Potsdam, Jewish Communist World Dictatorship


The Potsdam Conference was held at Cecilienhof, the home of Crown Prince Wilhelm Hohenzollern, in Potsdam, occupied Germany, from 17 July to 2 August 1945. (In some older documents it is also referred to as the Berlin Conference of the Three Heads of Government of the USSR, USA and UK[2][3]) Participants were the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States. The three powers were represented by Communist Party General Secretary Joseph Stalin, Prime Ministers Winston Churchill,[4] and, later, Clement Attlee,[5] and President Harry S. Truman.

Stalin, Churchill, and Truman—as well as Attlee, who participated alongside Churchill while awaiting the outcome of the 1945 general election, and then replaced Churchill as Prime Minister after the Labour Party’s defeat of the Conservatives—gathered to decide how to administer punishment to the defeated Nazi Germany, which had agreed to unconditional surrender nine weeks earlier, on 8 May (V-E Day). The goals of the conference also included the establishment of post-war order, peace treaty issues, and countering the effects of the war.

The part below is taken from: Under The Sign Of The Scorpion The Rise And Fall Of The Soviet Empire. Reveals Internationally Jewry planned to take China down into Communism at the Potsdam Conference. This book is good at showing the Free Mason society was key to Communist revolution. But comes up short and incorrect conclusions on Hitler. Hitler himself banned the Masonic Societies. Ultimately the Free Masonic Societies are controlled by Globalist Jewish Dynasties such as the Rothschild’s. The proof of the fact its a Jewish agenda is obvious when Jewish Communism took over the Russian Empire. The Non-Jewish, Free Masons where liquated and the Lodges closed. The Jewish Banking Elites took the Masonic Society over with their Illuminati front in the late 18th century. And replaced the original Masonic doctrine with Jewish Communism and the spiritual system with the Jewish Kabala and Jewish Christian esoteric systems. That put one under their control and harnessed their ritual to further Jewish agenda of a World Communist Dictatorship

Communism And Masonry: Two Fronts Of The Jew World Order

Christian Rakovsky. Born Chaim Rakeover [Jewish name] in 1873. Was a high ranking Communist:
“A lifelong collaborator of Leon Trotsky [ my note Trotsky was a Jew who worked for the Jewish Rockefeller’s], he was a prominent activist of the Second International, involved in politics with the Bulgarian Social Democratic Union, Romanian Social Democratic Party, and the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. Rakovsky was expelled at different times from various countries as a result of his activities, and, during World War I, became a founding member of the Revolutionary Balkan Social Democratic Labor Federation while helping to organize the Zimmerwald Conference. Imprisoned by Romanian authorities, he made his way to Russia, where he joined the Bolshevik Party after the October Revolution, and, as head of the Rumcherod, unsuccessfully attempted to generate a communist revolution in the Kingdom of Romania. Subsequently, he was a founding member of the Comintern, served as head of government in the Ukrainian SSR, and took part in negotiations at the Genoa Conference.”

Openly stated the relationship between Jews, Communism and how Free Mason’s are nothing but a movement to advance World Jewish Government under the final step of Communism. His record of this event was kept in the writings called. Red Symphony, by Dr. J. Landowsky; translated by George Knupffer.

His statements are such:

“The real aim is to create all the required prerequisites for the triumph of the Communist revolution; this is the obvious aim of Freemasonry; it is clear that all this is done under various pretexts; but they always conceal themselves behind their well known treble slogan [Liberty, Equality, Fraternity]. You understand?” –
The real secret of Masonry is the suicide of Freemasonry as an organization, and the physical suicide of every important Mason.”

“Masons should recall the lesson of the French Revolution. Although “they played a colossal revolutionary role; it consumed the majority of Masons…” Since the revolution requires the extermination of the bourgeoisie as a class, [so all wealth will be held by the Illuminati in the guise of the State] it follows that Freemasons must be liquidated. When this secret is revealed, Rakovsky imagines “the expression of stupidity on the face of some Freemason when he realizes that he must die at the hands of the revolutionaries. How he screams and wants that one should value his services to the revolution! It is a sight at which one can die…but of laughter!” Rakovsky refers to Freemasonry as a hoax: “a madhouse but at liberty.”

“ In Russia in 1929, every Mason who was not Jewish was killed along with his family, according to Alexey Jefimow (“Who are the Rulers of Russia?” p.77) –

On to Potsdam. As well known, President Roosevelt was Jewish and his administration was staffed with Jews from top to bottom. Roosevelt was also a Communist who’s New Deal farce was the first political implementation of Jewish Communist Policy into America. And put near total control of America fully into Jewish hands.

