Greece: The Grand Finale Part 1 – EU under fire

Europe is being demolished for the third time from a debt “bombardment” from the US jewish lobbies and the Germany jewish lobbies. Using Greece the US jewish lobbies will put the EU nations in an eternal memorandum (financial debt).

In the recent political events in Greece, the US “global leader” Obama intervened on the issues of Greece and Germany:

“You cannot keep on squeezing countries that are in the midst of depression.”

With the above quote he warned Greece’s money lenders –who they are not his own New York money lenders/sponsors (jews), but the EU countries and their respective nations.

On the other hand, did Obama find the 1 trillion that he needed? Because he managed to find the 5-6 trillions that his money lenders (jews) needed throughout his office term and he supplied it to them. Because that’s how much the US national debt increased throughout his office term.

He feels sorry for Greece and the Greek nation that they have become poor. Such hypocrisy from the “carnage creator” of the middle east! Wasn’t Hilary Clinton his infamous Secretary of State? Didn’t the Middle East drown in blood and chaos during his own term? Nations destroyed, societies dissolved, children killed, waves of immigrants flooded EU and the Mediterranean filled with dead bodies.

Weren’t all these “signed” by Obama? Weren’t all these his work? Wasn’t Hilary Clinton his responsibility?

Hilary Clinton’s daughter’s husband Marc Mezvinsky (jew), became rich from Greek bonds. He bought them –through jewish information– almost free, because he knew beforehand that they would worth very much in the future.

Isn’t Obama agreeing with Hilary’s politics, since he’s promotes her for president? Wasn’t Obama’s work the rapid increase of opiates production and use of heroin in the west? Wasn’t his troops that “destroy” the opium plantations in Afghanistan? Or not? Isn’t his CIA the greatest drug “dealer” in the world? Drug profits have multiplied worldwide abnormally. Where do these profits go? Who “launders” the money? Aren’t they and Obama that they “save each other”?

Who is Obama trying to convince that he cares about Greece and the Greek Nation?

Doesn’t he remind us of someone? Our “own” Gianna Angelopoulos, a “fan” of Varoufakis. A “leftist”, with a Havana cigar. The “owner” of Varoufakis. Member of Clinton Global Initiative. Alongside Hilary and Albright. Related with Harvard that “feeds” with “garbage” the Greek political stage, and more…

Varoufakis –of Gianna and the money lenders (jews)– gave the “signal” and the “performance” started. This is the job of Varoufakis who works for the money lenders. This is the work of the Halyvourgiki Steel Industry’s President’s son, that became rich from the Olympic Games (in 2004). This is the work of the consultant of Zionist George Papandreou, that became rich through the CDS. This “leftist” Varoufakis representing Greece, he supposedly strikes the knife of Troika, in order to bring along to “the play” US president Obama.

This cheap “play” is being done in order to “cast the parts”. To create the “good” and the “evil”. To create the “enemies” and the “protectors” for those who watch and are unaware. Varoufakis stance was sure to cause the reaction of large nations of EU and it was an “invitation” for the support of the US. If the US jewish lobbies wanted to “set up” a play of conflict with the large nations of EU, this was the fastest way to do this. These are known tricks. This is how the jews work; problem, reaction, solution.

Why would they want to do this? They want to “cut” the Greek debt at the detriment of the European nations and they know that Greece cannot play alone her role of the “insubordinate”. The have to have someone powerful to “support” her and this part fits only to the US. The decision to “cut” the Greek debt is already been made and this is sure to destroy the European countries. It will convert the EU in a plundered place, and the countries will face survival issues. Especially for the classes that depend on the insurance/pension funds to financially sustain themselves alive. It will be a social destruction that is similar to the aftermath of WW1 & 2.

They cannot let Greece to demand this “cut” on its own. The want to portray Greece “criminally irresponsible”, but they know it cannot be done without proper support. The only support that can bend the European resistance is the US and this is what is taking place right now. The partners / collaborators –US and Germany– will “split” and they will be heading the two sides; the US will be the “good” and Germany will be the “bad” defending the “EU rights”. The rights that Germany jewish lobbies trampled on and brought the US jewish lobbies in Europe.

The US jewish lobbies have profit in this act, given that the damage does not concerns them. Controlled by money lenders (jews), they have no problem to support the debt “cut” because anything the money lenders wanted from Greece, they have already taken. The profit from the Greek debt is already taken. Now the damage is about the rest of the EU. The insurance/pension funds of the European nations. Germany jewish lobbies ask for the EU to empty their “piggybanks” to help the bankrupt Greece. The bankruptcy of Greece which Germany jewish lobbies caused. Everything is a “play” and it was decided years before this.

Proof that the cut is pre-decided from the money lenders (jews) is the hiring from Varoufakis of the asset management firm Lazard (jews) as advisors. A tool of the jewish money lenders trained for the “cuts”. Their presence –and only this– proves that the “cut” has already been made. The pre-decided “victory” of the Greeks, will embitter the whole EU. The choice of Greece is not random. They knew who will be the scapegoat. The only nation able “to handle” the hate.

The Zionists in their best. The Greek “Credit” that was acquired from the Ancient Greeks, will be “liquefied” by them in order to win securely large amounts. Business with pleasure. They would become rich and at the same time they would be done once and for all with the enemies of the Maccabees. They would “finish” forever with the Greeks. The would use for their benefit the “capital” of their most hated enemy and at the same time the would “annihilate” their future. The nation that benefited Europe so much, will appear as the nation that plundered the most.

