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Special thanks to Joy of Satan Ministers and members, who work 24/7 to make truth known and all those whose material was collected for this site.

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Joy of Satan Ministry:

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich
High Priest Mageson666
High Priest Jake Carlson
High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
High Priestess Zildar Raazi
High Priestess Shannon Outlaw

Joy of Satan members:

Fourth Reich 666
Egon Albrecht
Descarte 666
Teloc Vovim
Sami Abbas

Nazi authors:

Joseph Goebbels
Dietrich Eckart
Ben Klassen
George Rockwell

Special thanks to to members of JoS groups and translators, Egon Albrecht and Thomas Schweitzer, who helped me to make this site.

And to my Demon, without whom Russian translations of 3 volumes of Satanic meditation, Runic Kabbala and this entire project would have not existed.

“Had I as many souls as there be stars, I’d give them all for Mephistopheles” – Goethe, Faust.

Hail Satan and All Gods of Hell!!!