Greece: The Grand Finale Part 10 – Piraeus Bank and Kostas Karamanlis were their targets

Everything was a trap. The corrupted EU was watching the corrupted political parties in Greece and knew when to intervene. They allowed the political parties to break the law, because they wanted to take advantage of their illegalities. Always having a real “picture” of the Greek banking markets, they knew that the political parties were borrowing money –entirely illegal and without warranties– by the banking system. However, the European Central Bank (ECB) didn’t interfere to stop it, because this illegality was the “key” of their planning. This illegality would ensure the decisions that they would need, when they would be needed. The political parties’ scums were stealing with the permission and the blessing of the ECB.

When the ECB of the jewish usurers saw that the Greek “bucket” of public debt was near it’s “filling”, they made their “move”. When the ECB saw that they could “sever” Greece from the rest of the member states, by using an economic index that fitted their plans, they did it without any regrets. They did it without any fear, because they knew that they could threaten the political party leaders with jail time. It was then that they ordered the “stress tests” of 2008. Then they gave instructions to their own international media to present these “tests” like a very important procedure, which would “evaluate” the economies.

A procedure, that would separate the “good” from the “bad”. Holding the Greek political leaders by the balls, they could –though a “climate” of terror that they created– to calumniate Greece and the Greeks as much as they wanted. And no reaction would be heard.

Where did the audit “hit”? Where the ECB knew that would “hit” and this was the bank of corruption. The bank, which –amongst the private banks– was the one that funded the political parties’ extravagant spending. The bank, which –if they followed the right procedures– would have went bankrupt and would have dragged along the bankrupt political parties. Piraeus bank was the “secret” of their blackmail that destroyed Greece. It was the bank that was always on the verge of bankruptcy and therefore extremely useful for the jewish usurers, in order to continuously threaten the party leaders. That’s why this bank was giving loans to the parties. That’s why this bank in the era of the financial crisis in Greece became the biggest in the country.

There is the “end of the thread” of today’s treason. Did the reader understand how the “stress tests” are related with the blackmail? In order for Piraeus bank to avoid bankruptcy and for Michalis Sallas (Piraeus bank Chairman) to avoid jail time, they destroyed Greece and the Greek nation.

How did they manage to do this? Was it because Piraeus bank is part of this “conspiracy”? Was it because Piraeus bank was the largest private sponsor of the two largest political parties? Was it because the Governor of Bank of Greece –and criminal– George Provopoulos was the former CEO and a major shareholder of Piraeus bank?

Why did the mighty ATE bank merge with the almost bankrupt Piraeus bank? Was it because ATEbank was the funder of the larger loans of the political parties, who gave up Greece to the jewish usurers? Was is because by privatizing ATEbank, which previously was a public state bank, this bank stopped to threaten the party leaders (like Kostas Karamanlis, George Papandreou, Antonis Samaras and Eleutherios Venizelos) with jail time?

Everyone talks about those involved in the Siemens bribery scandal, but no one talks about those involved in the Piraeus bribery. Is it because the second is even more important, because it “connects” the large political parties in Greece with the “chariot” of Merkel? Who controls today the Piraeus bank and therefore has in his hands the “folders” of the two big political parties? Who can uncontrollably govern Greece by using Piraeus bank?

This was the reason that, when Piraeus bank did the crime against the jewish usurers, it passed to their hands. Now no one will ever know the “crimes” of the politicians to the banking system and to the ATEBank, because the now jewish owned Piraeus will cover everything.

All these were a premeditated crime against the Greek nation. A crime that has cost thousands of lives and infinite misery. Why are we’re talking about a premeditated crime and not for an “unfortunate” event with painful consequences? Because this crime has all the characteristics that allow us to talk about a premeditations. By studying all the side evidence, we effortlessly end up to this conclusion. Those, who where threatening Kostas Karamanlis, in order for him to betray Greece, were the ones that “supported” him to do it. They “supported” Kostas Karamanlis to take this decision, by threatening the Greek people and therefore this is the proof that a premeditated crime existed and hence deceit.

There was deceit on the part of the jews and treason on the part of the Greek politicians, who served them at the detriment of the Greek nation… And he –first and foremost– was the elected leader of the nation, Kostas Karamanlis. How did they “help” him deceive the Greek nation? Those who were threatening Kostas Karamanlis, they terrorized the Greek nation, in order to give Karamanlis the “alibi” for the crime. They threatened the nation with a fake “attack” against the Greek economy and at the same time they promised false promises, in order to prevent reactions on these events. These events reach levels of a crime against humanity, since it has a cost the Greek society 4000 suicides.

