Greece: The Grand Finale Part 9 – The trick of the “stress tests”.

The bank “tests”, which then became country “tests”.

Piraeus Bank was the backdoor of treason.

Does anyone know when the Fire Department or the Army does drills? Not of course. Why would anyone know something like that, something that doesn’t even concerns them? Why would anyone know something that is within the scope of normal –and not emergency– operation of these serious services?

The “stress tests” are a similar internal control function of the European banking system. A procedure that concerns the banks and therefore the audit authorities of the banks. A routine procedure that is activated a lot of times throughout the year and most times no-one knows that it is happening. And yet, this “routine” procedure the co-conspirators used is as a supposed emergency situation, to “supposedly” test the national economies through the banks.

We say “supposedly”, because within the Eurozone the banking operations are completely detached from the economy operations of the member states. Since there is a united Eurozone and a uniform banking system, in reality there are no national banks and therefore the members states don’t have the responsibility to audit their banks.

They are European banks, which every one of them is a member of the European banking system and are audited by this institution. The responsibility for their function lies solely with the ECB, since this central bank controls the currency and therefore all the banking functions that threaten this currency. Amongst the other responsibilities of ECB are the bank loans.

Hence, the jurisdiction to control the bank loans –and therefore know all the “backdoors” of the “Greek” private banks– lies with the ECB. The Central European Bank, that has converted the central national banks into “branches”, like the Bank of Greece or the Bank of Italy etc. The control over the private banks of the Eurozone is supposedly exercised by these banks. The private banks have lost their national characteristics and they are being treated by law as European banks. This means that, it was a responsibility of the ECB to audit the Greek banks’ borrowing from the international “markets”. Exclusive jurisdiction, because, each time a national government tried to intervene on this section, they were denounced not only by the ECB but also by the private banks for interfering with the private economy.

It was the responsibility of the ECB to estimate the amount of money that the European banks could borrow, as well as their bad debts. Who controlled the ratio of deposits and loans in these banks? Who set the stage of borrowing from these banks? Who were those who allowed the Greek/European banks to borrow enormous amount of money, to fund the bonds’ “wastages” of the Greek nation, which almost entirely ended to Germany’s “pockets”? How were they so sure that the Greek nation, that had already shown its “derailment” with the swaps, would respond to its “bond” obligations and therefore to its non-binding obligations?

Since the ECB was responsible for the control and therefore the viability of the “Greek” banks, then why the “damage” of their mismanagement would be taken by the Greek nation? Why would the Greek citizens take the damage for the dirty business of Piraeus Bank Chairman, Michalis Sallas, who in cooperation with his ex-partner in Piraeus Bank, George Provopoulos, they were taking money by the jewish usurers and co-patriots of Jean-Claude Trichet? Since the ECB was responsible for the viability of the “Greek” banks –upon which depends the market liquidity within a country of Eurozone–, it was her job to ensure the liquidity that this market needed.

These are not what the Greeks say. These are the laws of Eurozone. These are the obligations of the Central European Bank, and these are written in the founding statutes. These statutes, provide the means to control the European banking system and protecting the European currency. Amongst these obligations is to ensure the liquidity of each “national” market, since the ECB is the one which controls the banks. This is the meaning of the absolute law abiding “mechanism”, that was created by the ECB when the crisis emerged, in order to protect all the others except Greece. This is the role for the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF).

Therefore, if the Greek banking system reached “suffocating” levels in the term of Prime Minister Karamanlis, then the government and the citizens aren’t the ones responsible. The one responsible is the Bank of Greece governor, George Provopoulosformer CEO and shareholder of Piraeus bank–, who allowed every banker scum to borrow such amounts from the international markets, that wasn’t in their abilities to pay back. Even more responsible to the European nations –and of course to the auditing mechanisms– is Jean-Claude Trichet. The then President of the Central European Bank, who didn’t audit his subordinate in Greece, risking a threat to the balance of the European economy and the common currency.

The shortcomings of the Greek banks’ “stress test” should have pointed to the guilty and these were George Provopoulos and Jean-Claude Trichet. Those two, where the ones that started trouble for the ECB, since it was their job to finance the “Greek” banks, in order to survive without creating a liquidity problem. It was their job to find the funds for the EFSF and then attribute criminal liabilities wherever they should. It was their damage and it was their punishment, since, if it was an error or even a crime, a few central bank employees were responsible for this and not an unsuspected nation. If the problem was this significant and someone had to go to jail, then these were these few bank employees and no one else.

But in Greece, what is reasonable and what is required by the Eurozone law, didn’t happen. For some “mysterious” reason the Greek government happily assumed the enormous responsibility, which didn’t even concern them. The Greek government did that, which a few days before little Iceland had refused to do. They undertook to do something unprecedented and of course illegal; to pay with public money the “financial” stability of the private banking system. It was unprecedented, because it was the first time the government was undertaking, without profit or receiving something in return, to pay private debts. It was illegal, because under the laws of European Union, the countries are prohibited –even if they were stupid enough to do it– to “support” private companies and therefore “distort” the competition in the sectors they were operating.

For some “mysterious” reasons nothing went normal in the case of Greece. The Greek government undertook this “weight”, without asking anyone and no one stopped her.

