Communism in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and is a landlocked country located within South Asia and Central Asia.

*Noted military campaigns were that of Alexander the Great, Mongols, and the Soviet Russians. I will discuss the occupation of the Soviets. The horrific methods used on the Afghan peoples, the jews have also used and are using now on the Palestinian peoples.

The pre islamic period of Afghanistan has been closely connected by culture and trade with its neighbors to the east, west, and north. Afghanistan is a place that contained much spiritual knowledge, so it has been a big target for the enemy. Just like in the Far East where it held much satanic influence and spiritual knowledge, so they have been repressed and have experienced horrors and suffering on a massive scale. The peoples in the Far East and Afghanistan have payed the ultimate price for their knowledge, almost being snuffed out by jewish communism.

Satanism’s origins in the Far East

Communism in the Far East

Torture of Spiritual Practitioners

The Devil Worshipers of Iraq being slaughtered today

99% of Afghanistan’s population is muslim. Arab Muslims brought Islam to Herat and Zaranj in 642 CE and began spreading it eastward; many revolted against it though. The events known as the islamic conquests, which were in truth organized genocides of the Pagan Gentile Peoples of India, Arabia and so on, came BEFORE the writing of the quran, the invention of “prophet muhammad” and the installment of islam as the official “religion”. The mass genocides were intended to wipe out the Pagan Gentile ruling classes and severely weaken and destabilize the Pagan Gentile world. Islam then served as a tool to further enslave the remaining Gentile populations, remove all Spiritual Knowledge and bring the People fully under jewish abrahamic control.

White Death of Islam [shut down by weebly]

The Quran is full of positive references towards the Jews hidden in between the negative ones. Islam portrays itself as being anti-semitic. However, within the Quran, the book of mass bullshit, there are indeed verses of praise towards the Jews. “Muslims are Jews’ natural allies in Europe” – Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt

Islam by High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

Islam has murdered almost three hundred million people and enslaved millions in its history of literal constant warfare. Its whole history is non stop violence and war with an intense repression of women.

Allah torturing women

In the late 19th century, Afghanistan became a buffer state in the “Great Game” between British India, and the Russian Empire. A buffer state is a country lying between two rival or potentially hostile greater powers. “The Great Game” was the strategic rivalry and conflict between the British Empire and the Russian Empire for supremacy in Central Asia. The classic Great Game period is generally regarded as running approximately from the Russo-Persian Treaty of 1813 to the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907. A less intensive phase followed the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. In the post-Second World War post-colonial period, the term has continued in use to describe the Great Powers and regional powers for geo political power and influence in the area.

Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin by Dietrich Eckart

Bolshevism and Zionism as jewish instruments

Afghanistan and the USSR from 1917 to 1973, Khan Amanullah established diplomatic relations with the government in Moscow allowing the bolsheviks to open five consulates in the Afghanistan. On Feb. 28th, 1921 a treaty was signed as a result the Soviet Union would try and counterbalance the still dominate British influence in the country, and an attempt to spread the “revolution” to other countries under colonial influence. The communists would begin creating influence over Afghan leadership. Many Afghan officers left for training in the USSR. Which we know was mainly run and influenced by jews. Georgy Agabekov who was a member of the Cheka, was in charge of the Afghan operation.

The jewish cheka movie

The word class struggle was replaced with the word Jihad (Holy war). Same tactics just deployed in different parts of the world, their names change but it is always run by jews or funded by jews, perpetrated by jews or by those surrounded by jews.

Soviet diplomats carried out many underground operations, and they also expelled several engineers from the country for so called “espionage.” After 1945 more treaties were made with the Soviet Union, and from 1953 to 1963 the Soviet influence became more and more widespread and they were assigned key positions in the Afghan army and civil service. Resistance fighters started to emerge and were labeled as brigands by Soviet Officials, and they would try and fight against Soviet domination of the region.

Around the same time in 1948 Zionists militants depopulated over 530 Palestinian towns and villages to create what is now Israel. An estimated 750,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes, and many who were unable to flee were massacred. –

The Afghan communist party which for a long time was an underground organization, finally came out in the open. In the 1960’s the communists took part in elections under that of the democratic party of the people of Afghanistan or also know as (DPPA). One founder of the DPPA was Babrak Karmal, who was an informant for the kGB. In 1965 Karmal and two other communists won seats in parliament.

The DPPA was made up of two factions Khalq (The people) and Parcham (The flag) both were orthodox communists and held very closely to soviet policy. Communism is another word for Judaism, all of it’s programs are the same (Christianity, Islam). To bring mass suffering to the Gentile people and to enslave them.

Jew World Order

Khalq – was a faction of the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan. Its historical leaders were Presidents Nur Muhammad Taraki and Hafizullah Amin. Who were communists deploying methods that of Vladimir Lenin (Jew) and Leninism. They were supported by the USSR. Babrak Karmal was the Deputy Secretary General and promoted Marxism (Jewish ideals) There were other groups more oriented towards marxism. The Shola – i – Javaid or (Eternal Flame) was a Maoist group (still jewish ideals, Mao was funded by jews) founded in the early 70’s.

