Exposing Communist Criminals:
They all are Jews

Marx, Engels, Baruch, Moses Hess, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Beria, Tito, Fidel Castro, Andropov, Putin, Dugin, Kim Chin Yn – ALL the major leaders and ideologists of communism of ALL countries of the world were Jews by blood. This ideology and political movement is owned and subordinated to the Jews, and the Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller’s are at its source.

None of them – never and in any country of the world – was elected by popular vote, they seized power solely by force and by extreme violence and extreme cruelty to the people, mainly by military invasion from another country, like Che Guevara, Lenin and Ambroz Tito.

They used it themselves or legitimized the use of torture, like Stalin and Mao Zedong. The periods of their power were remembered by the people as periods of extreme tyranny, from which the main nation of the country waited for deliverance as a miracle. They ALL professed Judaism. NONE of them was an atheist.

Exposing Karl Marx

Lenin the Jew

Stalin the Jew

Red Holocaust:
All leaders behind communism of 20 century in every country were jews

Jewish serial killer Andrei Chikatilo—the Soviet era “Jack the Ripper”

Exposing the Jewish Criminal – Leon Trotsky

Exposing the Jewish Criminal – Lazar Kaganovich

Exposing the Jewish Criminal Lavrentiy Beria

Exposing the Jewish Criminal ~ Genrikh Yagoda

Exposing the Jewish Criminal Felix Dzerzhinsky

Exposing the Jewish Criminal Grigory Zinoviev

Exposing Jewish Criminal Josua Ambroz Tito

Exposing Jewish Criminal Bela Kun

Exposing the jewish Criminal Manfred Stern

Exposing the jewish Criminal Tibor Szamuely

Harvest of Despair – The 1933 Ukrainian Holodomor Famine Genocide (Documentary)
This is an award-winning documentary (10 competitive festival awards and 3 non-competitive). It is produced by the Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre in Toronto, Canada. This movie describes a job done by the above mentioned jewish communist criminals in Soviet Union for which they received awards and medals, and for which Russian streets and subway stations are named after them till nowadays.

The Bolshevik Revolution – Forbidden history by High Priest Hooded Cobra 666 – download