Joseph Stalin: The rider of the 20th century Jewish Beast – Part 1

A brief Look on this Jew’s early life criminali-ty and criminal personality.

Mass murderer, liar, thief, criminal, slave master, swindler, forger, mentally insane, brutal, etc. All these words are too few to explain what ‘Joseph Stalin’ really was. In history class you would have certainly heard about “Hitler”. We have proved and proved again how Hitler was not only a man of peace, but also that the so called hol-ocaust never happened. In order to understand why Hitler has been blamed with all he has, you have to look at the opposite direction, at Joseph “Jughasvili” [In Geor-gian: son of a jew] Stalin to really understand the reverse psychology and blame they throw at Hitler, to cover up the crimes of the red beast.

The jews as they always do, like what they blame on Satan, being themselves exactly what they say others are in a negative light, project this in history and so on so forth, in all fronties and areas of existence. The point of this Sermon series is to show step by step this horrendous personality, which plagued the earth with its existence and caused over 40 million deaths worldwide, many of which you have never been told about. They project all they do to the other side, as always, to cover up their own atrocity.

All most people know about this kike monster is that it was a Dictator of the USSR. Upon further research, much more information can show up, directing one to the na-ture of this vile individual.

From reports and historical facts, we know this jew was not only overly sickly (had a deformed hand shorter than the other and malformed, was exceptionally short, had marks on his face from diseases, let alone his ugly look and stare [which is a reason why it had its photos retouched], the second and third toes were webbed on its left foot and so forth) but through lies as all jews do, tried to hide the sources of all the evidence that he was a jew. For instance, for his deformed hand, he mentioned many stories, one of which included how he was struck by a horse drawn carriage, or that he had an accident. He tried to hide the source of his deformities which were from his jewish genetics. He later changed his name from “Joseph Yugashvilli Stalin” to “Jo-seph Stalin”. Also, he always did run under many different surnames and fake names, by the time he was fighting his way up to the top of the jewish communist party.

Not only these though were the lies of this jew. Like any other pathologically lying jew, Stalin even lied about his birthday. Wanting to hide all information about his jew-ish heritage and bloodline, he invented all sorts of lies and tried to erase all infor-mation in regards to himself. In all his life, he did run under fake names and aliases. The so called ‘Atheism’ [Which is nothing but the end result of Christianity] and Jew-ish Communism, knew all along the importance of birthdays. For that reason Joseph Stalin forged his birthday many, many times, as to hide his astrological chart for one and generally his backround information. By doing this, all he said would be true as there would be no conflicting information.

Stalin himself had said and proclaimed his own birthdate being 18th of December. However after his coming to power, he changed this to December 21st [typically to tie in himself with the energetically pow-erful energies and points of the month and date. Though it was finally found by his birth certificate, that he was born on December the 6th. This shows the jewish disre-spect and hatred over the Gentile God, Satan, of whom they tried to steal the date. December 23th is the holy day of Satan and this kike tried to put its birthday [Day of glorification, as thus the day he received positive energy from attention] close to that date to exploit its power.

The reason “Jughasvilli” changed his name was evidently, as to protect himself from occult attacks as many require the use of the name of an individual. By hiding behind aliases, he tried to secure himself from this. Those with deep knowledge of the occult know the USSR was filled top to bottom with all this knowledge as to secure, protect and further the ‘legacy’ of the jewish red beast. The jews were actively involved in the occult, while the populace was pressed down in an atheistic belief system of death, leaving them powerless. With the monopoly of the guns, the spiritual powers and the state powers, Stalin and his devout followers slowly rose to the top where they tor-tured and destroyed anyone as they saw fit.

Also, he was mentally perverted, socio-phobic and psychotic as a large portion of the jewish race.

Reports say he was hooked on drugs, shoot pornography, slept with a different woman each night and so forth [although he was married 3 times and all his 3 wives were jewish], using brutally his power to please its own self. He was also problematic in many other departments of the mind, such as he wanted severely atten-tion on himself, to feel like someone, to be respected- but all these on the negative and criminal point. The so called ‘clapping experiment’ in which people had to clap and clap after the speeches of this kike, whomever stopped clapping first was instant-ly killed. The clapping went on for hours as people did not want to lose their lives. Eventually someone stopped and then…

They would die. Many times more were killed and not only the person that stopped. Gentile life meant nothing to this kike dictator.

Stalin was also, studying to become a priest, at Orthodox seminary of Tiflis. Which blatantly shows how he was tentative to get into the Christian/church jewish structure, as he knew there was much power within. Meanwhile, he was a devout Marxist and avid follower of these left winged, jewish philosophies. All it did was help its genetic relatives. Though, he left and never completed his university/college and went off to do more important things, such as gangsterism, terrorizing and so forth. As an early member of the pre-communist party [Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party], he had to follow the party flow to get upwards in the ranks.