Regarding the first this is what’s happening; The attempt to terrorize the Greek nation is obvious, since they, who had interests for Karamanlis to make these destructive for the Greek nation –but extremely profitable for them– decisions, were the same that did the “terrorist” attacks against the Greek economy. This means that, the “markets” were the ones profiting by this “suicidal” decision of Karamanlis and the same “markets” were the ones who created the terror to make this decision.

The so-called “Bloody Friday” on October 24, 2008, foreign investors rushed to massive liquidations in Greece. Who were the foreign “investors” who liquidated? The same, who wanted to force the Greek State to fund illegal banks.

The General stock index of Athens in minimal time had fallen below 1,800 points. At its lowest levels since 1989, despite the actual profits that the Greek banks and businesses showed at that time. During the second half of 2008, in Greece within 24 days occurred loss of 24 billion Euros. On 24/10/2008 foreign “investors”, ie the usurers who “bought” the banks, terrorizing the Greek society with a collective “unloading” of their shares –regardless if they had been profitable until then– and in the 09/12/2008 Karamanlis, in order to “save” the Greek society, gave them 23 billion of public money.

That “reflux” cost close to fifty billion to the Greek nation (Remember another similar “reflux” in history of the Rothschilds helping them gain a lot of power over Britain?). Close to fifty billion lost for the Greek economy within a few months, because of the “games” of usurers and extortioners. The poor ordinary Greeks lost the 23 billion as a nation that were given to the banks and lost another 24 billions in the stock market. The Greek stock market investors had lost 24 billion because they were left “hanging” by the usurers.

The jews liquidated when there were still “listed securities” in the stock market. When the poor Greeks followed them to liquidation, they had already missed their chance. The fake “panic” which the jewish usurers caused, allowed them to make further profits from this situation, something that –under normal situations– is prohibited. This way they’ve “stolen” even the last investments of the unsuspecting Greeks. This huge disaster was the “excuse” that the usurers gave to Prime Minister Karamanlis to “save” the economy, while in fact this destroyed it.

However, this “excuse” wasn’t enough, for the Greeks to comply with the funding of private banks with public money, because not everyone cared about the stock market. So, we move on to the second one and we search for the false promise that would “entrap” the Greeks. This promise, which, if proven that it was false, proves that there was deceit by Prime Minister Karamanlis.

Amidst panic and threats of destruction, a promise of “salvation” always brings results. The whole argument of the traitor Prime Minister Karamanlis, in order to convince people not to react for the arbitrary and criminal funding of the private banks and the co-conspirators, was based on an “insurance” for the money deposits. The usurers and traitors knew what the Greeks were afraid of, and they placed a bet there, in order to throw dust in their eyes. What was the “dust”? That the Greek State would undertake the insurance of the private banks’ deposits up to 100,000 euros.

The Greeks thought that these funds would safeguard their deposits.

They thought they would safeguard the deposits of the overwhelming majority of Greeks, since most of them are below this threshold. Where was the deception? Isn’t there an insurance for the deposits of this amount? Of course there is. It’s just that this “insurance” wasn’t only for the Greeks. This insurance was the ECB’s obligation and concerned all European banks.

For an insurance, which was free for all Europeans –because of the Eurozone– ONLY Greeks paid 23 billion euros to “buy” it. This is deception and even felony, and because it involves public money, this incurs the penalty of life imprisonment for those responsible and of course for the main responsible, who was the criminal and a traitor Prime Minister, Kostas Karamanlis.

A deception, which “coupled” perfectly with the fact that after these dramatic events –and to avoid new threats of blackmail by a third party– was the very quick merger of the ATEBank with the Piraeus Bank. If ATEBank remained under the control of the Greek state, it would be a great threat for the imprisonment of the criminal political parties’ leaders and many of the parties’ members. This bank went to the hands of those who had reasons to protect these criminals.

ATEBank went to the hands of those who were doing the “job” and had every reason to protect their accomplices. The hands of those, who just to be safe, were praising the “Hero” Kostas Karamanlis long before the events.

Tons of money are paid even today, to “cultivate” the good image of Karamanlis, even when he sits permanently with a raised hand in the benches of the parliament voting “yes to all”. Abundant money is being spend in order to avoid being included to the “frame” of treason along with George Papandreou. Wages are earned by the known scum of the Internet, in order to protect him, presenting him as a “patriot”. What a joke…

The “patriot” who supposedly “almost” closed a deal with Putin. The “patriot”, who supposedly, “almost” closed a deal for the gas pipeline in Evros. The “patriot”, who supposedly “almost” said NO to the Annan plan. The “patriot”, who was given the most expensive “veto” that Hellenism has ever paid in history. The “patriot” that supposedly foreign forces wanted him dead, but “fortunately” failed.

