Liberalism and Communism are Two Parts of the Same Jewish Coin

“It is easy to see that the secularization of Western Christianity gives us liberalism. The secularization of the Orthodox religion gives us Communism.”
– Dugin

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Allegorical philosophical Russian movie filmed after the same name novel of Michail Bulgakov. About bolshevism in Russia 1920th and how they were creating “new human” aka “homo sovieticus” which is a perfect liberal, manipulated by jew Shwonder. It’s generally interpreted as an allegory of the Communist revolution and “the revolution’s misguided attempt to radically transform mankind.” It is “one of novelist Mikhail Bulgakov’s most beloved stories” featuring a stray dog “named Sharik who takes human form” as a slovenly and narcissistic incarnation of the New Soviet Man. The novel has become a cultural phenomenon in Russia, known and discussed by people “from schoolchildren to politicians.”

What this movie does and why I advise it here, it describes perfect liberal reality of modern day world with its perfect all-equality (man with an animal, decent human with a criminal), human rights and freedoms being passed to the undeserving, jobs and high positions being passed to a criminal, everything is shared: university professor has to share his appartament with a street brat who can’t even use toilet propperly, smoking near women, molesting them at will, spitting on the floor where everyone walks, etc. Perfect liberal society for what it is. Also great proof that modern “liberalism” is nothing new but the old jewish bolshevism once again. Communism never change, call it “liberalism”, “libertarianism”, “feminism”, “animals’ rights”, etc.

A Dog’s heart part 1 [English subs]
A Dog’s heart part 2 [English subs]