Greece: The Grand Finale Part 14 – What the European Central Bank is afraid of?

The European Central Bank (ECB) fears its own responsibilities in respect to the guilty attitude about the control of the “Greek” banks and the ECB’s complicity to the accumulation of public debt in Greece, which constitutes a crime against the Greek nation. So the ECB is being afraid of these accusations, which may arize from the auditing of the 2008 crisis management. The ECB is also afraid of the funding control, which Greece was forced to do in order to recapitalize the banks. The banks, which, under the statutes of Eurozone, are not Greek –and therefore they are not under the control of the Greek state– but they are European and they are under ECB’s own control.

The ECB in order to facilitate “growth” –hence the national goals of a member state of the euro zone, and thus of Germany– jeopardized the safety of the Eurozone and the Euro and the national security of a state. The same Eurozone which actually betrayed, since the ECB abused the confidence of the states. Greece trusted the European institutions and the ECB, and those betrayed her. The ECB participated in the terrorizing “play” for the Greeks. The ECB participated in the act of treason against the Greek nation, portraying the “stress-test” routine as a “test” of the national economies, while this was not true.

There are evidence that prove the guilt and involvement of Jean-Claude Trichet to the Greek disaster, which led to the deaths of thousands of Greeks. There are evidence showing that Jean-Claude Trichet, without any power and reason, prohibited Greece to buy her debt from the secondary market. The same man, who then ordered Greece to pay in full their bonds. At the same time Trichet prohibited Greece to “silently” buy the debt that she could afford –and while he was aware of this prohibition– some of his compatriots were buying like crazy the Greek “trash bonds”.

This means that Trichet, could very easily be sitting at the “stool” of an International Tribunal for abuse of power, if he illegally prevented Greece to behave as a dominant country and therefore buy back from the secondary market “garbage bonds”, which some other people wanted to “throw away”. He didn’t allow Greece to improve her financial situation, when he knew in advance that this bad economic situation would lead to a humanitarian crisis and therefore we would have human deaths. If this criminal abuse of power is accompanied by self-interest –and hence by private profits– then things can be tragic for him. Did Trichet win from the Greek disaster? Could his change of fortune after 2008 be checked? Did he call only his compatriots for the “feast”? Didn’t he grab anything “to bite”?

But the worst of the fears for the ECB, is another thing. The worst thing is Greece to send her the “bill” for this conspiracy. According to this bill, the ECB owes to the Greek state the full amount that the government gave to stabilize the banking system, which was the ECB’s responsibility. In this case, that is, 233 billion. The ECB is afraid that Greece will seek justice at the International Courts. It’s easy like that, since the law on the role, responsibilities and obligations of the ECB is very simple. The “stability” of the Greek “branch” of the European banking system is the responsibility of the ECB, not the Greek government and the Greek nation.

If this the “stability” has cost the unsuspected Greek nation 233 billion, then to restore order the “bill” goes to the ECB. “But …”, someone will say, “… is it possible that the duty of the ECB is to give 233 billion to Greece, in order to keep the ‘liquidity’ this state?”

Of course not. ECB’s task was to protect Greece. A task that is currently disclosed, since the ECB under pressure from the Greek government is forced to activate the Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) and ensure 60 billion liquidity in Greece. This means that the ECB now can find the 60 billion euros, but in 2008 they couldn’t find the 25 billion?

This was the task of the ECB and this what they didn’t do when they pressed Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis to give the money of the Greek nation, in order to save the banks of the jewish usurers. The ECB could have given then –that was a much easier economic period– a few billion to correct their own “error” in 2008. Their “error” to avoid auditing the “Greek” banks and let them reach the point to be threatened by the stress-tests . With few billion given by the ECB, and Greece would not have to sign the series of Technical Memorandums. The only drawback was that some Greek members of the ECB would be placed in jail. The ECB would correct its own “error” and Greece today would be in the same situation where all the other European states are. However, the ECB didn’t do its duty and in order to enrich jewish usurers that own the ECB, they maliciously pushed Greece to an unending debt of 233 billion during a period of 5 years.

The ECB’s own responsibilities, raised the debt to this astronomical amount and not the Greeks and the “needs” of their state, which is not very different from the needs of Belgium or Denmark or Holland states. Any European State that would be in the shoes of Greece, today would be the same if not in a worse situation. All these were crimes against the Euro, against the European Union and against the European people, who in the end they were the ones that paid the bill. A bill, which clearly belongs to the ECB and jewish controlled Germany who guided the ECB. The ECB that didn’t do its duty when it was cheap to do so, and now they have to pay the entire bill of the expensive “damage”. Beyond that, if any criminal responsibility for this “mistake” exists, then those who caused it will go to jail. Long term prison sentences, because of this mistake Greece had 4,000 suicides.