Can anyone consider how much Greek “debt” the Greek government of that time could buy with the 23 billion given in order to save Michalis Sallas, Spiros Latsis and other criminals? Does anyone “remember” the prices at which the Greek bonds were sold out, since there was no precedent to borrow a state mortgage to repay “shitty bonds”? Does anyone “remember” how much was the debt at the time, in order to understand how much would those 23 billion would have “helped”?

23 billion, which were actually not related to the current inflationary “bullshit” that the usurers supposedly gave us by using their accounting alchemies. Real money, which were the saving accounts of the Greeks. Real money which were the deposits of the Greeks and the reserves of the insurance/pension funds.

Back to the past; Konstantinos Karamanlis, the uncle of Kostas Karamanlis.

Is history repeating? Or we never learn?

Kostas Karamanlis should be hanged at the gallows. Crimes like those of Kostas Karamanlis has never been seen again in modern Greek history… Or were there? Wasn’t his uncle, Kostantinos Karamanlis? Didn’t he do the same? Wasn’t he that in 1962 “recognized” unlawfully and unjustly all prewar loans to the foreign “bondholders”? “Bondholders” in a matter of speaking, since they were like today’s Clinton’s groom. They were the same jewish “vultures”. The same jewish usurers of today, who took the free “bonds” of investors, which were “written off” because of their low value anyway.

Obviously the jews of that time knew things that were not known to everyone else and that is why they were buying “worthless bonds”, which Greece for some “unexplained” reasons would convert them into “gold” in the future. Who knows what rewards and what blackmails the “uncle” Kostantinos Karamanlis accepted in order to serve the jewish usurers of that era. He forced Greece –which was destroyed in the war while defending the West– to pay “forgotten” loans, when the country didn’t even demand compensations from the Germans or a “reward” from the Allies.

The Greece of the ’60s –and because of the “uncle” Kostantinos Karamanlis– would have to pay loans, which were literally had been barred. Loans, which began in 1881 and had lapsed in 1931. The uncle didn’t even want to include them at the “deal” of the compensations. He forced the Greece of the ’60s to pay them in full. This was the uncle’s world record. Loans, which after two world wars and a terrible civil war should not even exist in the archives of Greece. But these loans were paid in full. Loans, which no other country recognized.

But this wasn’t enough for the “nationalist” uncle, Kostantinos Karamanlis. He was the one who opened the “door” to the “slaughterhouse” of the European Economic Community (EEC). This happened many years earlier, favoring the strengthening of the German “butcher”. In 1953, the “uncle” was the one who –without any popular “demand” and legalization– accepted to cut the German debt at the detriment of the Greek interests, at a time when Greece hadn’t received any compensation. The uncle Kostantinos Karamanlis was the one who in 1974 “freed the guilty”, by destroying the co-conspirators (jews) police files of the Occupation. He was the one that in 1981 put Greece in the EEC, “tossing” the Greeks unprepared to the “open sea” in order “to learn” to swim, as he has said to the Greeks. He, who knowingly didn’t throw us in the “sea”, but in a “pool” filled with “sharks”, where swimming is not helping anyone.

His own political party, New Democracy, did the same. His own party wasn’t in power, when Germany “united” and thus activating the law that obliges her to pay compensation to the Greeks? Wasn’t the old traitor Konstantinos Papakonstantinou (link in Greek) –whose children and his nephew are at the top of the list-Lagarde accused concealed– who was Minister of Foreign Affairs and the one who didn’t even try to seek compensation from Germany?

Greece “is bleeding” for half a century because of this traitor family of Karamanlis. Where there is a problem with illegal Greek debts and also illegal huge profits by the jewish usurers, there’s always leading someone from the Karamanlis family. Where jewish usurers getting richer, by grabbing Greek public money, someone by the Karamanlis family has the “scoop” distributing the money.

The embassies and the jews must have volumes with incriminating evidence on New Democracy, which enable them to blackmail this family. Incriminating evidence that led all the brothers of Karamanlis in an incredible and inexplicable wealth.

That’s why the nephew Kostas Karamanlis doesn’t dare to leave the Parliament. Afraid to stay unprotected from paliamentary immunity even for a moment. So he remains there voting “Yes to All” and sitting “mute” to the “shop” of New Democracy, which everyone is blackmailing.