The Jews Where the Ruling Caste of the USSR

In the USSR:

“Despite an official ideology in the which nationalism and ethnic separatism were viewed as reactionary.” This meant the outlawing and execution of any Gentiles even suspected of Nationalism or ethnic loyalties. Remember terms like racism, sexism, xenophobia were created by Jewish social engineers like Freud who stated he was the new Moses, a Jewish messiah come to destroy the Western World for Judah and a major Communist designer after Marx and Hess and where being babbled by Jewish Commissars’ like Trotsky as the intended Jewish, designer pseudo science to vilify and pathologize all natural, organic resistance to the creation of the Jewish International, globalist state under Communism. In which by their decree all nations, races and cultures even the family unit would be abolished and replaced with the New Soviet person.

The Jews running the USSR did the opposite for themselves. One standard for Jews another for everyone else.

As we can witness the Jewish claims of persecution in the USSR are bullshit the Jews lived as a privileged ruling caste.

In the USSR there was a powerful and openly Jewish section of the Communist Party the Evsetsiya….

The Evesktsiya job was:

“The development of a STATE SPONSORED SEPARATIST YIDDISH SUBCULTURE, including Yiddish schools and even Yiddish soviets. Its separatist culture was very aggressively sponsored by the Evsektsiya. Reluctant Jewish parents were forced “by terror” to send their children to these culturally separatist schools rather then schools where the children would not have to relearn their subjects in the Russian language in order to pass entrance examinations. The teams of the prominent and officially honored Soviet Jewish writers in the 1930’s also bespeak the importance of ethnic [Jewish] identity.”

In Poland we see the standard operating producer of the Jews. They work to hide themselves as this alien ruling class from the dominated goyim. And go to great lengths to make this work. Otherwise as in Poland and Hungary when this was determined by the Gentiles they went on openly anti-Jewish revolts against the Communist regimes. This is why the Jewish leaders, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and such Jewishness where hid from the public. Along with numerous others in the leadership positions. This is why they allowed for a lower class of goyim members who where frequently purged by the upper rung Jews to keep them down. A smoke screen to hide behind. They also pulled off some Jewish, anti-Semitic kayfabe here and there to attempt to trick the goyim subjects as to the totally Jewish nature of the rulers with reverse psychology. Some times it worked some times it didn’t. With anti Semitism being the death penalty in the USSR they could always and always did fall back on that club.

Stalin was Jewish along with the whole upper rulers of the Party:
See article Stalin the Jew

Poland offers us an open look into this.

“All main leaders who ran Poland between 1946 and 1956 where Jews, Berman, Bolesaw,Bierut, and Hillary Minc.” Don’t think it stopped their either.

“Schatz’s [991] work on the group of Jewish communists who came to power in Poland after Word War 2 [termed by Schatz “the generation”]

“As in the case of post-World War 2 Hungary Poland became polarized between a predominantly Jewish ruling and administrative class supported by the rest of the Jewish population and by Soviet military power arrayed against the great majority of the native gentile population.”

“The Jewish-dominated communist government actively sought to revive and perpetuate Jewish life in Poland so that, as in the case of the Soviet Union there was no expectation that Judaism would wither away under a communist regime, Jewish activists had an “ethno political vision” in which Jewish life flourished n the postwar period. Yiddish and Hebrew language schools and publications were established, as well s a great variety of cultural and social welfare organizations for Jews. A substantial percentage of the Jewish population was employed in Jewish economic cooperatives.”

“Moreover as was the case with the CPUSA, actual Jewish leadership and involvement in Polish Communism was much greater than surface appearances. ethnic Poles were recruited and promoted to high positions in order to lessen the perception that the KPP was a Jewish movement. Jews who could physically pass as Poles were allowed to join and were encouraged to state they were ethnic Poles and to change their names to Polish sounding names. “Not everyone was approached [to engage in deception], and some were spared such proposals because nothing could be done with them: they just looked too Jewish”.

“Jewish ethnic background was particularly important in recruiting for the internal security service: The generation of Jewish communists realized that their power derived entirely from the Soviet Union and that they would have to resort to coercion in order to control a fundamentally hostile non-communist society.”

The same was done in Russia:

According to a report in The Canadian Jewish News of 13 November 1964 the present Soviet boss Leonid Brezhnev is married to a Jewess, and his children are brought up as Jews. There are a number of prominent Jews in the Soviet government, including Dimitri Dymshits in charge of industry, Lev Shapiro regional secretary of Birobidjan, and Yuri Andropov in charge of the secret police, the KGB. In fact, every secret police chief in Soviet history has been a Jew, from the first Uritsky to the most recent, the murderous Beria. A Jew is also in charge of the Soviet economy – Leonid Kantorovich.

“Although attempts were made to place a Polish face on what was in reality a Jewish-dominated government, such attempts were limited by the lack of trustworthy Poles able to fill positions in the Communist Party, . Jews who had severed formal ties with the Jewish community, or who had changed their names to Polish-sounding names, or who could pass as Poles because of their physical appearance of lack of a Jewish accent were favored in promotions.”

“After the collapse of the communist regime in Poland, “numerous Jews, some of them children and grandchildren of former communist, came “out of the closet” openly adopting a Jewish identity and reinforcing the ide that many Jewish communist were in fact crypto-Jews.”

Hungary same situation:

After World War 2 the government was “completely dominated” by Jews a common perception among the Hungarian people . “The wags of Budapest explained the presence of a lone gentile in the party leadership on the ground that a ‘goy’ was needed to turn on the light on Saturday”. The Hungarian Communist Party, with the backing of the Red Army, tortured, imprisoned and executed opposition political leaders and other dissidents and effectively harnessed Hungary’s economy in the service of the Soviet Union.”

“Jews constituted nearly all of the party’s elite, held the top positions in the security police and dominated managerial positions thought the economy. Not only were Jewish Communist Party functionaries and economic managers economically dominate they also appear to have had fairly unrestricted access to gentile females working under them partly as a result of the poverty to which the the vast majority of the population had descended and partly because of specific government policies designed to undermine traditional sexual mores…. The domination of the Hungarian communist Jewish bureaucracy thus appears to have had overtones of sexual and reproductive domination of gentiles in which Jewish males were able to have disproportionate sexual access to gentile females.”

The Jews used their power to create a real rape culture of the shiksa’s. Just like the Jews run the sex slave trade out of Israel to this day. Right from the Torah.

“As an indication the full gulf between the ruler and ruled in Hungary, a student commented: “Take Hungary: Who was the enemy? For Rakosi [the Jewish leader of the Hungarian Communist Party] and his gang the enemy was us, the Hungarian people. This was the attitude of the Jewish communists, the Moscow group…..They had nothing but contempt for the people.”

“It was not surprising therefore the Hungarian uprising of 1956 included elements of a anti-Semitic pogrom as indicated by anti-Jewish attitudes among the refuges of the period.”

Reference, all quotations are from the book:

“The Culture Of Critique”. Kevin MacDonald

-High Priest Mageson666