Jewish Bolshevism: Global White Genocide of the 20 Century

The Soviet Union tortured and killed not only the bodies of Gentile people, it killed souls. He still tortures and kills them. Hungry, tormented ghosts are walking among us right now. Their suffering still feeds the jewish monster of jehovah. The colossal energy received by the jews from their torment and death, does not allow Russia to reborn, pushing it back into the GULAG. Below are quotes of High Priestess Maxine, who allowed me to put them on the site so that everyone knew. Perhaps among these tormented souls who are stuck on the astral and can’t reincarnate, there are members of your families.

“The sad thing, Russia has endured so much tragedy and horrible circumstances. This leaves a very bad energy. There are many tortured souls who wander and are lost on the astral there. This includes some other parts of Europe. The victims of famine in the Ukraine still wander, caught between worlds. Hungry ghosts. Most people cannot see them and even fewer know how to help these tormented souls.

In addition to all of this, the Jews relentlessly curse countries that have overthrown them. This is why Russia has such a hard time getting out from under”. …

“The Gods alerted me that many are stranded on the astral and suffering.”…

“The sad fact is most of these poor souls have been horribly traumatized. One woman (living) in the Ukraine in the late 80s began working on publicizing the holodomor. Her senses were open enough and she began to see departed souls who kept saying to her “don’t forget about me.””…

“I’ve had a load of experience with working with deceased souls. So has HP Hooded Cobra. Satan took him on a tour of a Gulag. He told me it was absolutely horrific.” …

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich


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The movie “The Chekist”

Warning this film is graphic. While graphic does not show the full level of the horror the Jewish Cheka leveled on the population. The Jewish lead and staffed Cheka was responsible for the murders and torture of millions.

Chekist 1992 Eng subs

From Holodomor info:
“”The Jewish Cheka was a secret police force created through the NKVD on December 20, 1917, after a decree issued by Vladimir Lenin [Jew], and was subsequently led by Felix Dzerzhinsky. The Cheka rounded up all those who were under suspicion of not supporting the Jewish Bolshevik government; including Civil or military servicemen suspected of working for Imperial Russia; families of officers-volunteers (including children); all clergy; workers and Chekapeasants and any other person whose private property was valued at over 10,000 rubles. The Cheka practiced torture and methods included being skinned alive, scalped, “crowned” with barbed wire, impaled, crucified, hanged, stoned to death, tied to planks and pushed slowly into furnaces or tanks of boiling water, or rolled around naked in internally nail-studded barrels. Women and children were also victims of Cheka terror. Women would sometimes be tortured and raped before being shot. Children between the ages of 8 and 13 were imprisoned and executed. Cheka was actively and openly utilizing kidnapping methods and with it was able to extinguish numerous people especially among the rural population. Villages were also bombarded to complete annihilation. The Cheka is a direct predecessor of the KGB formed 9 years clear of WWII in 1954. Jewish revisionist Zionism had already constructed a further manifestation of this organization in Jewish occupied Palestine 5 years earlier called Mossad.”

The Nazino Gulag (Cannibal Island)

It is known that Carl Marx, jew, hereditary rabbi, starved his children to death by hunger. He simply didn’t work to gain any bread for his own family. His daughters just died. All movement he created known as the main religious ideology of Soviet Union of 20 century and and Red China of today is based on death starvation. First thing Blosheviks did was starving hundreds of millions of Russians and Ukrainians to death, first thing new Red Chinese communist jews did in China was the same. Cannibal island was one of many such wild cannibal points over all Soviet Siberia, where people were deported without food with certain number violent criminals among them to torture and eat them. Among 6000 people sent to Nazino, 2000 stayed alive by eating other 4000. This is what Gentile life in Jew World Order looks like.

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