Today the world is under the grip of a new religion: Holocaustanity. This program is designed to assign meanings to their agenda. And holds a powerful spell over the minds of the Gentiles. It’s a powerful propaganda in the aims of the Jewish agenda. Its premise is the foundation for numerous special laws. Making the Jews beyond criticism. And a tool to silence all debate and steam roll anyone who opposes their agenda. To delegitimize all information that exposes them along with those who do. And gives them moral precedent for their capital Jewish state in Israel. And the greater world system they wish to rule from Israel. It’s also a powerful steroid for their Cultural Marxist [PC’s real name] ideology. Which is designed to destroy any healthy, organic psychology or material institution that by its nature. Hinders the Jewish destruction and assimilation of their nation. Into the claw of the Jew World Order.

To understand the truth the Jew has made illegal in many areas to cover up this subject [truth does not fear investigation]. We look at what really was happening and shine the light on this situation.

The International Jew manipulated the Great War into existence, that swept Europe up. The reason for this was to destroy the old order of Europe and manifest the situation for International Communist takeover . And leave them holding the entire West in debt to their banks. This plays into the first part. During the war however, something unexpected happened. In 1915 the German Kaiser realized this war was not the quick push to victory as planned. And extended an offer of Peace to England. To end the war with Germany withdrawing to the pre 1914 boundaries. He stated the war was destroying the best of the young generation of Europe.

As Freedman who was a large player In Internationally Jewry, confessed. The Jews in England then made a deal with the other half of the government they would get their brethren in America. To pull America into the war in return for Palestine as a Jewish state. The Gentile faction wanting to break Germany’s Empire and international economic rivalry. Which was the traditional English policy in dealing with Continental European powers. Agreed.

Wilson the American President who by his own and Freedman’s confession was nothing but a tool of Jewish interested. [He passed the Fed act]. Just after getting elected on a policy of noninterventionism in the war in Europe. Had the American government vote for war with Germany and their allies in Europe.

Jewish Banksters War On America

The whole time this was going on. Jewry was strengthening their Communist movements in Europe. In 1917 the German Jewish elite secretly forged a situation with their connections in Russia. To send a closed armoured train carrying large sums of money for Communist aid and carrying a secret passenger. The Jew, Lenin across the border into Russia. The rest is history.

During this time the Jews within Germany where doing the same they were in Russia. Using the extreme conditions the war had forced on the population. To exploit every theme and issue to generate a powerful Communist movement. They were also spreading defeatist propaganda into the German society which made its way to the front with the new recruits. The Jews made the deal in England simply to keep the war going. They had no intention of wanting Germany to win. With a strong German Empire. Communism would never succeed in Europe. The control of Germany was the key to their victory on the large part of the Continent.

There had been large Jewish manipulated ,Communist style uprisings in the German Empire in the previous century. That had been crushed. The old order had also crushed the Communist revolt of the Paris Commune. They needed them gone to win.

Germany launched their last great offensive of the war in 1918. This was to end the war before America could come in at full force against them. The results were the German forces had won the war. The French where out of action. The only English army between them and Paris had been broken. Then the stab in the back came. The Jews caused a Communist revolt among the workers, populace and Navy. The Jewish, demoralization of the Army and Home front all came together in this. With this Jewish borne betrayal the offensive lost steam and the war was lost. Two million men had just died in four years of war, to be betrayed by the Jews.

The treaty the Internationalist Jew forced on Germany was intended at the great point. To weaken Germany for Jewish take over via their networks of Communism.

The Jews went right to work their Cultural Marxist brigades started to attack very aspect of German culture and the national soul. Filling Germans with self-hate and shame over being a German. Demoralizing them for the final Communist plunge. The Jews tried to pull Germany into full Communism by the violent takeover tactics such as the Spartacus uprising. This was planned to finish off Germany. The way the Jews did Russia. It was their signal for the beginning of the end of a free Germany.

In this the Thule society was the force that countered the Jewish plans and was the only force able to counter them effectively. Here is an example of what was going in German with the Jewish Communists:

“The Marxists realized their revolution would have to accelerate, since they would not win at the polls. In Berlin the Jews Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg had amassed 100,000 supporters, two thousand machine guns and 30 artillery pieces. They invaded Berlin, took over most of the government buildings and declared the Ebery government overthrown by their glorious Communist revolution.

On 10 January, Noske, and 30,000 ex-soldier volunteers swarmed into Berlin.

These were highly disciplined men used to carnage and slaughter on the front. They brutally broke through and decimated the 200,000 defenders, though vastly out-manned and with less equipment. The leaders of the red revolution were shot or bayonetted. The glorious Communist revolution in Berlin did not last a week.”

The Free Corps that successfully defeated Jewish communist [Rotfrontkämpferbund] troops several times in Weimar had all been at the top organized by the Satanists of the Thule Society who saved Germany from the Jewish death grip in the 11th hour literally. You can see the sacred emblems of Thule on the Free

Crops helmets:

“The Free Corps re-took Munich, and were angered that Russian soldiers that they had defeated recently were now armed and active against them yet again. After the city had been taken, the Free Corps marched through the town with swastika emblems on their helmets. Cheering crowds lined the roads to thank their liberators.

The Jews where also destroying Germany with via organized crime networks which where pumping drugs and filth into the cities. And the Jews in general where involved in a thousand scams to steal the wealth and property of the Germans. Rich Jews would sit in the restaurant windows and tease and mock the hungry German people standing outside who had not eaten in days due to the economic situation. A million people died of extreme poverty in this time. Due to the effects of International Jewry on their nation. The Jewish banksters had purposely created the great depression to steal the wealth of the Gentiles and help create the situation to make their Communist revolution gain power by problem, reaction, solution. Everything rotten and harmful in Germany at this point was overflowing at the top with Jews. As Hitler rightfully noted.

