The Doctors plot

Accusations of Joseph Stalin being anti semitic are false, because he was jewish. Finding the truth is always difficult, especially when documents are forged and changed, books burned, people and eyewitnesses are assassinated, and real history is changed and replaced with jewish lies. There is a lot of secrecy, allegations, and different rumors surrounding the Doctor’s Plot. The biggest lie about it, was that it was an anti semitic period within soviet history. This is completely false because it was jews murdering other jews.

The Doctors plot has been compared to the Leningrad affair and the purges of Soviet officials. The Leningrad case, was a series of criminal cases fabricated in the late 1940s–early 1950s by Joseph Stalin (jew) in order to accuse a number of prominent politicians and members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union of treason and intention to create an anti-Soviet organisation based in Leningrad. Most of the purges were not only to strike fear in people but to eliminate other political opponents or opposition, mixed with Joseph Stalin’s severe paranoia.

15 famous mainly jewish doctors had abused their positions in the Kremlin to shorten the lives of Andrei Zhanov and Aleksandr Shcherbakov. Professor Vinogradov had had the temerity to recommend to Stalin that he should step down as head of government because of his failing health and high blood pressure, a grave mistake! Stalin had already sacked and secretly disgraced Zhdanov, a leading member of the Politburo and Minister of Culture and the Arts. Zhdanov had fallen from grace because his son, Yuri Zhdanov, a young scientist, had openly criticized the Soviet geneticist, Trofim D. Lysenko, who was then in high favor with Stalin. The vozhd was still hoping that the charlatan Lysenko would deliver on his promise to produce a large harvest of the genetically engineered “potato-tomato” crop that would revolutionize Soviet agriculture.

Stalin feared the power of other Jews who had run the country since the revolution. There were rumors that Stalin planned to turn on the Jews and seize their assets and commit mass murder on them so his Jewish doctors killed him first. Stalin did not want anyone to be more powerful than him, or to try and take his power (power struggles within jewish ranks).

Stalin wanted to use the Doctors plot against Lavrentiy Beria (jew). Beria was gaining popularity at the time, and both Beria and Malenkov tried to use the situation to expand their power, by gaining control of the MGB.

During this time many members of the soviet jewish anti fascist committee were arrested and executed. The committee dedicated itself to collecting statements about alleged Nazi massacres of jews and abnormal events concerning jews. The NKVD had reported that the population responded positively to Nazi propaganda saying they were only fighting jews and communists. Another reason why this period was seen as “anti semitic.”

Winston Churchill’s funeral in July 1965 meant a better international climate to encourage Soviet defectors, it was rumoured for many years in Moscow that Churchill was more pro Russia than his own country particularly during W.W.II even forbidding intelligence gathering on Russia and giving armament supplies much needed in Britain away to the Soviets. Winston worked with Joseph Stalin to try and destroy Germany and it’s people. It would seem the jewish super powers would work together until they thought they good overthrow one another for more power.

This incredible situation was instigated by Lord Rothschild, who also pressured the spy Guy Burgess, to marry Clarissa Churchill’s daughter, although this scheme failed, it shows the closeness of the Soviet and Jewish underground spy rings to Churchill and the heart of the wartime government in Britain.

Sir Anthony Blunt actually said that Rothschild covered for all the Cambridge traitors, particularly. Blunt believed the only way for Britain to survive was to eliminate large numbers of the working class, breeding machines he called them, and to grasp away all aspects of their freedoms.
Dr. Henry Kissinger within the hearing of secretaries and translators spoke of the long global plan for world change, over the next decade called “The New World Order,” with the extinction of real education and personal freedoms.

Rothschild’s position behind the government scientific breakthroughs and intelligence services manipulation particularly in W.W.II has always been covered up; let’s not forget he was Winston Churchill’s main advisor friend manipulator and financier in both world wars.

Joseph Stalin didn’t want anyone to take his power or become more powerful than him. So within the soviet union who else had power? The jews.. The purges can’t be anti semitic because they were perpetrated by jews against other jews in a paranoid power struggle. Not to mention Stalin sought to follow a foreign policy favorably to the establishment of Israel.

Interesting enough while researching the Doctor’s plot I found this on the jewish library…

• In the fourteenth century jews were accused of having caused the devastating Black Plague by poisoning the wells of Europe, and in 1610, the University of Vienna’s medical faculty certified as its official position that Jewish law required doctors to kill one out of ten of their Christian patients.

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The Black Book of Communism – The Last Conspiracy

-Teloc Vovim