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Year Zero: The Silent Death Of Cambodia.
This film shows the footage of Pol Pot’s Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge. It all started with the bombing. Without asking opinion of the United States’ people, President Nixon and Dr. Kissinger made an individual decision to bomb out of the map the most peaceful country of Asia – just bomb, for no reason at all. But immediately after the bombing, their goal became clear – thus was more convenient for jewish communism to come to power.

“Grigori Voitinsky, a Soviet agent and a Jew, was sent to China to help set up a communist party there and was a key player in the founding of the CCP (Chinese communist party). Another Jew, named Adolph Joffe, as the Soviet ambassador to China, was a key player in providing aid to both the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party) and the Chinese communists. The Soviets backed both parties, hoping for a Kuomintang/CCP alliance. The Soviet Union was, of course, built and staffed by Jews under the part-Jew, Lenin. Later, two more Jews who worked in the U.S. Treasury Department, Solomon Adler and Harry Dexter White, deliberately engineered Chiang Kai-shek’s downfall by sabotaging the Chinese currency, paving the way for Mao and communism.”

And as well as other jewish takeovers, this one was followed by a real holocaust of native Chinese people in the genocide known as Great Chinese Famine

Cannibalism, using dead human corpses as fertilizers for the soil, eating mud, leaves from trees and each other, daughter eating her own mother after death, mother selling her little daughter as sex slave for a food, and father being forced to bury his little child alive for stealing food out of hunger, both dying of grief shortly. All this is communist paradise that soviet jews built in the Far East and the live evidence of this is provided below.

Mao’s Great Famine HDTV great leap forward, history of China