Greece: The Grand Finale Part 2 – Profit, brings a gang together

Knowledge is power. You need knowledge to win. The situation is so complex that if you don’t have knowledge, not only you don’t know what to do, you don’t even know who are your enemies. You don’t even know which battlefield to choose. People need to know, in order to stop being scared. They are experienced in causing fear, but if you have knowledge and what are your rights, you cannot be scared. Only if we know what happened, we can realize the identity of the culprits and realize the nature of the “crime” and “escape”.

We have to know the situation about Greece in order to see the culprits. To see the crime. And what happened was a crime. From specific culprits, at a specific place, at a specific time. In order to prove this, you have to prove the deceit and the intention. You have to prove what was the culprit’s motive. You have to know if there were any accomplices and if the profits gave the accomplices motives to join the crime.

Greece was a victim of an international gang, who “rigged” the deceit in the EU in order to reach the European Nations. Size-wise Greece is small compared to the culprits, but she is the “bait” for the bigger “catch”. This future victim is the whole EU and Greece is a member that was convenient to use in order to get closer to their victim. The EU is the real target.

This is the same target of the preview two World Wars. The previews wars didn’t manage to bring down the EU. The brave attempts of Hitler’s army managed to delay their invasion. Now, this attempt is trying to achieve their goal to make the EU their property. This gang is the filthy jews. This gang controlling the countries of the US and Germany, they’re trying through Greece to raze Europe. To loot the European nations and remove the ownership of their own countries.

Jewish moneylenders, using Germany like a “broom” and US like a “dustpan”, they’re trying to steal the European property. To steal from the European nations whatever they managed to produce since the last half of the century, after the destruction of the WW2, again because of the jews. This gang controls the US through the FED and Wall Street, and they also control Germany since the US conquered it literally. This gang “envisioned” the United Europe simply in order to use the conquered Germany against all the nations of Europe. Under the “umbrella” of the EU, which worked like a “slaughterhouse”, they managed using entrapment to turn one nation against the other, and in the end to be subdued to the “sponsors” of the great “slaughter”.

The secret of this plan is in Greece. But also in Greece is the “Achilles Heel” of this plan. In Greece they did the mass of illegalities, in order to bring the EU at a specified time to the debt crisis. In Greece we can spot these illegalities and “burn” them. If they manage to “erase” their “traces” in Greece, they have a great chance to reach their goals. If they manage to “disguise” their own razing as the “inability” of Greece to cope with the commitments, then they will manage to bring the whole EU to an enormous debt memorandum, that will be their destruction.

It’s possible, according to Obama. It’s as possible as to turn a “blouse” inside-out from a small “sleeve”. This is what they’re attempting. By controlling the banks, they knew beforehand the “dosages” that were required, in order to achieve their goals. They knew which kind of debt they would charge onto Greece, in order to “transfer” it to the EU, in order to “derail” it. Derail the EU in a way to convert it to a “Greece”, and then would have to borrow money to be “saved”.

The situation is simple, if you can put them in order. Even the largest train could be derailed from a small item, placed on the tracks. Greece is a “multitool” and they plan to raze Europe with it, and will also try everything with it. It’s their “guinea pig”. If it will work in a difficult society, like Greece, could work to all societies and in Europe. What we hear now about Greece we’ll hear it in the future for the whole Europe.