Twenty years after the ‘New Deal’ the Jews control:

98% of the financial markets 99% of the banking industry 69% of the food industry 100% of the theater and movie industry 99% of the press 82% of the radio, telephone, and telegraph industries 75% of the transportation industries 85% of real estate.

“President Roosevelt’s administration overflowed with Jews – so many that his famous ‘New Deal’ socioeconomic program was often referred to as the ‘Jew Deal.’ Indeed, it was a Jew — FDR staffer Samuel Rosenman — that coined the term ‘New Deal.’ The Jews who aided Roosevelt’s administration included Bernard Baruch, Felix Frankfurter, David Niles, Louis Brandeis, Henry Morgenthau Jr., Rabbi Stephen Wise and Sidney Hillman.”

“The Jew Bernhard Mannes Baruch was the most influential man in the USA during the World War. He had dictatorial power over the whole war economy and its approximately 40 varied industrial branches. Even today he has a leading role in Roosevelt’s inner circle. Felix Frankfurter is a member of the Supreme Court, Henry Morgenthau Jr. is Secretary of the Treasury, Herman Lehmann is Governor of the State of New York, La Guardia leads the Jewish metropolis New York. Numerous Jews have leading positions in the American labor movement. One need mention only the Jews Volman, Sidney Hillmann, Schloßberg and Matthew Woll. Wherever one looks he sees nothing but Jews and genuine Hebrews! The words of the Russian-born Jew Baruch Chareny Vladek describe precisely the position of the Jews in America: “We are numerically in the minority, but our fingers tip the scales.”

Roosevelt’s wife Eleanor was a member of many Communist societies in Washington. Only dwarfed in this regards by Willard Eisenhower who was even more of an activate Communist then here. And was also Jewish himself like his brother Dwight Eisenhower who was appointed to his place in in the Allied Command due to this his military record was horrid he was an incompetent commander. He also purposely murdered a million German POW’s many just 15 year old kids, by starving them to death after the war in prison camps. Eisenhower’s father was Jewish and their mother a was a Black women and strong Communist. Stalin was also Jewish and as known the Soviet Union was run by the International Jews from the top down. The Jewish Rockefeller’s spent millions of dollar’s in propaganda glamourizing the Soviet Union to America in the 1930’s and trying to ship American industry to their Communist citadel. Later under Nixon they would do this with China. England is also under the control of the Jewish World Order via the Rothschild’s and many other Jewish families. Churchill, the Jew puppet and who’s mother was a Jewess as even reported by the Jerusalem Post, and from 1936 was being funded by a group of mainly Jewish bankers, former politicians and industrialists called “The Focus Group” and was given a huge amount of money by the Jewish Chairman of the Shell company. Researcher, Christopher Jon Bjerknes found that Truman himself was also Jewish. Not a surprise.

Note Jewish Eisenhower is the one who put: “In God We Trust.” The [Jewish God thus race] on the American money.

The truth about how the Jew World Order ganged up and attacked Germany from America, Britain and the USSR.

Adolf Hitler: Man Of Peace

For a in-depth look at how the Jews own and created Communist China go here:

Jews created Communist China

From the book mentioned:

The United States Also Helped the Chinese Communists Gain Power. The stablishment of Communism in China was also supported by the Americans through Moscow or sometimes even directly. As early as in the 1920s, highly placed Jewish functionaries were visiting China to introduce Communism into certain areas. Among those “advisers” were Adolf Yoffe, Michael Borodin (real name: Jakob Grusenberg, founder of the Communist Party in Mexico in 1919), Bela Kun, Enrique Fischer (actually Heinz Neumann) and Vasili Bluecher (Galen-Chesin), who became responsible for gruesome atrocities against the Chinese people. Another Soviet Jew, Anatoli Gekker, who had been the veiled power behind the puppet Communist leaders Damdin Sukhkhe-Bator (1893-1923) and Khorlogin Choibalsan (1895-1952) in Mongolia in 1922, became political commissar for the Communist regions of China in 1924. Communism was introduced into Mongolia in 1921. Two Jews from Russia, V. Levichev and Yan Gamarnik, led the Chinese Red Army. An English Jew named Billmeier saw to it that the Chinese Reds were armed with Soviet weapons.

The Chinese Marxist Sun Yatsen (Sun Yixian) was an eminent freemason. Even Chiang Kaishek (Jiang Jieshi) co-operated with the Communists in the beginning. He was a 33rd degree freemason (of the Scottish rite) who later broke away from the Communists and became the leader of bourgeois China.

