Greece: The Grand Finale Part 7 – The most famous “detonator” for the biggest global “explosion” of history

In order to make all these a reality, there was a need for a “plan”. A strategy that would allow the US and the jews to get a “foothold” in the United Europe. Get a foothold to a country-“backdoor”, in order to loot the EU. A “backdoor” that Germany would open, and bring them inside Europe. A country-“backdoor”, that they would choose as a weak link not only as that, but because it would have the specifications in order to be exploited the most. A small weak link, to be easily managed, and famous enough to “confuse” the observers. A weak link, that would create debts at a global level, but for a mysterious reason would have a global level “credit”.

Only Greece fulfills such specifications and this was the reason it was chosen. With these sizes no Portugal, Ireland, Belgium or Albania could become a worldwide issue and be presented as a global problem. Let anyone imagine what kind of impact would have if this situation would be charged to a nation other than Greece. No-one would be “moved” if someone calls the Belgians or the Albanians “corrupted” or “lazy”. To do that for the Greeks, is like a “taboo” for the west world. A “taboo” that would spread all over the world, since it’s no little thing to debunk the “sacred” and “holy” of the West Civilization.

It’s like revealing a “naughty” secret for a celebrity. To reveal it –and publicly– with all the “saucy” little details. The same thing, if it was about someone else, it would be an insignificant story. Clinton remembers this well, because he “paid” with great political cost for something that. If it was someone else, the same thing would cost him a hit with a “frying pan” or a “slipper” and no-one else would care about it. Greece –for better or worse– is a country-celebrity and this was known by those who chose her to be hanged.

They put her on their sights, because only her defamation would make the profit they wanted. The defamation of the West Civilization’s and Democracy’s “mother”. Only the Greeks and the jews have this level of “superpower” fame and therefore the capacity to be loved or hated by the whole world. Only Greece or Israel can transform their own national problem to a worldwide problem. This was the special characteristic of Greece and for this reason they chose her. This fits the plans of Greece’s eternal enemies, the jews, who planned the whole thing and are the money lenders.

If these money lenders could manage to change the “sign” of compassion that the Greeks enjoy until today, it would be easy to vilify them and mold them to their will. It’s well known that great hate comes after the betrayal of a great love. This happened with Greece, who “betrayed” the “love” of the West for a productive Greece. Everyone was ready to hate Greece in the case of a betrayal, because everyone once admired her in the history books. Many were ready to reproduce the info that the Greeks were “lazy”, because many have read about their ancient productivity while reading history.

The bankrupt Greece became a Big problem, that could affect the world economy, just like Obama told us. Why, mister Obama, it’s such a big problem with worldwide repercussions? Greece, as an economic size, is nothing compared to the bankrupt California, who doesn’t cause any concern to the underperforming US. Greece, as an economic size, is smaller than a big US bank, one of these that Obama saves from-time-to-time. Why Greece is a big problem? Is it because it fits the plans of the jews?

The creation of the Greek “detonator”

To create a “detonator”, specific actions are required, since it has to have a specific design. A “detonator” with a “random” primer or that randomly detonated doesn’t exist. The “detonator” has to have a specific “primer” so that it can be detonated at the exact time you want. Not sooner or later. Greece, in order to become a “detonator” of debt, needed to have a specific “primer” of debt, that would be used when the creators wanted, to create a European “explosion” of debt.

Hence, the first part was for Greece to acquire a “primer”. Explosive “primer”. The exact size of “primer”, to be able to detonate the “bomb”. Therefore we start from the need of this “primer”. How would this be created? Through the uncontrolled private banking system. Through the system, that the jews control easily, they attempted to charge the debt to the Greek nation. An enormous debt relatively to the size of the Greek debt, that would allow them to control and threaten with “explosion” when they seemed fit. How and from whom was that created? From the co-conspirators. The jew money lenders and the jewish controlled Germany.

The jewish controlled Germany has “dispatched” corruptors (jews) all over the Greek national system and were placing the “money draining” orders for the needs of the Greek country. Some orders because of true needs of the Greek country, some because of Berlin “inventions”. The Germans became the “authors” of the Greek “agenda” of public financing and they adjusted everything to the German industrial production. Entirely by “chance”, Greece always had a need for something Germany was producing. Unforgettable will be the statements of Schauble the Greece could “export” energy to Germany. Statements that seem even more hypocritical, now that the “fairytale” of “clean” energy has now collapsed.

