Greece: The Grand Finale Part 8 – How they manipulated Greece leading her to the destructive Memorandum?

First of all we have to say that Greece was “trapped”. Greece is not in any way all the things she’s accused of by the jews and their “pets”. Greeks never lived using others’ money, like the jewish controlled Germany usually says. Germany, for those who know economic history, have lived many times using others’ money. Greece never. Jewish controlled Germany never repaid borrowed money a lot of times, whenever the jews couldn’t kill their creditors. All said just to restore the historical truth. With regard to today’s situation, this is what happens; The whole Europe –not only Greece– stepped into a jewish design, in order to “create” debt.

This was convenient for the jewish money lenders and this was given to them by the corrupted leaders, for a fee of course. The corrupted leaders, who “lead” their citizens to over-consumption and their countries to wastefulness, because they were being bribed. The notion of “savings” was cast out of the window and it wasn’t very hard for the nations to get “spoiled”, just like a child becomes spoiled, when an irresponsible parent pushes it to learn eating the “easy” junk food. The new economy, of the new world order, was the tempting “junk food” for the societies. As the junk food of ketchup and mayonnaise destroys the metabolism of a person, so the “junk economy” of loans and credit cards destroys the societies. And the jew money lenders knew that, since they were investing on this social economic “disease”. That which at a parent level is called “irresponsible”, at the level of country leaders is called “crime”.

It was a matter of time for societies to reach –and exceed– the limits of healthy economy. They reached the point to associate growth with the notion of spending and this was a matter of time to bring all the European nations in front of the problem of debt “cholesterol”. Amongst them were the Greeks. The Greeks did nothing special, nothing different from all the other nations. Instead the loans of the private sector was –and continues to be– the lowest in the Eurozone. Everyone talks about the great debt of Greece. But no-one mentions the real truth that comes with that debt and no-one says the truth that concerns all the Europeans.

Greece is the only country that –by force– had to “transfer” the private sectors’ debt to their public debt. Greece had one of the smallest private debts, because the Greeks didn’t have the habit of borrowing and the habit of living from the money of another. Other countries –and indeed most of them that accuse Greece– have great private sector debt. Countries like Germany or Netherlands etc. Countries that in order to maintain their supposed “good” image, constantly break the law with permission by the jewish money lenders. Countries, that, in order to maintain the “plans” of the jewish money lenders, they are allowed to “prettify” their numbers, by transferring part of their public debt to their “private” sections.

Hospital debts, that in case of Greece were included to the government budget, in Germany they were “transformed” into limited company debts and were “transferred” to the private debt. The same happened with the local governments’ debt etc. This is why in Germany, the country is economically “thriving”, but the local governments are bankrupt.

Ask Germany or Netherlands if they dare to make an “emulation” of their debt to the Greece’s model where the public and private debts are joined. Greece with this joint debt went into a Technical Memorandum, because she supposedly exceeded the 110% of her GDP. The scary 110% of the Greek GDP, which, as Obama confirmed, is very “important” for the whole planet… and possibly for some other planets. Netherlands for example, of Dijsselbloem is budgetary “law abiding” , because they are presenting a public debt 87% of GDP. The EU Troika would say that he’s pure as a “virgin”. Virgin in the “front”, party in the “back”. What happens in the “back”? All the other financial indicators in Netherlands are tragic. The private sectors’ debts on its own is at 127% of their GDP. Their private banking debt on its own is at 362% of their GDP. Overall, this means that, what we call “Netherlands” in our world owes 678% of her GDP.

This isn’t something only the Greeks are saying. This information comes from the eminent Mc Kinsey Global Institute, with data from the IMF and the ECB. This Netherlands sends Dijsselbloem to scold Greece and “point” his finger critically. Let the jewish controlled Germany do the same things, that she subjected Greece through their pets Papandreou (Prime Minister of Greece) and EL.STAT (Greek Statistical Authority), and then let us see in what situation Germany’s economy will be. Let Germany “mix” private and public debts together, and let’s see what happens. Let Germany transfer their private banks debts, through governmental funds, to the country debt. Let Germany transfer the health system’s debt, the social security institutes’ debts or local governments’ debt to the public debt. Let Germany show her real face to the world without doing her usual economic “facelift”.