The United States demanded of the Japanese to stop fighting the Chinese Communists between 1937 and 1945. The American government betrayed Chiang Kaishek’s anti-Communist front in the autumn of 1948. General George C. Marshall (1880-1959), then secretary of state, demanded that Chiang Kaishek allow the Communists into his government. Marshall had been President Truman’s special envoy in China from 1945 to 1947. He asserted that the Communists were good people but Chiang Kaishek refused to comply. This refusal was all the Americans needed and Chiang Kaishek was left without help. Instead, the support for Mao Zedong increased (the aid to the Chinese Communists went via Moscow). On the 31st of January 1949, Communists in American tanks rolled into Beijing and on the 31st of October, the People’s Republic of China was officially proclaimed. The civil war ended after having claimed 20 million lives. In the following year the United States claimed that Mao Zedong had distanced himself from dictatorship and sought to introduce democracy. Of course this was a lie, but they needed to show a good picture of the Chinese Communists.

This was planned as early as the Potsdam Conference in the summer of 1945, according to Gary Allen. Understandably, USA wished to conceal its role in this process. This was confirmed by the representative of the State Department, Owen Lattimore: “The problem was how to allow them [China] to fall without making it look as if the United States had pushed them.”

China is now an environmental disaster area. The most infamous area of industrial pollution in Russia and Eastern Europe seem like nature reserves by comparison. There are towns like Benxi (perhaps the world’s dirtiest town) where 25-year-old Chinese die of cancer. (Dagens Nyhetcr, 9th of January 1994.)

Mao Zedong had several Jewish advisers behind him. One of these was the British Jew Sidney Rittenberg who worked for Mao from 1946 to 1976. They were called “voluntary advisers”. Thanks to such advice, Mao murdered 46 000 well-educated people in his campaign against intellectuals in 1957. The number of such victims was later to rise. 43 million people died of starvation during a three year period in connection with the “Great Leap Forward”. Another two million were murdered. The agricultural “reforms” had earlier killed 1.5 million landowners. During the cultural revolution, the Red Guards persecuted 100 million people, approximately half of which are believed to have died. It is known that at least 400 000 were murdered. No one knows the exact figures – the real figures may well be twice as high. 90 000 people were reported to have been massacred in Guangxi alone, according to incomplete statistics. (Dagens Nyheter, 17th of August)

Zheng Yi, a Beijing Red Guard, related the following in an interview for a BBC documentary about Mao Zedong in 1993: “In the beginning people murdered one another because of their political convictions. Then they began to eat people. Just killing them wasn’t enough. Only by eating the flesh of their enemies could they show their class-consciousness. You would torture someone first, then cut up their stomach while they were still alive. Like at the slaughter of a pig, you would cut out the heart and liver, chop them up and eat them.”

Zheng Yi later became a dissident and succeeded in photographing some secret documents concerning Communist crimes in China. At least 137 people and probably hundreds more were eaten, according to secret documents about cannibalism among the Red Guards in the Guangxi province at the end of the 1980s. (Dagens Nyheter, 8th January 1993.) Approximately 30 million people are assumed to have been killed during the first ten years up to 1959. The bloody terror began in Beijing on the 24th of March 1951 and spread to other major cities. In 1960 alone, morc people were killed in China than during the entire Sino-Japanese War. Professor Richard L. Walker at the University of South Carolina estimated the casualties of Chinese Communism up to 1971 to be 62.5 million at the least. In July 1994, after the release of new, shocking documents, Chen Yizi at Princeton University told the Washington Post that the total number of Chinese killed during the Communist terror was at least 80 million. (Dagens Nyheter, 19th of July 1994, A 9.) It came to light later that the number of victims to Communism in China was 140 million. (Hufvudstadsbladet, Helsinki, 23 December 1997.) The United States of America is also responsible for those lives.

The wealthy Jewish banker and Illuminatus, David Rockefeller, described Chairman Mao’s terror regime as “one of the most important and successful in human history”. He believed that it had succeeded in fostering high moral and common purpose in China. (The New York Times, 10th of August, 1973, Gary Allen, “The Rockefeller File”.) After the massacre in Tienanmen Square in 1989, when Washington imposed official sanctions against Beijing, American companies continued to sell their products in China as if nothing had happened. The sanctions were not observed; they were just a play to the gallery. (Dagens Nyheter, 13th of December 1989.) Israel has also given China military and economic aid.

-High Priest Mageson666