Lenin the jew


Mohammed Daoud was the Prime Minister of Afghanistan from 1953 to 1963, and later declared himself the first President of Afghanistan after he overthrew Mohammed Zahir. Daoud carried out a coup in 1973 with the help of the communist army officers. After the coup constitutional liberties were suspended and the government released a new wave of repression.

The nationalist leader Hashim Maiwandwal along with 40 others, were arrested for conspiracy against the government, 4 of which were executed for Daoud to take power. But the official report said that Maiwandwal committed suicide in prison. (Obvious lie)

Torture and terror became common and the sinister prison Pol-e-Charki was opened in 1974.
It was the largest prison in Afghanistan east of Kabul. Construction of the jail began in the 1970s by order of Mohammed Daoud Khan and was completed during the 1980s. The prison became notorious for torture and executions after the 1978 Saur Revolution as well as during the 10 year Soviet war that followed.

The Pol-e-Charki became a concentration camp. The director of the prison explained “”You’re here to be turned into a heap of rubbish.” Torture was common and included being buried alive in Latrines. Hundreds of prisoners were killed every night. Many of Stalin’s methods were adopted, punishing entire ethnic groups of people suspected of supporting resistance.

Similar acts can be seen in Israel where Palestinian children were arrested by Israeli military and police. Then they were systematically subjected to degrading treatment, and often to acts of torture, they are interrogated in Hebrew, a language they did not understand, and forced to sign confessions in Hebrew in order to be released. –

“We’ll leave only 1 million Afghans alive, that’s all we need to build Socialism.” The whole elite of the country was purged and the communists sought to wipe out all resistance through a reign of terror including, a bombing campaign, which led to the death of about 10,000 people. Again similar acts led by the jews have been done to the Palestinian peoples.

A communist-era mass grave, close to the Poli Charkhi prison, was discovered in December 2006 by the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and is believed to hold some 2,000 bodies. Officials of the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture believe that the massacre took place between 1978 and 1986 when the Moscow-backed communist presidents, Nur Muhammad Taraki, Hafizullah Amin and Babrak Karmal were in power.

Later the USSR overthrew Daoud and assisted in the rise of Muslim extremists. The communist coup in April 1978 and the Soviet intervention destroyed the political equilibrium in the country and undid the process of modernization. Seen also in Spain and other so called people’s democracies. First party members sought high ranking positions, in the industry, the army and civil service. Followed by an actual seizure of power (in Saour [Bull] revolution).

The presidential palace was attacked with tanks and planes, the president and 17 members of his family were killed, then they purged the military which led to the death of about 10,000 people and the imprisonment of 14,000 for political reasons. The Soviet Union were the first to recognize the new government.

KHAD was the Afghan secret service and was under the control of the KGB. They began to practice terror on a large scale, In March 1979 in the village of Kerala 1,700 adults and children, the entire male population were assembled in the town square and machine gunned down at point blank range. The dead and dying were thrown into mass graves and buried with a bulldozer.

The Soviets aided by not by sending food.. or water.. or any other necessities of life but they sent 140 artillery pieces, 90 armoured vehicles, 48,000 guns and rifles, 1,000 grenade launchers, 680 aerial bombs.

Afghanistan by 1979 was deep into civil war…

On December 25th operation Storm 333 was launched and Soviet troops crossed the borders into Afghanistan. KGB attacked the palace after Amin (Because he was making deals with other countries and straying away from the Soviet Union) refused to retire, and was assassinated and replaced with Babrak Karmal.

The first Soviet troops came December 27th 1979 and there were nearly 100,000 on the ground

1. First Soviet troops occupied the country
2. Then there was total war (and civil wars)
3. Then the Soviets retreated

The Najibullah governement fell when military assitance ceased after the Soviet Union’s collapse.

They would eliminate real or imaginary opponents, this would take place in prisons of the AGSA. The AGSA later became the KHAD and then the WAD, the secret police organs were completely dependent on the KGB. They were terrorized by the Soviets and also other Afghan communists controlled by the soviets.

Many people deserted the Afghan army, and so all reserves were called in and children at the of age 15. A true testament to how much you mean when your used for jewish means…The bodies of those who died in the war were rarely ever returned to their families and usually sealed coffins only contained sand.

Many soldiers fell to substance abuse, alcoholism, opium use and heroin use. Some of the drugs were supplied by the KGB. Helping their own soldiers destroy themselves. Profits from drug production were even greater than those in the Southeast Asia Golden Triangle.There are many parallels from the Afghan-Soviet war and the Vietnam war, except the Afghan-Soviet war did not see much world press, and very few pictures of the conflict were ever released.

The Afghan resistance grew to between 60,000 and 200,000 fighters, but any person or village suspected in helping the resistance suffered immediate reprisals. Repression was constant and omnipresent, government by mass terror…Protests of any kind were not tolerated.

80% of the intellectuals fled Afghanistan by mid 1982, and many others fled from war and repression. Refugees who fled Afghanistan were the largest refugee group in the world. Overall more than half the population was forced to move as a consequence of the politics of terror deployed by the Soviet army and Communists parties of Afghanistan.

