Greece: The Grand Finale Part 3 – The pioneering new bonds

We’ve heard about the new type of bonds, the “perpetual bonds” (bonds that don’t expire) from Varoufakis. These will supposedly will relieve Greece and are better than the conventional bonds. He proposed that this is a way of “smart debt engineering”. Did he think all of these by himself? Surely not. Varoufakis is an irrelevant, employee of the money lenders of Gianna Aggelopoulos (jews). He says whatever he’s told to say. What he says is the opinion of the money lenders (jews) for the bonds of the future. This is the idea of the money lenders. Most probably Merkel already knows of Varoufakis’ “idea” before he even heard about it.

Germany appears to be “dissatisfied”, not because she disagrees, but because this is what her part dictates. She stands on the other side to “throw ink” in our eyes. She stands opposed for two reasons: First is her fear. The fear of being exposed. Germany is the one that ruined Europe two times and is responsible for the upcoming destruction, which will be much worse and permanent. Germany is responsible for the upcoming misery in Europe. In order to hide her part, she takes a Europhile stance and she defends Greece’s money lenders, the EU countries. The EU countries became money lenders to Greece because of Germany and Greece bankrupted because of Germany.

This is the first reason. The second reason is related to the “play”; It’s in Germany’s interests to appear publicly that Greece is the one wanting these “new” bonds, because these are made in benefit of the lender, not the borrower. How will the “play” of the jews work if Germany jumps from joy. In a conflict someone needs to appear happy and someone sad. Normally he who wins is happy, and he who loses sad.

When things aren’t normal and one of the two –the one who is the loser– is an idiot, and he shouldn’t understand that he lost, so the winner has to pretend to be sad. He doesn’t want the reaction of the loser. In this case, Germany will act “sad”, in order to fool the “happy” Greece. The foolish Greece that trusts Varoufakis. The happy “guinea pig”. That will be the “guide” and in the future the reason for the EU to be “happy” and the US to be “sad”. All these are fairytales. They’re just changing names in well-known practices, that humans thought they have left behind. All these “new bonds”, are not new. This is the middle ages taxation. This is the feudatory tax towards the feudal lord.

What did the feudal lord did in the middle ages? He didn’t set an absolute size to the taxation. He set a tax rate. If he set an absolute size to taxation, he would lose. If the year was difficult and the absolute taxes large, the serfs would starve, they would revolt and maybe they would threaten his authority. If the year was profitable and the absolute taxes small, the serfs would become rich against him and maybe they would threaten his authority. For that reason the cunning feudal lords set a tax rate. In this way they allowed the serfs to just survive and still remain dependent on him.

This is the logic of the ball and chain that they tied to the slave. He could work outside without fear that he would escape. This metal ball wasn’t large enough to immobilize him, or making him unable to work, or making him think how to get rid of it, but it wasn’t small enough to carry it in his own hands and run. This way the slave was “free-imprisoned”. He was free to work, but not so free to escape. These pioneering “new bonds” are what we hear from Varoufakis today. This is what the “janitor” of the Neo-feudal lords and the pet of Gianna suggests.

Varoufakis bonds will be exchanged with the ones that the European Central Bank (ECB) has, and they will become the ownership titles of the Greek Nation. A peculiar “shareholder register” that will describe a “value”, which value will never be paid back, since the doses are defined from the owner. And the owner doesn’t have the need to “sell”. The Greek Nation –and everything it produces– will be controlled by the offices of the ECB in Frankfurt. The Germans alone will decide if each year Greece was “productive” or not, in order to decide her doses. The ECB will be the owner of Greece and the Greek Nation will be her serfs.

Simple things. This isn’t something mysterious. The basic element that characterizes a dominant nation, is the distribution of their annual budget. The budget that will decide how much will be distributed to its members. How much “health”, “defense”, “security” or “quality of life” will be provided to its citizens. Since the bonds of the “variable” growth will be in the hands of the jewish money lenders, they will decide for the above, since they will decide for the amounts of the doses. They will decide what will be left over for the people. They will decide for the nation’s health. They will decide how long will the Greeks “live”.

They alone will decide, since they will approve and deny the budgets of the “serfs”. What kind of future can someone expect from a situation like this? Was there a chance for the serfs in the Middle ages to send their children to the same Universities or to the same hospitals with the feudal lords? Why the Greeks would expect in the future to live in the same level as the Germans or the other powerful nations? The Greeks will produce the best for the “best” and they will eat the garbage that are provided, from the Lidl of their owners.

The “pioneering” ideas of Varoufakis will result in all that. This plan will lead Greece in the new Middle Ages. This plan will convert the now independent Greece to a protectorate, which will have to convince Frankfurt in order to do anything. If the jews manage to do this with Germany and Greece, next they will attempt to do the same with US and EU. The Greek perpetual bonds of ownership will be to the German Frankfurt and in ECB, and also the EU perpetual bonds of ownership will be in the US New York and in FED.

If the US want to achieve this, there should be a large debt from the EU to them. A debt that could be “converted” to the “perpetual bonds” of Varoufakis. Is there a EU debt? No? This means that they have to create it. They will create a large debt, that the EU will have to recognize, and will occur from an urgent situation that will require a large sudden borrowing of money. This kind of debt will happen only in situations of emergencies. Situations that will require a “rescue”, irrelevant of the cost. These situations, will justify borrowing enormous amounts, like the Marshal Plan. This means that the US will have to lead the EU in a very tragic situation, in order to ask from them their “mercy”. To throw the EU to the “cliff”, in order to hypocritically offer their “saving hand”.