost” of the conqueror or the destroyer. They are “selling” loans to conquer their opponents and they have the need for a good image so they need to impersonate the “good guys” against one of their own “bad guys” who respect their role.

Knowing all of the above, the reader can explain in a different way the recent “crazy” Obama statement that the US “have risen” from recession. He almost “ordered” the economic crisis to leave alone the US. This guy is an actor. Why did he say that? For the previous reasons we mentioned above. He’s acting. An act of terror, “starring” himself and the US. He’s trying to create false impressions to the world audience. The US are rising from the recession almost “galloping” whilst Europe is getting ready for an “autopsy”. Therefore… ? Therefore, there are money. The “markets” and the US can give money, in order to “save” Europe. The FED money printers started to “warm up”, in order to prepare for the demand.

“Save” Europe, because of the danger. Europe is in danger literally, because there is the big and scary Putin. He, who, every second week pulls out the nuclear from the “silos” –not to get “rusty”– for their “enemies” to take pictures. The best “client” of the US. Don’t forget the role of the “protector” of nations, who won all the “Oscars” for the US. We’re talking about a “mockery”. Obama is not “crazy”, doing these statements. He’s trying to exploit our “madness”.