The ECB of Jean-Claude Trichet played dumb, since this way they were covering their own responsibilities, and they were also limiting their expenses, because it was the ECB’s responsibility to finance these bankrupt bank-members. The ECB’s members were the problematic private banking institutions. The ECB’s members were the “Greek” banks and it was their responsibility to save them.

The European Commission also played “dumb”. This commission which finds out if a few cents were given as subsidies to farmers or craftsmen, were pretending they couldn’t see the billions that were being given to the banks. This commission that asks for the subsidies to be returned regardless of when they were discovered, in the case of the “Greek” banks they didn’t manage to find it out, neither at the time that the crime was committed, nor during the following years.

Isn’t that strange?

Why was the Greek government so eager to shoulder the “sins” of others and furthermore unload them to the poor nation? The explanation is simple; the governments are not faceless. The governments belong to political parties and these political parties were indebted. Between the individual crooks –who took illegal “ship-owner” loans from the private banks– were the political parties (Pasok and New Democracy), which were monopolizing the power in Greece. These political parties, had placed false “mortgages” of their future electoral triumphs and therefore fraudulent “guarantees”.

As we can understand the private parties and their debts are not faceless. Someone is responsible for them and this is the party leader. The party leader would be responsible, who for the two big parties of the regime change (Pasok and New Democracy) would be the respective Prime Minister of the Country.

The New Democracy political party owes 105.000.000 Euros to the Agricultural bank (end of contract in 2013) and 15.000.000 Euros to the Piraeus bank (end of contract in 2015). TOTAL: 120.000.000 Euros !!! The Pasok political party owes 96.800.000 Euros to Agricultural bank (end of contract in 2013), 10.000.000 Euros in Marfin bank (end of contract in 2015) and 5.000.000 Euros to Piraeus bank (end of contract in 2015). TOTAL: 111.800.000 Euros !!!

The jews had pinned these political parties (and their party leaders) and they were sure to blackmail them through Merkel or Schauble when the time was right. They knew that the party leader of New Democracy, Kostas Karamanlis and the party leader of Pasok, George Papandreou would easily give in to their threats, to save their own hides.

Did the reader understand the willingness of the Greek government to shoulder the “weight” that corresponded to the ECB? When the party leaders are also Prime Ministers we can understand how the treason happened…

In order for the filthy scum –who were bribing officials and “buying” supporters with illegal money– to avoid jail time, they’ve put “in jail” an entire nation. In order for Karamanlis to avoid jail time, because his “shop” was owing 120 million in –illegal and without warranties– loans from private and national banks, he took a ton of money and gave it to the jewish controlled banks. In order for Papandreou to avoid jail time for the 111 million euros that he owed to the banks –the banks who didn’t pass their stress-test because of their bad loans–, he took even more money and gave them to the jewish controlled banks. If they didn’t do it, they would be threatened with jail time, like everyone else that would get caught deceiving a bank. And the bank because of the bankruptcy would have went into “liquidation” procedures. If they didn’t do it, their blackmailers would “remember” all the money that people in the political parties were bribed, –like the briefcases of money that Theodore Tsoukatos took– since the illegal funding of their political parties was the norm and not an exception.

They were being threatened with real jail time, since, under the law on the protection of banking operation and safety, banking fraud is punished as a fraud against the Public State and therefore with a life sentence punishment. Real jail time, which would be related to the international law of laundering “dirty” money. Real jail time, provided that in the course of the investigations all the “dirty” funding of the two major parties –which monopolized their power unfairly– would be revealed. This blackmail undertook the Germany of Wolfgang Schauble.

The “expert” Schauble, who was also in danger to go to jail for the illegal funding of his political party CDU (Christian Democratic Union) by banks, the arms dealers and Siemens. The “clean” Schauble, who pretends to be “innocent” as a child and “pure” as a virgin is still roaming free just because his jewish bosses protected him. This deeply corrupted scum implemented the blackmail of the political party leaders and thanks to him and his vicious hate against Greeks, they signed the Technical Memorantum.

Has the reader understood why the Greeks entered the “slaughterhouse” and by whom?

The bank “stress-tests” of 2008 were the blackmail of Greek political leaders, with a view to destroy Greece. This is the “key” of today’s misery in Greece. At that time the leaders of the indebted political parties decided to betray Greece. At that time the leaders of the two political parties of power jointly decided –under the threat of punishment for the abuse of private and public money– to give public money, in order to save the private banks. That’s why they both “shared” the crime. That’s why Karamanlis at the end of his political term, in reality “stepped down” from power in order for Papandreou to rise to power.

In order for the owners of bipartisanship (New Democracy and Pasok) to avoid jail time, they’ve put an entire nation “in jail”. In order for Papandreou and Karamanlis to avoid jail time for their political parties’ loans, an entire nation was sent to the “slaughterhouse”. In order for their political parties’ “shops” to avoid blackmail, an entire nation was destroyed. That’s why –even today– the pets of Schauble and the jews are very submissive. That’s why they watch over each other and they’re not doing committees of inquiry for crimes against the people. That’s why they still vote “yes” to everything.