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“Xianity and communism are the same. Satan wants us to now focus on destroying communism. People need to know it is the Jews behind both. From what we have been getting in the news here, it appears the Jews are trying to resurrect communism again in Russia. They must be stopped. Several also in the JoS ministry are all getting the same message from Satan and the Powers of Hell – destroy communism. The problem is when communism goes down, then xianity is right back on the people. Most people are fooled into thinking xianity and communism are against each other and do not know that it is the same Jewish agenda designed to deceive the populace.”

“Yes, communism is from other worlds out there – the reptilians and the greys. Lilith told me this. The reptilians use mass slave labor and the slaves are like nameless, faceless, emotionless and only a number. Just stay strong and know you are not working alone. Satan and the Powers of Hell are with you and an important ritual was done to wake up Russia. When you have the time, the meditation books should also be done, as Russia has been without spirituality for a very long time. Then, the xians come right back as soon as communism falls, just like fleas on a dog… Communism must be destroyed in Russia, as the energies for it are still there. There is a war going on in other worlds…communism versus freedom fighters. They really went head to head in WW2.”

“Satan told me and the JoS ministry, he really wants the word out in Russia more than anything. He wants for as many Russian people to know the truth, that the Jews are behind communism and xianity is the very same Jewish shit as is communism. Satan wants both xianity and communism completely destroyed. That Jewish holocaust is used to distract the populace from communist atrocities. The Russian people must fight back.”

“The Jews are beginning to panic. Holocaust denial is now so prevalent it made the white house here and the president [who is a communist] denounced it publicly. The USA has a lot of closet communists who are working to bring it down. They are breaking the constitution and doing all kinds of things here. Communism is rampant here, but not yet full blown…”

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

This site containing all JoS ministers’ and members’ material about communism is the answer on this Satan’s desire.

Special thanks to Joy of Satan Ministers and members who work 24/7 to make truth known and all those whose material was collected for this site.

To members of JoS groups and translators, Egon Albrecht and Thomas Schweitzer, who helped me to make this site.

And to my Demon, without whom Russian translations of 3 volumes of Satanic meditation, Runic Kabbala and this entire project would have not existed.

Hail Satan and All Gods of Hell!!!

The war that came from the other worlds…

Yes, communism is from other worlds out there – the reptilians and the greys. Lilith told me this. The reptilians use mass slave labor and the slaves are like nameless, faceless, emotionless and only a number.

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich
Joy of Satan

There is a war going on ‘out there’ involving other worlds, extending to different parts of our galaxy. The greys made a deal with the Vatican – wealth and power in exchange for souls. That was one. It all has to do with occult power, along with race as well. In addition to the mass murders and tortures of Gentiles, spiritual knowledge was forcibly removed. This is what Christianity and Islam are all about. Spiritual knowledge and occult power are systematically removed and replaced with meaningless crap. This is analogous to a sense taken from one side in a war, say one of the five senses and the enemy who has all five has an obvious clear advantage. The side with four or less will obviously lose.

In our case, this was the sixth sense that was removed along with knowledge pertaining to it. In its place, like I already wrote above- meaningless crap along with lies to replace it. The Inquisition even went as far as to murder the grandchildren and other descendants of so-called ‘heretics.” This is because the “witchpower” is hereditary. This was a huge victory for the enemy, no different from communism where mass murders are committed to wipe out any memory of the former generations that were a threat. Then, the occult knowledge is kept ion the hands of a few, mainly top Jews [they also have full control of the Vatican and also Islam at key points].

This was all accomplished with the help of the enemy human-hating greys and their reptilian superiors, and carried out by the Jews who are tied in with them. If one does the necessary research, there are many paintings of that period depicting an unusual amount of UFO activity. During the Second World War, there was also a high level of UFO activity when both opposing sides our Satan [National Socialism] vs. the enemy [communism] went head to head. Most of you also know about the Roswell incident in 1947, when the enemy greys became very confident along with post WW2 incidents involving them.

I posted a link to a youtube video here some time back, but it was taken down [so what else is new?]. This video for those of you who haven’t seen it – here is another link

If you can’t find it, if it gets taken down again, then look up “Ancient Aliens S02E05” or “Aliens and the Third Reich.” Hopefully, the above link should work ok. Of course, there is the same slander, but the video itself is very revealing. Our side [Satan, The Empire of Orion”] worked with the Nazis. The other side- the enemy greys worked with those fighting for communism. Hitler vs. Stalin. WW2- things reached a climax, as never before in history.

If you note throughout history, and this goes back centuries, the greys- the Communist/Christian side always has been human hating, mass murdering, and brutally enslaving. Islam is no different. They are also prolific liars and deceivers who try to use, manipulate and promote slogans of “love,” “equality,” “brotherhood” and “better living conditions”; “a better life” to trap massive numbers of victims. This also comes along with their programs of “love” and “peace” resorting to endless mass murder, torture, war and the destruction of human life and spirit to accomplish their agenda of enslaving the entire world.

Quote from the Jewish Talmud:
Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D: “When the Messiah comes every Jew will have
2800 slaves.”

This has been going back and forth for a very long time and is not over with. In addition, each side has its own humans working here. I know most of the people on Satan’s side here were born with certain marks. The enemy knew this a long time ago and gave the name for these birthmarks “witches’ marks” which automatically meant death upon discovery. Our leaders; most were contacted by Satan early in life, before the age of their first Saturn return at 29-30. Satan has had his own souls, those who have been with him through many lifetimes, elite souls who attain the most powerful positions in this world such as Adolf Hitler, the reincarnation of Rameses II, a noted and very powerful historical figure and pharaoh. Some of the other top Third Reich Leaders were also reincarnations of important pharaohs. The importance and status one attains in a former life usually comes much easier in succeeding lives- elite souls.

I hope the above answers your questions. The Christian and Islamic programs of filth involve much more than just what we are told about human history and this earth. You have to research, study and learn to think outside of what we are all told. I know there are people here who take this lightly or just blow it all off, but this is deadly serious. We need to reach as many people as possible and work to destroy the programs of the enemy with exposing Christianity and its twin of communism. Our entire future is on the line.

I also want to add that in spite of the enemy campaign to destroy all Gentile spiritual knowledge, some still survives. In Russia and the Caucasus, there is knowledge of a centuries old protective and benevolent spirit that was very much revered and the name was “SHAYTAN.” There is reference to this in the book in the chapter about the Almasty: The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries: A First-Hand Report on the Startling Breakthroughs in Russian Parapsychology Paperback – September 1, 1979 by Henry Gris and William Dick.

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich
Joy of Satan