Greece: The Grand Finale Part 11 – What are the murderers seeking?

Those who “killed” Greece, now want to move on to the next phase of their design and “kill” and the European Union. But first you must cover their “tracks”, in order to avoid any unpleasant consequences, which will not allow them to continue their “work”. This is natural because, as long as the issue of Greece is “open”, the “murderers” are still exposed.

What does a killer always pursue? To escape safely from the crime scene. But how does this take place when he has to be located next to the victim? When, like Germany, he must remain “on the side” of Greece in the European Union?

The only solution for the “murderer” is to convince everyone that the dead was already dead and his death was not due to his own criminal act. This is what is going on with Greece right now. Germany tries desperately to prove that Greece “died” because —as Schaeuble said— “… lived above its means” and wasn’t killed because of the German companies like Siemens.

For this reason the whole “game” is played around the legality of the Greek debt. The problem of the largest economic hitmen in Europe is to show that the Greek debt is legitimate. Why? Because, through this debt they managed to plunder both Greece and Europe, and through the same debt the jews and their bosses are seeking their final conquest.

What is the best proof that the debt is legitimate? The one who is concerned about the debt has to accept that is legitimate by his deeds. To ask for a debt “cut”. If the Greek debt is “cut”, it means that the “traces” of the jewish usurers are “lost”.

In such a case, the “dead” that will cost a lot of “gold” in Europe –and that is Greece– had “died” on its own and wasn’t “murdered” by them. Greece died from an “illness” of debt and not by a murderous “conspiracy” of the jewish controlled Germany and their accomplices, who killed her with corruptions that led to the fatal “Memorandum”. If Greece seeks a debt “cut” and Europe accepts, this means that “page” was turned and the crime would be “buried” with the “dead”.

This is what we see today. The US, wishing the debt “cut” and supposedly are “opposing” Germany, in fact they favor Germany. Why? Because, with their views on the need for a debt “cut”, they are actually becoming a “witness” who assures to everyone that Greece was already “dead” with such a large debt. Greece was “dead” before Germany even tried to “save” her. Thereby helping Germany to escape from the crime scene.

They give Germany the “alibi” to defend the alleged money of the “wronged” Europeans by the “parasitic” Greeks, but it is obvious that it is for distraction. There’s no need to be very smart to understand it. It is possible that the jew Jack Lu supports Alexis Tsipras is against the jewish Angela Merkel and the German “shop”, which belongs to the Jews?

The supposed “reactions” of Merkel and the rest of Berlin’s jewish gang against the prospect of a debt “cut” for Greece is a “play”. If the situation wasn’t really that dangerous, it would be laughable. Merkel is now being afraid of the punishment –and she should be scared– because whoever makes crimes like these, should be afraid for the end. After the “greatness” ends, the career also comes to an end. Woe to the one who was intended for the “sacrifice”.

This what Merkel is being afraid of. This talentless and crappy scum is afraid that her free “glorious” life is coming to an end. She’s afraid –that, according to Helmut Kohl, couldn’t even eat properly with a knife and fork— that will be cast aside. She fears, that without any qualifications she was raised in “high society”, and that she completed the job she will be demolished.

She did this bloodless destruction is now being afraid, that after she did the work on behalf of the jewish usurers, she will be “sacrificed” for the appeasement of the people. With her insistence on austerity –at the instigation of her jewish bosses–, she destroyed the European economy and shattered the European societies, in order to deliver EU it her jewish “bosses” to “help”. Now Merkel fears the punishment. Now she has gotten permission from her bosses to pretend to “react” –even though weak– to the Greek debt “cut”. To the debt “cut”, which will inevitably lead the Eurozone into bankruptcy.

Now she’s trying to pretend that she acts in favor of the European interests, because alas, not only to Merkel, but also to Germany, if she’s recaptured with the “revolver” in hand “shooting” Europe. The third time will be fatal for Germany. If the European people realize her treason she will not be forgiven. Germany would be destroyed totally.

Along with Merkel, all her accomplices are getting anxious. All those that have given false oaths, that as European officials served the anti-European “conspiracy”. All those who have abused the trust of the European people and abused their positions of power in the European Union and led them to total destruction. All those who worked in the crime against Greece, which will be the cause for the crime against Europe. Fellow leaders like Nicolas Sarkozy and George Papandreou. The “trash” of the ECB and also the scum of the European Commission and the Eurogroup. The corrupted trash such as Jean-Claude Trichet, Jose Manuel Barroso or Jean-Claude Juncker.