It’s the same today in the Western world. The Jews had attacked Germany almost to the death. Germany, the very nation that trusted them and made them a full part of its life in good faith.

Then against all odds something finally changed which put an end to this all out attempted murder on the German people and nation.

“In coming before the public as National Socialists with this conception of the real strength of a Folk, we know that today the whole of public opinion is against us. But this is indeed the deepest meaning of our new doctrine, which as a world view separates us from others.-Adolf Hitler “The Second Book”

Those words were written in 1926 when the Party was fighting for the survival of Germany at a hundred thousand votes:

Three years later the National Socialist Party received two million votes

The next election thirteen million votes

The next election Hitler was the Chancellor of Germany

The Truth had won out.

With the new Hitler government order was first restored. This was done by arresting in mass the criminal elements that had so overflowed Germany partly due to the natural effects of extreme poverty. That vigilante squads where killing criminal elements, in the streets in a desperate attempt to save their communities and protect themselves and their families. What this meant is that hordes of pimps, drug dealers, professional criminals, finical crooks [no different then Jewish, Wall Street,today] and the general people who populate any jail where rounded up and put in the new camps. As the standard jails where already over populated. This was part of the progressive socialist thinking. That by hard work a personal could be reformed into a moral human being and reintegrated back into society.

It’s no mistake a large percent of these individual happened to be Jewish. For such a tiny minority of the population. They made up the bulk of its criminal element in all areas.

The several and more million, Communists in Germany with orders and funding from a major base of International Jewry. Moscow [no mistake Russian’s where found among the Reds in Germany before.] Planned yet another violent uprising against the newly elected government. Which is true to their style. They don’t respect a people’s right to self-determination. The Communist burning of the Reichstag was the signal of this revolt. This caused the German government to have to declare martial law. And arrest the Communist leadership. And put them into the new detention camps. To stop this uprising from happening.

98% of the Communist leadership in Germany was Jewish. With the top spot s all Jewish.

This is what the Hitler government was fighting to prevent from happening to Germany and the rest of Europe:

The Real Holocaust: The Jewish Murder Machine Called The USSR

The Jewish Communist regime in the East by record murdered over 60 million human beings. Many in organized death camps all run by Jews.

No one was put into camps for being Jewish. But the Jews where put into camps on mass for their criminal, Jewish behaviour. Just read the Talmud to understand why. Judaism is an organized crime racket against the Gentile world.

There was a reason the Jewish population in Europe had been traditionally moved into Ghetto’s with high walls around them. Gates that where locked at night and guarded by armed watchmen. With all Jews having to be inside before nightfall. It was to protect the Gentiles from the Jews. The Czar had to move them into the Pale for the same reasons.

The plan was to relocate the Jews to their own region and out of Europe. This was the only “Final Solution.” As honest historians who lost their careers and have been imprisoned for being honest. Have noted time again. Since the Jews had almost annihilated Germany, sending millions of Germans to their graves, in return for Germany trusting them. The government took the best and humane course of action with them. They could have killed them at this point but they didn’t. Freeman admits this all. German was negotiating with the Zionist’s to help relocate them to another area where they would have self-determination and separation. The Jews where not rounded up or put into camps over this. It was a voluntary movement. Many Jews simply wanted to leave as they could no longer make a living off dishonest means.

Then as Freedman states the leaders of world Jewry meet with the representatives of the German state. And ordered them to return all their fellow Jews. Back into the positions of power they had used to almost destroy the nation with. Or face war with the nations the International Jews controlled. The Germans refused. The first act was an economic embargo put on Germany that would leave a third of the German people to starve. The Jews where attempting to break Germany from within to put it back under their control for their final aim. This failed. And the Jews pushed the world into war with Germany.

For the truth of what really happened:

Adolf Hitler: Man of Peace

During the war the German government found that every single subversive organisation in their territory even within Germany. That was attacking their civilians and troops, spying for the Allies [of Judah] and everything in-between to defeat the war effort. And cost Germany the war, just as in the Great War. Where all Jewish and where working with the International Jewish networks behind the Allies governments. In order to deal with this vast Jewish fifth column. Which was literally international. They simply did what America did with the Japanese living in America during the Second War. They put them into internment camps. As a war safety measure.

All that happened was due to the fact Germany was laid to ruin by Allies [of Judah] night and day bombing raids destroying the entire infrastructure of Germany. Millions of Germany civilians where already staving and boiling shoe leather to try and stay and alive. And thousands had been killed in the bombing raids. That where targeting civilizations on Talmudic purposes. The camps where being constantly bombed by the Allies as they were industrial centers. The people who died in the camps simply died for the same reasons hundreds of thousands of Germans did. It was a natural effect of the war and nothing more. As has been proven over and over again even during a court trial. There was no homicidal gas chambers or organized extermination of Jews. Even Jews who were in those camps never mention such. The Red Cross had observers in the camps the whole time and nothing of the such was ever stated. This is what Freedman confessed also.


Spielberg’s Hoax – The Last Days of The Big Lie

The only people being purposely exterminated in camps were the Eastern Europeans in the Jewish operated death camps inside the USSR. And after the war the Allies of Judah’s. P.O.W’s camps. The over 50 thousand surrendered German soldiers, many only 15 years old. On orders for the Jew Eisenhower.

The big reason the Jews created this lie. Was to hide the truth. That the Germans had to put them in camps. To protect themselves from the Jews. Just as many nations had done in their own way from the Pale to the walled and guarded Ghetto’s.

They had to turn Hitler into an icon of evil. Because if you tell the truth about Hitler. You tell the truth about the Jews.

“The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.” -Joseph Goebbels

-High Priest Mageson666