He did not use his real name and avoided it as much as he could, using a surname and many others, namely “Koba”. The upping in the ranks happened through roberries, assaults, assassinations, murders of distinctive Russian commanders, figures and so forth. Using as an excuse for the deformed arm [passing it down as an accident] this cowardly jew never served in the military for the WW1 [While Hitler had one of his most difficult times at the same age, getting almost blinded, fighting in frontlines, numerous injuries etc] and took the coward way out. Nevertheless, this jewish ‘gangster’ pretended he was some sort of overly powerful and many, deserving of respect individual- only from a later on posi-tion of power.

But how he gained his power and positions? This can be easily explained.

At 1902, he worked on a Rothschild owned factory, in whom I presume he made his connections. As its know, the Rothschilds and other jews funder the so called “Rus-sian Revolution” to quadriple their winnings and fill their pockets once their jewish friends like Stalin had the wheel of the country. In Russia after the revolution, being a jew was by hundreds of times a title of ‘Honor’ with all the entitlements over the na-tive Russian populations. “Equality” at its best. After all, didn’t the jews promise equality? 40 million Russians died, yet you see no reports of anything bad for jews. They had made their safe haven in the Russian beast, ready to further their advances to other countries.

First of all, Stalin had a strong inner rivalry with Lenin [all along]. Lenin, exploiting the disasters hitting Russia after its loss on the war, promise people castles in the skies. Stalin, from his early age crimes was put in exile, and then, got his false papers, he travelled back to Tiflis and joined the Bolsheviks under Lenin. Even though his views in the beginning were very different from Lenin, who was also a jew, he hid these beliefs but these were the reason Stalin later had Lenin assassinated. Though, he was threatened that he would exit the party once an ideological pamphlet he had wrote was found out, named “Credo”. When it was found out, Stalin killed by shoot-ing all those who had read this paper he had published. Typically jewish cunning be-havior, he was once back in alignment with the jew Lenin. Anyway, back to Stalin joining the Bolsheviks. When Stalin entered the Bolsheviks, he had to somehow climb the ladder.

In the midst of chaos in Russia of 1905 (people fighting on the streets and so forth, Russia after WW1 was a total wreck) he had an army of Bolsheviks, who were armed and with whom he started doing roberries [worsening far more the country situation after war and also, spreading that the war was worthless- Stalin was sent in exile over 7 times for his crimes, escaped 6, caught in the 7th and then got a bail-out- such a ‘pa-triot’], stole equipment for printing and many other things as to gain physical power. This had to happen in a series of kidnappings, robberies, murders, propaganda and so forth. In order to counter the Mensheviks (the “enemy” party of the Bolsheviks, false opposition, two sides against the middle jewish game) all sorts of rallies, crimes and armed parades happened. Through a series of black propaganda, smear campaigns and other games of cunning, the party of the Bolsheviks slowly gained ground over the Mensheviks.

The robberies and filthy actions continued, until he made such a big fortune that made his expelling from the Bolshevik party impossible. In a rushing manner, escaping arrest and captivity over and over, he became a crime overlord, who has built his fortune and association over murder, oppression, blackmailing, behind the scenes criminal activity and more of it. Many of his close associates whom he later appointed in the USSR central political force were jewish perverts and mass murder-ers like him. The main way the Leninist/Bolshevik party raised money was due to robberies, as they did nothing else. Stalin himself did not work or had jobs that re-quired no work. He just drifted off life, living from money either from ‘friends’ and party members. He never even had to work to live itself. Mainly, the Gentile populace and ordinary citizens payed the price of the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks [Both jewish run and operated frontiers, sides of the same coin].

One of his infamous crimes in association with Lenin, was the 1907 Tiflis robbery. Stalin with his robbing gang, ambushed a convoy in Yerevan, they stole the money which was equal to 3.4 millions in dollar terms, killing 40 people with gun and bombs, leaving 50 injured, including cops and others. Meanwhile nobody from his own gang died. He gave this money to Lenin and Lenin was escorted aswell, never to be caught or judged for the crime. Two days later, he escorted itself and its family to the town of Baku. As we see he had zero respect of human life. His criminal life start-ed early on, very early on, in his teenage years.


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-End of Part 1

The Jew, Putin is now working to reinstate the name of Stalingrad back to the Russian city of Volgograd. To openly honor Stalin. He has also reissued Stalin era medals.

Putin’s regimes, key intellectual and philosopher is this Communist creep, Dugin. Who believes that STALINIST North Korea is the ideal society. And praises the Kim’s.

Its worth noting what Dugin openly admits in a interview he did back in 2012:

This fits well with the Orthodox critique of Western Christianity. It is easy to see that the secularization of Western Christianity gives us liberalism. The secularization of the Orthodox religion gives us Communism……

Now its no mistake why the Jewish Putin’s regime pushes both Stalinism and Orthodox Christianity. Two sides of the same Jewish coin.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666