Spiritual War The Battle 1919

May the first, 1919 the Jew and Kabbalistic adept, Lenin gave a speech in Moscow declaring May day as a Communist holiday in honor of the success of the Bavarian Soviet Republic which had been established the pervious month in a revolution led by Jews from Russia and run by the murderous Jew, Max Levien who bragged he had murdered thousands of infants by enforced starvation in the Judeo-Communist terror he was imposing on the Bavarian population in which thousands of people were being robbed, raped, beaten and murdered on a daily basis by Communist troops lead by Russian Jewish commissars.

As Lenin was giving his speech gloating over the victory of his Jewish tribe against the German Bavarians and the Talmudic onslaught that was unleashed upon the Gentiles by his tribe. Little did he know at the same time descending upon Munich the capital of Bavaria and the seat of Communist power were long columns of tanks, armoured cars trucks and troops who upon their helmets had the Swastika and double Sigil runes as well as upon their uniforms and tanks. The troops of the Thule combat league and the Free Corps marched against the Communist forces and outnumbered by the Red Army they swept thought Munich in a few days totally destroying the Red Army and forcing Levien to run for his life back to Moscow and fully liberating Bavaria from Jewish Communism. Among the warriors of the Thule combat league was an officer in their ranks, Rudolf Hess.

Within the battle of 1919 the truth is revealed the key to victory and how the enemy has been using Kabbalah which is Jewish racial magic as their occult power to take over with Communism. Levien and his fellow Jews were Kabbalistic adepts and they ran their revolution out of the occult Judeo-Masonic lodges. The Communists in Bavaria chose the occult date of April 30th to perform special political executions upon due to the power of this date. As they were ritual human sacrifices.

The fact is human ritual murder is not theatrical if one studies how this is done its simple. They kill the victim then direct the energy to the target that is all at the most all they use is a small talisman to direct the energy which can be hidden away in the pocket or they can just direct the power with the mind if a high adept. Putting a bunch of people up against the wall and then shooting them the adept can then direct the energy of the victims to the target its that simple.

The Communist terror in Russia was run by the Cheka which was made up of close to 1,4000,000 Jews and lead by Jews. Later the Cheka became the NKVD the NKVD also ran the Gulags and ran Stalin’s terror. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Russian historian who survived the Gulag wrote that 70% of the NKVD camp commandants were Jewish rabbi’s. The Cheka was being run by rabbi’s who were Kabbalistic adepts.

This brings this statement into light:

“The Yevreyskaya Tribuna a Russian Jewish newspaper reported in August 24th, 1922 that Lenin had asked the rabbis if they were satisfied with the particularly cruel executions.”[1]

Why is Lenin consulting with Jewish rabbi’s as to the methods of the Cheka executions?

The methods the Jewish Cheka used to murder the Gentiles with were Jewish ritualistic murders that that were following the stated methods in the Jewish Torah to murder Gentiles, this includes burning Gentiles alive, cutting Gentiles up with saws, axes and such tools and even forcing Gentiles to eat their own flesh as commanded in Isaiah, 49:26. The entire methods the Cheka used all are found within the Jewish Torah. And was being instructed to be carried out as such by the rabbi’s leading their fellow Jews in the Cheka. This is due to the fact these methods connect into the vortex of occult energy of the Torah which is a Jewish grimoire and thus designed to give more power to the Jewish Kabbalistic rituals to manifest the Jewish Communist world government. Some of the victims of the Cheka even had Kabbalistic magical symbols burned into them before being tortured to death by the rabbi’s in political uniforms in their Kabbalistic murder rituals in the Cheka’s cellars. This is also why such insane methods of executing political prisoners were used it was designed to simply torture them to death to generate as much energy for the ritual to then send the power to the target. Its also known the Jews committed ritual murders of Gentile children in the Russian Empire for political power as the Jews admitted in the case of the Gentile child, Andrei Iushchinskii, the rabbi Mendel Beilis and other Jews arrested told the authorities upon questing the ritual murder of Andrei was done as a ritual to bring down the Czar and bring about the Communist revolution.

The Jews used the same methods in Bavaria as well. The mass executions lead by rabbi’s in political uniforms as mass human sacrifices to raise and direct the psychic occult power to manifest their victory. This is why Communism has barley even been actually defeated because its a Jewish occult program. And the adversaries of such are helpless against the level of psychic occult power and knowledge the Jews are using. No matter how much physical advantage the adversaries of Communism have they always just seem to lose because they are spiritually defenceless. Even super powers as America have been defeated by Communist forces.

However in May of 1919 something changed the Communists were totally destroyed this is a rare event and the question is why?

The Jewish leaders in Munich were fanatically sending their special police out to hunt down the members of the Thule Society who were hiding out in Munich conducting major rituals in secret against the Communist regime. Seven of the members who were found were executed right away by the Jews. Why would the Jewish leadership be wasting resources on such an affair if this is all nonsense? Because its not the Kabbalistic leadership of the Jewish regime knew this was dangerous to them.

The Thule combat league should have been destroyed in Munich they were out numbered and attacking fortified defensive positions manned by combat veterans of the first war who were Communist fanatics. Yet the Thule combat league had almost no casualties despite doing the most fighting and throwing themselves into battle against machine guns and bombs in a manner that won the respect of the population for the intense level of bravery they fought with. This defies all convention in its results.

The soldiers of Thule were spiritual adepts and initiates this is why they wore the Swastika upon their helmets and uniforms its a runic sigil of protection its a spiritually charged Aryan symbol of psychic protection. Its a symbol to protect them in battle them against the racial magic of the Jews and they also wore the victory runes to give them protection and victory in battle against the Jewish Communists. The ancient Europeans adepts put runic sigils on their weapons, shields and armour for protection and victory in battle. These symbols generate psychic energy that merges with the individual energy field of those wearing them and enhance such for the purpose of the sigil. The Thule soldiers also would have performed rituals before going into battle. And given they were spiritually empowered from their practises this would have enhanced the power of their rituals and the psychic energy of their souls and the sigils they wore. And why they took almost no causalities as bullets that should have hit the target missed them by a mile and their enemies strong and experienced combat veterans fled before them in battle and psychically broke down. Rudolf Hess himself a spiritual adept only took minor wounds to personally charge a machine gun position and destroy it single handily as a one man army.

The rituals the Thule Society were doing connected with the para-military wing of the Thule Society and connected in general with the mass mind and worked to bring down the entire Communist regime. It was only an army of Pagan, Gentile spiritual adepts that brought down the racial magic of the Jews and their evil regime of terror.

Under The Sign Of The Scorpion, Juri Lina [1]
Walpurgis Night, Thomas Sheridan

-High Priest Mageson666