Communism and Truthphobia

One time, I was very confused because of conflicting information regarding Hitler’s stance on homosexuality, especially with the Jewish lies that Himmler was really against it because of population issues. It was around that time that Hitler’s spirit had contacted me and told me that he never had a problem with it. Since I was still a little bit confused, Satan pointed me to the following quote within days after Hitler’s visit:

“I won’t be a spoil sport to any of my men. If I demand the utmost of them, I must permit them to let off steam as they see fit, not as it suit’s a lot of elderly church-hens. My lads are no angels… nor are they expected to be. I’ve no use for goody-goodies and League of Virtu-ites.” – Adolf Hitler

Homosexuality has it’s roots in Satanism/pre-Christian Paganism. It is also known that anti-homosexuality is rooted in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Persecution of homosexuality isn’t Aryan. It is Jewish.
– High Priest Jake Carlson

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This recent movie Child 44 (2015) is very realistic in depicting life under communist Russia:
Child 44 [2:17:12]
Child 44 [2:17:12]

It starts with an orphan survivor of the mass murder by starvation known as Holodomor, his ascension in the MGB and how people had to deal with delating their own loved ones and that being “investigated” was the same as a death sentence. How they had to be always lying to others and themselves due the constant fear, such as the denial of a serial killing of boys by a maniac, because they had to agree that “there is no crime in the USSR”, or then disagree and be killed… Since it’s a common Jewish crime, the movie hints that Communism would protect such a kind of psychopatic kike.

It also shows how homosexuality, or even a suspect of homosexual act, was considered a crime punishable of death of slave labor in the Gulag, under Jewish Communism.

A maxim of the film: “You know what people get here when they demand truth? They get terror.”

Citizen X is a documentary about real historical serial maniac [Andrei Chikatilo, 53 women and children between 1978 and 1990] who can’t be set in prison because he is a “party member”, while a number of innocent homosexuals are arrested, interrogated and some commit suicide.

Citizen X (1995)

Persecution of homosexuals under communism in Cuba:

Conducta Impropia – Documental sobre la represion al homosexualismo en Cuba
Full Documentary with English subs [1:51:29]