Communism in Europe of Today

EU The Jewish Agenda

The Eur-Africa Agenda In Action

World War Jew:
Current leader of NATO is a Norwegian Communist and KGB agent

Merkel is Jewish

Merkel, the Red footsoldier

Merkel’s Struggle against Germany and the White Race

Destruction of the West: Jews try to tie it into their Holyhoax

French President: To protect Jews is to protect France:
President of France is Jewish owned Communist

Sweden Elderly Kicked Onto The Street By EU Jew Demands To Make Way For Invaders

Greece: the Grand Finale:
Article Series describing Jewish Destruction of Greece

With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations
3 days after upload, 130 civilians were murdered, 352 injured by Islamist attacks in Paris. ISIS terrorists mocked EU about how easy it was to enter as a Syrian “refugee”.

The Jews have been working to destroy this YouTube. They muted it, but here is a link that is working.
This link is fully intact and has the sound:
With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations

There are also German subtitles.

Special thanks to Egon88 and Light Algur for creating and posting the former video. The enemy has attacked, but we will keep putting it right back up. To do nothing is to turn the other cheek!

Here is another link to the video:

Spread, burn to disk, save in your computer, feel free to attach to your channels as much as you want, embed into your sites and blogs, and share it with the following statistics:

Exposing the hoax of the “pour third worlders immigrate to find a job because their countries are economically ruined (by the bad Western White man)”:

Sweden: Muslims make up the main core welfare recipients and tax drain
Germany: Statistics show majority of Muslim ‘refugees’ will never work
USA: Muslim “refugees” – 91.4% on food stamps, 68.3% on Cash Welfare
Muslim migrant ‘crisis’ (hijrah Jihad) to cost Germany €50 Bn by 2017
Sweden: 2015 Muslim hordes to cost 14x the National Defense budget
Sweden is forced to apply for EU emergency aid to afford basic needs for Muslim ‘refugees’
Gap Between Migrant Contribution and Migrant Cost to UK is £17 Billion
Denmark: 78% of criminals in capital are of “non-Western origin” and 84% of foreigners are unemployed
80% of Turkish Muslim Settlers in Germany Live off Welfare

Exposing the hoax of “muslim immigrants are just peaceful moderate civilians who just seek war asylum”:

Pew Data: More Than 60 Million Muslims Hold Favorable Views of ISIS
5,000 Islamic State Jihadi fighters running loose in Europe – Europol
UK Muslim survey: 76% of prominent Muslims ‘strongly’ support Jihad
UK: 45% of Muslims support hate preachers, 11% support jihad against the West – BBC Poll
UK: Medial poll show that 1.5 million British Muslims see themselves as supporters of ISIS
Pew poll: 63-287 million ISIS supporters in just 11 countries
Survey: 23% of Syrian refugees in Europe susceptible to Islamic State recruitment
“Allah has given us a safe haven in the infidel country, so we can rest and recover… For us you have opened a sanctuary where the brothers can rest until they return…”
Poll: 81% of Muslims surveyed support Islamic State slaughters – Al Jazeera Arabic Poll

Videos of Laitman, “the top rabbi of Russia” where he explains the it was jewish plan to wipe Europe from the face of the Earth with migrant flood, violence and conquest:

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