Communism in Balkans

“Divide and conquer” – jewish principle that their bulwark communism made its main tactics. Two jewish religions – christianity and islam – tore apart Balkans since being installed there. Communism of 20 century based on them both ended their work by creating the un-ethnic un-national communist state of Yugoslavia, which was based on nothing but destruction of all national traditions and borders and identity. They did the same to national Russian Empire when destroyed it to create un-national un-racial multicultural Soviet Union on its place, where every non-white muslim Asiatic bastard could attack Russian woman, because the “country” she lived in was no more Russia – no more hers – but belonged to everyone.

Albania’s Nightmare of Communism

Exposing the Secret Crimes of Communism in Serbia

Kragujevac and Kriva Reka massacres – what really happened?

Liberation of Belgrade?

Tito the Jew

Yugoslavia was forced to fight against Germany

NDH and the ustashe – jewish puppets

Bloody Easter of 1944 – the allied bombing of Serbia

Tito’s Ghosts
Full Documentary with English subs [43:31]

Betrayal 1945
A documentary made by the British, which shows the suffering of national forces throughout Europe, as well as a large part of the then already disintegrated Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Veterans of allied (British) forces, who were responsible for the deportation of Cossacks, members of the Serbian Volunteer Corps, Chetnik units and other communist authorities at the time, participated in the documentary as witnesses. Also in the documentary is Simo Dubajić (a participant of the “National Liberation War”), who withdrew from his military life after the war after seeing the crimes committed against prisoners in Slovenia at the time.

Political Prisons and labor camps in Albania during Communism – Kelmend Karuni
Full Documentary with German subs [46:22].