Greece: The Grand Finale Part 5 – A plan to conquer the world and the big ugly wolf

Europe’s bankruptcy would be the cause to “transfer” an enormous amount –the size of the US national debt– in European “support”. This way they will open a “channel” of “liabilities” and “requirements” against Europe and then the jews know what they will do. A new “Marshal” plan for the salvation of Europe. The “markets” in general –the jewish money lending companies of the US– will amass a “gigantic” amount, to save Europe. These “markets” are Papandreou’s bosses, who dream about Global Governments. These “markets” will push the situation towards the European bankruptcy. These “markets” push Tsipras’ Greece towards a debt “cut”, that will cause bankruptcy to the EU. A bankruptcy that will “erase” all their crimes in Europe and will put them on the “throne” of the Planet.

This is the plan. The plan of the jewish money lenders, who want to conquer the world and impose their New World Order. What they did at the detriment of Greece and in benefit of Germany, they will repeat at the detriment of EU and in benefit of the US. The jews that have conquered Germany –and through all that, Greece– will conquer Europe as a whole, given that they already have conquered the US. All these will be caused by the EU bankruptcy and the promotion of the largest and most expensive plan of financial “salvation” in human history. They will start adding interest rates to this “gigantic” amount, which will continually strengthen the US at the detriment of Europe.

The US will manage to “cover” Europe and the jews –having already “covered” the US– will manage to “cover” the whole planet. Then they will “have the cake and eat it too”. They will be able to do whatever they want in the detriment of whomever they want. Filthy scum will pretend to be gods, playing with the fate of entire nations. They will slander Greece as “irresponsible” and “lazy” and accuse her for the European collapse and this is how they’ll save their jewish lobbies in Germany. When things go their way, they’ll start the “offsets” and “reductions” between national debts and the jews will become owners of Europe and the whole Planet.

The absolute sham of human history. With hastened procedures they will erase their “tracks” from the American debt –which they created through FED and through which they destroyed the American economy– they will re-appear “clean” and “successful” businessmen, who “saved” everyone. This is what their “employee”, Obama, is dreaming. The biggest scums of history, are dreaming to become the “saviors”. Obama dreams to “save” Europe with a “ginormous” loan, that will help him “get rid of” the American debt without “erasing it” and therefore without the US economy taking a hit.

The US almost bankrupt, owing a huge amount to Europe, they will be the ones loaning an even bigger loan to her and therefore will get the power to control Europe with a good advantage –and therefore manage to make “adjustments” in order to further their advantage. Every time that the US will “help” Europe, they will “erase” one part of their debt to the European countries. All national debts for the European countries will have a common denominator and the EU will become a “colony” of debt.

USA will “get clean” at the detriment of the Europeans and the jews will be out of harm’s way with the loot. Because this common “denominator” needs a common behavior, the Eurozone must be stable. This means that no “escaping” from the “slaughterhouse” of debt. Could the “slaughterhouse” work without a “fence”? Could the “slaughterhouse” work if the “sheep” can leave through the “doors”? Since when a “sheep” will remain to be slaughtered? When it’s afraid of the “wolf’s teeth” more than the “knife” of the slaughterhouse. Thus, demanding the need for a “bogeyman”, whose threat will keep the Europe united.

From this “perspective” the recent events of the Crimean Crisis make sense. The reader can understand the evil portrayal of Russia. The US are profiting if Russia appears like a threatening giant which cannot be confronted by the individual European countries each on their own. Coincidentally, all those that maintain the provocativeness of Ukraine –who keeps the Russian “bear” warm and aggressive– are the jew money lenders of Papandreou. The jews are the leading actors of the Ukrainian Crisis. Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Vitali Klitschko, Yulia Tymoshenko are Ukrainian jews that want the Ukraine to attack Russia and kill all the Russians.

It’s no coincidence that the US and NATO continually taunt Russia, in order to create a “cold war” climate in Europe. It’s no coincidence that idiots like Senator McCain are making an effort to keep this climate “hot”. A climate that will scare the European nations and will make them subservient to her US protector and “pimp”. It’s no coincidence that we’re starting a new phase of rivalries, that are linked to increase in military expenses. The giants of the Planet –with the US leading– are increasing the military expenses and are “towering” the world around the almost “unarmed” EU.

It’s a matter of time, to cause fear in Europe and the “good” American protector will reappear. The cold war climate with Putin is “rigged” (also a jew). Ukraine –who is “bleeding” and is left to “die” in front of a terrified European audience– is the scarecrow “slaughterhouse” to scare the disobedient nations. The “bankrupt” European audience is watching the flowing blood in Ukraine and conveniently starts to think; “At least we have our security and our well being”.

It’s no coincidence that in Europe Nazism is rekindling. The gentile people realize the impending danger and have the inner urge to act. They are awakening in the face of austerity and have the motive to learn and fight. Nazism is rekindling because of our people. It’s rekindling against the zombies of communism. Again, the same jews are behind the communist ideas. The same filthy jewish scums that want to be in a position to threaten all societies with “civil war” like threats. Communism is the inner threat for countries that don’t have “visible” physical enemies to be scared of. They are “designing” a “dark” world of fear, that will freeze all the nations to inactivity. A world where everyone would be dominated by the jews.

The jews are scared of the rekindling of Nazism and are trying to capitalize on the brainwash of the WW2 aftermath. The are trying to threaten the gentiles with the brainwash of the “Nazis”. Trying to capitalize on the vilification of the Nazis. According to the jews, the Nazis were “responsible” for the wars, forgetting all the plotting that happened by the jews in order to bring Germany to the wars. They are also trying to capitalize on this false idea, like they always do. They spread their lies trying to victimize the villain and afterwards they are creating references on their lies trying to strengthen them and make them appear as reality.

What did Varoufakis say in front of the global audience? “When I return home tonight, I shall find myself in a parliament in which the third-largest party is not a neo-Nazi party, it is a Nazi party”. What was he trying to say? What was the buddy of Papandreou was trying to say? Wasn’t Papandreou the first to start the campaign of slandering the Greeks, calling them corrupted? Varoufakis wanted to say that Greeks are not only lazy and corrupted –just like his buddy Papandreou said– but also fascists (trying to capitalize on their WW2 propaganda).

Why should these “lazy”, “corrupted” “fascists” have a free country? Why should they threaten the “civilized” West with their “debt” or their friendly associations with Russia? Let them become ECB serfs, in order to “save” the world from their “debt”, and from their “fascism”. Let the Greece’s “bonds” become “perpetual bonds” owned by the “virtuous” jews, and be done with the Greeks.

This is what the jews are plotting.