Jewish pseudoscience and materialism

Its known in the so called ‘atheist’ USSR there were dozens of Rabbis and kikes who would launch curses and whatever else in the unknowing populace. If someone was an enemy of the jewish owned state, they would either die by their secret police, or they would get cursed or both. – High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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This movie relates only one example of how much kikes rewrote history. Geological analysis does not fit into kike evolutionary hoax. It comes that the Sphinx was built exactly when we were “cave men”, while a lot of other megaliths were built when we were “still monkeys”. Homo Erectus and Neanderthal “cave men” built the Great Pyramid of Giza as far as it is proved to be 40,000 years old – when both lived according wikipedia. And the list goes on.

MYSTERY OF THE SPHINX [full documentary 1:34:01]

Now 15-45 thousands years old Pyramids were built by “cave men” in Bosnia. Kike-censored Wikipedia denies the evidence because according kike Darwin we must have not yet evolved into “Homo Sapience” at that time.

Bosnian Pyramids – New Evidence 2010 [14:59]