This European destruction –with Greek “cause”– will be the job of the Zionist Lazard firm. The Bernard Picard’s Lazard, “buddy” of Andrea Papandreou and therefore a “buddy” of Varoufakis. The same Lazard firm that had the lead role in the “massacre” of Argentina, and also in Greece’s. The firm that “slashed” the Greek insurance/pension funds and Greek investors and guided the overall sellout of the Greek nation’s valuables, now will take on Europe. In the name of Greece of course.

How much “rigged” and predetermined this is, could be obvious through the details. From the stance of the zionist owned “anglosaxon” Media: All these vultures suddenly were “saddened” for the Greeks. These who were “watching” the Iraqis throwing babies to the floor. The same who were “watching” the nuclear weapons in Iraq. The same who were “watching” the Serbians drinking “blood” like vampires. The same who were “watching” the “Jihadi” like “spring” against the Gaddafis, Mubaraks or Assad. The same who “saw” the Russians shoot down the Malaysian airplane. These “tools” owned by the greedy money lending “vultures” (jews) saw with sympathy the Greek “tragedy”.

Especially “saddening” are the Financial Times which in order to “prove” the “truth” and the “pain”, looked for the opinion of the experts. They mention that the supposed “top” economists of the world are asking for it. “Top” scientists in a field, that is not even a science. Nobelists in something that doesn’t exist. Every one of them –“pets” of the money lenders (jews)– they order scientific “studies”. Real “pets”, since they feed them, either in private colleges, either in their own non-government organizations, or in their own funds.

Related to them, whomever can “help” in any way. Compatriot Paul Glastris, is in the same gang, being Clinton’s speech writer, says that “as a Greek” believes that Germany must do for Greece what the US did for them after the war. He feels sure that Obama will convince Merkel to write off the Greek debt. All these are cunning. This is a crime, just by confusing the Greek situation with the German. The German debt was a real debt. By writing of the German debt the German nation benefited against all the rest, who were victims.

The Greek debt, on the other hand, is the money lender’s (jews) fraud. Victims of this debt are all involved. Victims of the money lenders are the Greeks and due to the same debt the rest of the EU will become victims. The Greeks never created this debt and surely would never turn it against the EU. The Greeks where “charged” this debt from the money lenders (the jews), which on their own “transfer” it through the German jewish lobbies, on the “shoulders” of the rest of the EU. This illegal debt, that was charged to the Greeks and that the German jewish lobbies “charged it” to the EU, now they want it to be “cut”.

Another crime from the jewish lobbies in Germany, because they forced the EU to finance a country, that they bankrupted. Again, Germany jewish lobbies take an advantage, because thanks to this debt they “gained” and they improved illicitly their competitiveness. Now that is “show time”, Germany supposedly started to “annoy” the US. Started to “annoy” the humanitarian US jewish lobbies, who they supposedly don’t want the nations like Greece to be “bled to death”. They started their jewish “tricks” with the “good” and the “bad”, that will lure everyone in their conflicts. The anglosaxon media started “remembering” that Germany oppresses Greece.

Everyone is a spectator; The US will stand “against” the “extras” of Germany and together they will ravage EU. They will start “fooling” the Greeks with “heroisms” and ancient stories; “The Spartan Resurrection in Greece” writes Paul Craig Roberts in the Foreign Journal. Isn’t it funny?

Again the same jew tactics with free “praise”, to find eager fools to be sacrificed in the usual “rigged” conflicts. What did Churchill say? “Heroes fight like Greeks”. But to Scobie gave the command to treat the “freed” Athens like they are under occupation. When the “heroes” did all the work and had no need for them, they were shot in the Dekemvriana like garbage. This what they do now. They will start some historical “bullshit”, in order to lure the Greeks in a conflict (of a jewish creation). A conflict in which they already know the “winners” and the “losers”.

Again, the Allied US/UK in the part of the “good”, against the Germans in the part of the “bad”. From the start the winners Americans and the jewish lobbies, and from the start the Germans the losers. And unfortunately the EU Nations are also the losers, because they were placed in the “camp” that will be defended by Schäuble (jew). In the “camp” that will “lose” and will be “cut”, sending them straight for destruction. In this case Greece is the “Helen of Troy” that will cause the “war”. As usual, after Greece will be beaten into submission, will end up with the “good guys”. Certain “customer”. She will be ready for their next “play”, where she’ll be needed again. In the next play Greece will be looking for compensation from the “bad guys”, who will be proven once again, they were buddies with the “good guys”.

The jews know only one “trick”. Problem, Reaction, Solution. With this trick they rule the world for the last century. There’s nothing else. If this doesn’t work, they don’t know anything else. This trick will “remain” in the “vile” history as their contribution to the political “thought”. Alone like a gang, they create a big problem and they “split” to deal with it, in order to control the developments as “leaders” of the two contrasting opinions.

This is the trick of the street “pimps”, who create problems in the clubs, in order to sell “protection”. One plays the part of the “good” and gets comfortable next to the “boss” and the other one plays the part of the “bad” and stays in his corner of “punishment” and “forgiveness” until he’s needed again. If you see the “bad guys” starting to act, expect the “good guys” to be brought into the play.