Terror reigned over all the Afghan peoples. 105 villagers who were hiding in an underground irrigation canal were burned alive by Soviet troops. This mass killing was investigated and had found proof of the incident, but then was denied by the People’s Tribunal saying it would have been impossible for the people to fit in the canal. In the village of Khasham Kala, 100 civilians who had put up no resistance died in the same manner.

Whenever the Soviets entered a village they brought horror with them, they would kill anyone who show showed any sign of fear, and they would steal radios and carpets and tear jewelry off of women. Kerosene was poured over the arm of a boy and set on fire in front of his parents because they wouldn’t hand over any “information.”

• “We never took prisoners of war, not a single one, we just killed the prisoners wherever we found them, if we were on a punitive expedition, we didn’t shot the women and children with bullets. We just locked them in a room and threw in a few grenades.”

Fear and suffering were used to try and put the population into submission to prevent anyone from helping the resistance. Women were thrown naked from helicopters and entire villages were massacred. Various types of gases were used regularly on civilians, this was a direct violation of international conventions. They used tear gas, toxic gas, asphyxiants, napalm and phosphor. They are also reported to have used mycotoxin, a biological weapon. Soviets poisoned water supplies, killing cattle and people, high command ordered the bombings of villages. The Soviets used Afghan soldiers as frontline troops, they also used them for mine clearing, and to test ground before soviet troops.

Villages in Pakistan were bombed if they were suspected of hiding refugees.Mines were dropped into agricultural areas to render the land useless. Mines had maimed at least 700,000 people and are still a threat today.

Soviets began targeting children by dropping booby trapped toys from airplanes. The jews have also deployed this method to Palestinian children. The Israelis dropped booby trapped toys and tainted candy to Palestinian children. As the Palestinians tried to gather up all the things the Israelis had dropped, a PA medical official, with gloves on, was picking up some of the candy and his gloves started to melt off. He then had trouble breathing, felt dizzy, and had a head and stomach ache. –

Afghan children were sent to the soviet union where they were trained as spies sent to infiltrate the resistance. Children were drugged to limit their independence, and older ones were offered prostitutes.

The Soviets were looting and raping women, they were destroying the very foundation of the Afghan society. All monuments in town were damaged or destroyed and they were unable to reconstruct them.

While the Soviets occupied Afghanistan it was transformed into a giant concentration camp. Prison and torture was widespread for anyone who opposed the regime. The KHAD (Afghan secret police) was an immense torture machine, using political terror practiced torture and murder on a grand scale. After martial law was imposed the prisons filled, prisoners in their cells could not stand nor stretch out.

Tortures from the KHAD of the prisoners included electric shock to the genitals or breasts of women, tearing off of fingernails, introduction of wooden items into the anus, pulling out of beards, strangulation to get prisoners to open their mouths, then was urinated in, use of police dogs against prisoners, hanging by the feet for a period of time, the rape of women, with hands and feet tied, different objects inserted into the vagina. Also psychological tortures, mocking executions, raping of a family member in front of a prisoner, the pretense that a prisoner was to be freed.

The KGB took horrors from the Stalinist period and unleashed them unto Afghan territory. The KHAD were controlled by Soviet officers. The repression of students and teachers became more severe, some were taken to the KHAD torture chamber to see the horrors, and were then released to spread fear.

Karmal was replaced with Mohammed Najibullah who was compared to Lavrentiy Beria (jew). He had signed orders for 90,000 executions within 6 years and was personally responsible for torturing countless people.

Civil war became political terror, the economy fell into ruins, taking between 1.5 and 2 million lives. Once on it’s way to modernity now war and violence are its central points in society.

From a Specialist who was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 –

(This shows the devastation the jews have caused, once on their way to becoming modern, all progress has been snuffed out. The jews have left these people in ruin..)

There was no running water, there are no bathrooms, and many soldiers have complained about the putrid smells. Many peoples relieve themselves behind their houses (out in the open). There is no electricity except in some wealthy places, which are used for muslim pray over a loudspeaker. Most roads are wadis or river beds, and there are little dirt paths through mountains. There is much hostility towards their national government. Their ancient ruins were abandoned, and over time they have been destroyed.

While on Patrol near a remote village that hadn’t had contact with outsiders for years. The villagers had asked the Americans if the Russians were gone? and if they would come back. They were fearful the Russians were going to kill them. The Soviet invasion and a series of civil wars devastated much of Afghanistan.

The Peoples of Afghanistan were agile and athletic. Most people lived off their own farms, the people do not rely on the outside world for anything. Again the jews hate farmers, they hate life, everything they promote is artificial. That is why the Third Reich put much emphasis on nature, “Natural.”

See National Socialist Library

The Soviet war in Afghanistan resulted in the deaths of almost 2 million Afghans, mostly civilians. The Soviets withdrew in 1989 but continued to support Afghan President Mohammad Najibullah until 1992. Again the Soviet Union was mainly run and controlled by the jews. The Afghan people have suffered immensely but are made out to be the “bad guys.” The jews have and continue to get away with genocide and torture. If people do nothing to stop them you won’t have to read about communism you’ll be living it..

Pope Francis ignites a revolt that will overthrow American capitalism –

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