Soviet Union and Jewish Ritual Murder

Its known in the so called ‘atheist’ USSR there were dozens of Rabbis and kikes who would launch curses and whatever else in the unknowing populace. If someone was an enemy of the jewish owned state, they would either die by their secret police, or they would get cursed or both.

On the whole war, the jewish Rabbis kept and kept murdering people [as the case with the young boy Andrei who was murdered to curse the Czar] and sending the energy to the Nazis and mostly Hitler and his stuff, or used it to guide events. All sorts of blood Rituals were taking place and the gulags were ideal for this, all sorts of USSR psychics were on the roll and doing all sorts of shit (In an atheistic state- When jews finalize their control xianity gets thrown out of the window as it serves no need- it already made the people obedient to jews and now this had to actualize), as the suffering and horror of the people where was untold.

The Case of Andrei Youshchinsky

The story about the murder of Ukrainian boy Andrei Youshchinsky by the Jew Beiliss is a warning to the ignorant. What does the 80 year cover up of this case — forensic evidence of Beiliss guilt was plentiful — indicate about the true nature of the Soviet regime? Would a media blackout of this story of Jewish ritual murder by the Soviets be considered anti-Semitic or philo-Semitic?

Here is the article I did on this subject awhile back, note when they say Christian they mean Gentile as this was how Europeans generally identified themselves as not of Jewish blood at the period due to ruling influence of the Church. It was a cultural terminology.

The Jewish Ritual Muder of Andrei
`Alilath Seker’ a slush found in today terms provided bribe money and expenses [for Jews] to combat blood accusations.- Dr Philip Devier, “Blood Ritual”

In 1911 Kiev Russian the most notorious cases of ritual murder occurred the body of Andrei Youshchinsky a child from the local area was found in a cave drained of all his blood, a local Jew Beiliess was charged with the crime. Jews from around the world poured the modern equivalent of 115 million dollars into the concealing the facts of the case and his defense. After the discovery of the body the police arrested the mother and would not allow her to attend her sons burial, during this time the family was approached by a local Jewish lawyer who attempted to bribe them into silence. Jewish owned News Papers then tried to slander the mother with false claims she ran a criminal network that killed her son, once again the Jew is the master of projection and lies.

Several witnesses including two children of the Chebariak family who witnessed the kidnapping of Andrei by local Jews where murdered during the case. It was also shown the local head of the Police had planted false evidence to get Beiliess off the hook for the murder.

The children who had been with Andrei at the time of the abduction and where witnesses where all given pieces of cake by the investigator all 3 became severally ill the next day and two died, one survived after being ill for months when she recovered she testified in the court as to what she witnessed:

“We started to ride the clay -mixer suddenly Beiliess and two other Jews ran towards us, we jumped off the clay- mixer and tried to run away Andrei and my brother [Zhenya] where caught by Beiliess and the other Jews but my brother freed himself the Jews then dragged Andrei away, my sister[Valentina] also saw this.”-Court testimony of Chebariaks daughter.

John Grant the American Consulate stationed in Odessa Russia at the time reported the finding of the jury, the jury had officially found that: “A certain boy]Andrei] in Kiev Russia had been killed by fanatical Jews, and that Jews for Occult purposes had carefully drawn all blood from the dying child and that it was instance of Jewish Ritualistic murder, and that Beiliess was innocent.”

While the murder which was have proven to have taken place inside the synagogue of a local Jewish owned and operated brick factory, the Jury could not determine for certain if it was Beiliess who had wielded the implement that punchered Andrei over 45 times around his body killing him, drawing as much blood possible carefully from Andrei’s body in the process. It was stated the puncher marks
done to the side of the child’s head where done specifically for a special part of the ritual as a sacrifice so the Jews could overthrow the Czar.

Medel Beiliess went free because 6 of the 12 members of the jury could not determine if he had been the murdered of the child,[despite eyewitness account from Chebariaks surviving daughter, he was one of the kidnappers of Andrei along with two other Jews] too many witnesses had been killed and too much evidence destroyed and covered over previous to the trail, by the Jews.

In 1917 G.G Zamyslovsky the prosecuting attorney wrote a 525 page book on the subject called “The Murder Of Andrei Youshchinsky” in which he detailed the facts of the case in depth. During the Judeo-Bolshevik revolution Zamyslovsky was given a show trail by the Jewish CHEKA then murdered by them mainly for his book on the subject which revealed all the aspects of the case, his book was then classified till 1997 to keep it’s contents secret, the Jews also “executed” the judge of the case and any original surviving witnesses.