In a case like that Germany’s GDP would blow up to smithereens, since it will reach astronomic amounts. The same applies to the Netherlands of Dijsselbloem, who lately we learned that he is a common illiterate with a master degree to splitting hay between two donkeys, with a Dutch “perspective”. Let Netherlands do this with the private debts of their citizens, which are many times the debts of the Greek households. When does the Netherlands will transfer the “bubble” of Dutch real estate to the public debt, like what happened in Greece, where the bulk of the private loans from banks were real estate loans and they were repaid by the government to the banks?

But all the above that no European country dares to do –not only because they don’t want but also because it’s illegal– Greece was forced to do them. Can the reader understand what happened? Because the jews wanted to “incriminate” a specific country, they found the country with the appropriate economic size and they vilified it. Having chosen Greece as a part of their plan, they found in which sections Greece had particularities and they “hit” to these weak spots. They found that the government debt ratio of Greece was setting her “apart” from others, and this indicator became the “essential” size for economy. If Greece had a lower public debt and higher private debt, then THAT would’ve become the “essential”.

All these are a scam, that reaches the levels of a conspiracy. But, a conspiracy that has an impact to the lives of an entire nation, is easily turned into a crime against humanity. The things are simple. It’s an enormous scam. Debt is always a debt when someone is owing money, wherever he is owing money. When the jews are presenting someone as “bankrupt” only in the size the he’s lacking, because it fits their propaganda to slander him, then they are obviously criminals. It’s like if someone says; “bankrupt is NOT the guy who owes rent, owes shared expenses, owes to the water company or to the phone company, but ONLY the one who owes to the power company”. Just because they know that someone has a particularity, they “single him out” on this particularity and they destroy him, to avoid infecting others with this deadly disease –because they’re playing their game.

That’s what happened with Greece. That’s why they focused to the public debt. Public debt is one of the many kinds of debt a country can have. It’s like the “power company debt” in a “catalog” that has a lot of different kinds of debts. To dissociate Greece from Netherlands or Belgium or the heavily indebted Denmark, they chose this “power company debt” in order to flag the “mismanagement” and therefore use it as an excuse to slander Greece. Such a “specific” dissociation will remain in history. That’s why we’re talking about a premeditated crime. Since they wanted this specific “victim”, they knew what they were looking for and how they would present it. They knew what particularities they would exploit and then they would have a lifelong “hostage” to threaten her life.

A “hostage” who, as we will see in the next parts, gave no resistance and was ready to fall to her “knees”. A “hostage” that was betrayed by her own government. Greece, through force and terror and because of the treasonous rotating government, they had to do that, who no-one else in the world had to do; Greece paid off with public money the debts of the private banks. Greece has paid off, at least once, the private debts of Greeks, throwing money to a bottomless “well”, since we’ve returned were we started. The banks continue to have a “thirst” for money. Why did they force Greece to do this? To force her into a Memorandum of Understanding. To convert her into a “detonator”, that the jews would have absolute control of. The memorandum for the jews was the “desired” effect and not an unfortunate result.

So now we’ll look into, how the Greeks were forced into the memorandum, which will create the dangerous Greek “primer” for the whole EU. The Greeks were forced into the memorandum, when they exceeded the “limits”, that the jews alone had set and who the jews were forcing the Greeks to exceed. They, for example, set the “limits” to the arbitrary 110% of the GDP and then forced the Greeks to reach that limit. How much money were they needed to reach this limit? 30 billion Euros? No problem. They used the always existing banking “gap” and added the missing amount. They’ve put traitor Prime Minister Karamanlis to arbitrarily add to the debt 23 billion, “helping” the economy and financing the criminal bankers. The jews put the zionistic Papandreou to add 15 billion more and the limit was exceeded easily.

Afterwards came the Memorandums and of course the EU Troika. The government of Papandreou alone gave to the private banks 140 billion. The following governments (jew pets) gave further 70 billion. So, in total there are; 23 + 140 + 70 billion = 233 billion, all confirmed till now. There could be more unconfirmed.

All these were charged to the Greek Public and they were given to the Greek private banks. These are money that were charged to all citizens, for money they didn’t take!!! Money that the Europeans think that the Greeks took and “lived” extravagant lives and beyond their means, like Schauble says.