Greece: The Grand Finale Part 13 – Concerning the European states

The misery of German policy is not limited, nor stops in Greece. In Greece it actually starts with the misery. Through Greece Germany gained “access” to the wealth of the European nations, in order to deliver it to the jewish usurers. Not only they didn’t support Greece financially in her efforts to purchase much of the debt from the secondary market at wholesale prices –meaning, less than 30% of its nominal value– but they obligated her not to make any actions to buy back the debt, even with Greece’s own money.

Not only they didn’t support politically the negotiations between the Greeks and the jewish usurers –something which would be entirely logical and certainly legitimate for a state, which it’s a given that it has the legal capacity to negotiate the “bonds” when it is at a disadvantage–, but they obligated Greece to pay in full the jewish usurers. The jewish usurers, who, because of the behavior of Germany just mentioned, bought more cheaply the Greek bonds, due to the “absence” of Greece from the game of bidding.

The jewish usurers, who marched in a more confident “looting” because they knew that Greece would be forced to repay them in full. While the real investors sold the literally Greek “bond trash”, the jewish usurers, having inside info from Germany and thus internal reports, bought “silently” the Greek bonds.

How were some jews like the groom of Clinton (Mark Mezvinsky) that the already bankrupt Greece would repay them in full? These jews were not paid in Greek money, as there were none. They were paid with foreign money, and to make “investments” on a “bankrupt” state, this means that they knew the design beforehand. They knew that Germany would terrorize Europe with an alleged destruction of the European economy and the euro and that would force Europeans to lend to Greece.

The jewish controlled Germany, would force the European states to lend to the bankrupt Greece. The would make them “bleed” in turn, as they did with Greece. All of the European states within the same “slaughterhouse”, which some thought to be the “utopia” of a united Europe. This “utopia”, with the jewish controlled Germany being strong and “ethical”, is a false dream and the European States had to know it all this, but unfortunately for them they didn’t know it.

But this is not just a scam. It’s a crime. Even in the general criminal law is a crime to force someone –by knowingly giving them false information– to lend to someone who is bankrupt. It’s a crime, to force someone to lose his money, in order to serve someone else. What does this reminds us? Exactly what the jewish controlled Germany did to the European states by using Greece. He forced the European states to lend money to the bankrupt Greece –giving them false information on their debt sustainability– in order for the international jewish moneylenders to avoid losing their profits.

But in this case, it constitutes a crime against humanity, which was committed by the leadership of the German state. A crime against humanity, because the corrupt European leaders –in order to enrich the boss Schäuble and Merkel– they took money from the insurance Funds of their nation. The Greek “trash bonds”, which the jewish moneylenders had in their hands, with the money of the Europeans turned into gold. Money, that will be missed by the people, since they need them for their pensions and/or their health care. Money, that when absent, can lead to social collapse and civilian deaths.

These criminals forced the European states to lend to Greece, while they knew beforehand that Greece’s debt was unsustainable. Practically, Greece was bankrupt and that they knew it better than anyone, because the jewish controlled Germany was amongst those that caused the bankruptcy of Greece. So when Europeans were called by Germany to lend to the Greeks, it was known by the Germans that would throw away their money into a bottomless “barrel”. The Germans knew that the Greek debt was not sustainable, simply because they themselves made it unviable before surrendering Greece to the jewish moneylenders. The German state –along with the rest of the European states– should have helped Greece to “annihilate” the greedy jewish moneylenders. Instead they recognized their profits and “transferred” them on to the shoulders of the people.

Now the German leadership is afraid, because all these are proven easily. It’s easy to prove that there was intent on the part of Germany, when she pushed the European states –supposedly in the name of “solidarity”– to pay the debts of Greece. Germany had enormous profit, when the nations were “bleeding” economically, trying to fill a bottomless “barrel” of debt. But worst of all is that such a disclosure, spoils the “defense” which Germany had designed in order to avoid taunting the Europeans with her treacherous attitude. This “defense” that is based on defamation of Greece. This is the worse for the jewish controlled Germany, because it “uncovers” her plans and reveals them.

Germany had invested to improve her “image” by destroying the “image” of Greece. This is a simple trick. Since the jewish controlled Germany had nothing good to show to improve its own “image”, they would create a “bad guy”, and they would represent the protectors of the nations. They would make a “mess” in Greece and Germany would profit by the fight for “order”. This “defense” demands Greece to be a lazy and irresponsible state, which spent the money of the European nations and the supposedly moral and virtuous Germany is still trying to “save”. But if this conspiracy of Germany against Greece is exposed, Greece enters the same “camp” with the rest, as one more victim of the jewish controlled Germany.

It’s proven once again, that which everyone suspects, but because of the media brainwash is getting confused. It turnes out once again that the jews that control Germany, are behind all these. Germany is a state, which obeys her bosses. Bosses, which, by the great crash of 1929 and after, are the Zionists usurers and their American partners. They sponsor Germany for attacking other countries and each time it does so, they enrich themselves. The “bad”, which appears when the “performance” requires. And the “script” never changes. The jews will attack again and again, because their greed is never exhausted.

All this, however, since they have a cost in human lives, are a risk for those who launch it. There is a risk for those, who in their decisions “sink” into poverty and despair whole nations. There is risk, especially when those are elected politicians, who, when they leave their positions of power, they will be powerless before the law and the wrath of their victims

The filthy Merkel and the scum Schauble are afraid the International Courts.