Drawings From the Gulag

The following set of extremely brutal images where drawings made by a Gulag camp guard who goes by the name of Danzig Baldaev. Do your research on him to find out his story. He left behind a very detailed and brutal pictorial account of the horrendous and unimaginable suffering countless millions of Gentiles went through during the jewish Soviet era, the biggest slaughterhouse in the history of mankind.

These drawings are from the book “Drawings From the Gulag”. They were originally described in Russian, but the translations are below them. One can clearly notice similarities between torture methods used in the gulags and ones used during the Inquisition. Also, a lot of the torture methods contain the use of human excrement, which the jews are obviously so obsessed with, both in their bible and quran.

A jewish paradise on Earth……

“I am… English, French, American, Japanese, Italian, German and other spy…”

Preparations for freezing to death a thug who had lost his own life in card game.

“Sprinkle ‘im with holy water for a better afterlife. I’ll give him snow so bulls won’t walk into him too soon!”

“Crushing the skull” of “enemy of the nation” who didn’t agree to give away his daily work results to thugs.”


“By administration’s connivance in Stalin’s camps thugs were murdering inmates with electrocuting, stabbing, hanging, decapitating, inserting red-hot crowbar into anus etc. Many of thugs had 10 and more so-called “tups” at their account.”

“After we’ll fuck this scoundrel’s ass through, he’ll be quick to remember how to make sabotage against Soviet regime and party in university with his cybernetics!”

New arrivals who were waiting in so-called “septic” were watered with fire hose from guard tower, while the outdoor temperature was -30…-40 C. After several hours of more waiting, covered with ice, they were finally let inside – when the administration wanted to.

Wolf pits for “enemies of the people”.

“Sending stiff to permanent Arctic Ocean settlement” – drowning of frozen inmate corpses in river ice holes (to avoid grave digging in permafrost).

“Ammonal pits” were dug out in permafrost soil with dynamite, toluene and ammonal explosions in different areas of USSR. Such pits housed up to several hundred corpses.”

Thugs are drowning “enemy of the people” in the barrel with feces “parasha”. This was made by unofficial order of ITL administration (Gulag abbreviation for labor penitentiary camps) to scare other political prisoners.

“UFU was a successor of the ChON (State CheKa Political Command Special Formations), with a purpose of eliminating the prisoners – ill, exhausted, resisting ones etc. and execution of capital punishments. In Northern regions, corpses were drowned in swamps or buried in “ammonal pits”.

Because of overpopulation in special orphanages for “traitors of the motherland family members”, “enemy” children were executed in Tomsk, Mariinsk and Shimanovskaya railroad station, Central Isolation Cell of BAM prison camp. It was considered that after reaching the age of majority, they would become a threat to existing system.