How much did it cost and who paid the equipment that was imported from Germany, in order to produce “clean” energy? Does anyone know? The German secret services know, who divided the money between the corrupted. The same story repeated all over Greece. The Greece of the corrupted and now German owned OTE (Greek National Telecommunications Organization), was forced to fund an enormous technology upgrade, at the same time that Germany didn’t spend even a single euro to her own technological upgrade. Billions were sent to Berlin at the detriment of the Greek country and Greek society. Billions in “scrap”, since the suppliers of corruption had in some way to “explain” the costs and this was always at the detriment of the product what the Greek nation had bought. They were selling to the Greeks tanks without their “ammo”, “silent” radios or “defective” submarines, because the “totals” of the corruption had to match up.

We’re talking about unprecedented situations. Greece, even when her debt seemed ready to “drown” her, wouldn’t stop spending. Spending with suggestions from “above”. Spending, which always resulted with mythical profits to the Germans. An indebted Greece, who didn’t even own a car industry, was offering tax cuts for “vehicle withdrawals” provided that you bought a new one, knowing that more debt would be created by the banks funding with loans the renewal of Greece’s car fleet. The indebted Greece, who didn’t even own an air-condition industry, was offering incentives for their purchase. The over indebted Greece, who didn’t own an insulation industry, was offering incentives to purchase “green” German house insulation with German aluminum frames. Greece was committing suicide, but with style and “love” for the environment. All these are obvious commands of the German Embassy, who followed to the “letter” the jewish plans.

At the same time that the traitors like “Christoforakos”(boss of Siemens) of the Germans that placed the “generous” orders, controlling the Greek “agenda” of the national “needs”, their co-conspirators jews were controlling the Greek “bank book” of deposits. At the same time that the buddies of Christoforakos announced the “buys of the century” for the “powerful” Greece of Simitis (his name meaning Semitic = jew), at the dark rooms of the Greek National Bank they did deals with Rothschild for the Swaps, in order for the country to be able to issue bonds beyond her capabilities. The jewish money lenders gave funds to the private banks in order to buy bonds and this way the free “markets” were confirming the myth of a “strong” Greece. They were always finding the funds for the “investments”, regardless of how expensive they were.

They started with the Olympic “party” of Gianna and Varoufakis’ father and ended to the defective submarines or the Super Pumas, that “filled” the known hungry fat guys of Greek politics. The same people who checked the creditworthiness of Greece, were the same who “rewarded” her when she was over the limits. In a short time Greece had exceeded the credit limits. No problem. Why? Because those who had Greece’s “banking book” in their hands, knew some “tricks”.

They managed to do this with the infamous swaps. All of them tricks, who fitted the plans of the jewish controlled Germany –who afterwards pretended to be deceived– in order to further extend the creditworthiness of Greece. Tricks, to hide the real debt and to avoid any “alarms”. Tricks, in order for Greece to join the Euro, without fulfilling the requirements. Why was that convenient for them? Because they were creating the “detonator” of debt. Because they wanted Greece without the requirements of joining and therefore always ready to pull the “rug” under her “feet”. Because they wanted Greece to be “flammable” and always at their disposal to “trigger” her.

This was the trick. The jews did the frauds alone, and in the next phase they could call the Greeks frauds. Alone they were “cooking” the statistical data, which would allow them to call the Greeks cheats. They did these alone, these who Pangalos (deputy prime minister of Greece) wanted to charge the above upon to the Greek nation with the famous “we-all-ate-together”. We didn’t ate it “together”. The jews of Germany and their agents, like Prime Minister Simitis, “ate” all the money. The jews put Greece into the Eurozone with “altered” data in order to loot her. Not help her.

They cultivated the myth of a “strong” Greece, in order to push the people to “spend” their life savings and “inflate” the “bubbles”. Prime Minister Simitis’ government –and therefore Pangalos’ and Papandreou’s— was the one that started these scams, who “forced” the next Prime Minister Papandreou, to make the statement to a global audience that he leads a corrupted nation.

But as usual, all “parties” soon come to an end. The “party” of the Greek corruption –inspired by the jewish controlled Germany and funded by the jews– was edging to the limits. The Greek “bubble” was reaching the upper limits and was almost ready to “blow”. In order to protect from this “explosion” and avoid “blowing” in the faces of the creators, they did the trick with Prime Minister Karamanlis; they “deflated” it at the detriment of the Greek nation. The bubble of private debt was “deflated” by transferring the amounts to the public debt, which was now “inflating” dangerously. After the interconnected vessels of physics we saw the interconnected “bubbles” of Greek economy.