The Truth about World War Two

«The new soviet state … will serve a good bulwark against world capitalism and new decisive step on the way of the uniting all working class under One World Socalist Republic».

– The first 1924 Soviet Constitution, part 1 – Declaration of The Formation of The USSR

This section will answer the usual first Slav / Russian question that comes up when you mention WWII: “what have been Germans doing in Moscow?” “what have been Germans doing in Leningrad” “Why Hitler invaded Poland?” etc.

All above were German victories in battles of already long going war which was not started by them. The so called “Great Patriotic War” also known as “Eastern Front of WWII” was actually Stalin’s attempt to start World Revolution. It did not start in 1941, it was lasting from 1917 started by Lenin. The only thing planned only summer 1941 was invasion in Germany itself.

Jewish historians on the contrary, labels the start of successful heroic European self-protection against Soviet World Revolution in the face of Nazi Germany, a “start of a World War”. Articles in this section provide the proof.

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