The Libertarian movement to legalize the drug culture is insidious no doubt. The Libertarian “thinkers” where all jews who were working for the Austrian School of economics which is a front of the international Jewish banking dynasties, like Rothschild. Libertarianism doctrines are a syntheses of Awerkian, liberal capitalism and jewish Marxism. Hence its doctrines are openly designed to ruin America totally and dissolve it into a globalist monetary serfdom run by Rothschild and his jew Boas sometimes this is called Marxism, Marx was part of the Rothschild family and Rothschild created Communism for just that. Just read Atlas Shrugged by Rosenbaum [Rand’s real name, oy veh!] it ends with just that, the end of America and the free world under the iron kosher heel. That was her opus. Of course she then did a total turn around on her yap crap doctrines. When it came to the jewish state of Israel. Because jewish Libertarianism, its made for poisoning the goyim psyche only. Rothbard was a huge apologist for Marxism as well. Wonder why….

Some of the Libertarians have stated legalization of potardism is just the first step to push for legalization of harder drugs you know those drugs that have ruined the fabric of society badly. And seem to mainly come from this place called Tel Aviv to everywhere else. And goes hand in hand with the degenerate drug culture the jews have been creating in the Media and society since the 60’s. To simply ruin the host society as much as possible.

Rothschild, Sassoon and the Solomon’s were the owners and operators of the Opium drug trade into China where no doubt the Asian jews ran most of the Opium dens and street supply. This was to destabilize and ruin the Chinese population as much as possible for Communist take over. When the Chinese revolted the British Royal Navy was sent into to deal with them to keep the drug trade going as Rothschild owns England. The same Jewish interest that brought you Libertarianism.

A little tricknology the Libertarians play is pushing for commodity based currency and also bashing Fiat currency. Smart leaders understand Fiat currency is the only solution for a advancing and abundant, FREE society. The American Founders created a FIAT BASED system for this reason. Remember that guy named Hitler who did the same for Germany and made it the most richest nation for all the German People in 9 months. After kicking the jews and their banker-Marxist schemes out too. Which led to the German People not having to worry about literally starving to death anyone. Commodity currency creates a constant scarcity that allows big Jew banks to rule…..Guess whole vaults all the precious metals are in, theirs. Oh and don’t think your getting away with your pocket of “precious” metal when they ruin the Fiat system as take over. during the engineered depression of 29 by the jew bankers. People where forced to turn in their gold or be put in jail even for up to life. The jews are coming for your Precious like Golem for the Golden ring. And don’t worry the jews want a global electronic currency in the end with you being micro chipped all run by the Jewish IMF a Rothschild front. Where all must bow down to the International Jew cabal. Rosenbaum’s dream come jew.

Micro chipped is newspeak for being Micro jewed.

The Jewish Forced March To The Microchip

The Libertarian’s doctrines tries to steer people away from recognizing the problem is the JEWISH bankers who have the government in a headlock and have hijacked the Fiat system to ruin it and the nation to push it into a Marxism take over [Rothschild and the Elders of Zion cashing you all in] nope just dismantle your governments and thus protections and let International Jewish bankers and Corporations dissolve your Freedoms out. Enjoy. Cause you see all the freedoms those people in the Rothschild run Soviet Union and Communist China really enjoyed. That’s life where the jews have total control.

If people understand the Jews are the problem and break up the j Banker monopoly and kick the Jews out for the 110th time in history because everyone else but the jews are the problem…Then the jews would lose the needed monetary control of America that facilitates their political and media, social controls. Which is needed to march us all to total Communism which is just the Elders of Zion adjusting the goal posts of society to give them total control. Oh yeah and some stuff about Freedom don’t forget. Cause the jews love to sing that word as they march you into your slavery.

Because to the jew freedom is slavery, get it now Goy.

-High Priest Mageson666

Answer on Molyneux and related.

Libertarianism, Molyneux And Old School Jewing

National Socialism is your answer. The Libootardism of jews like Molyneux is simply a Hebrew scam on the Goyim. All the liebertarians were jews who worked for the Chicago and Austrian economic schools which are think tanks for the global jewish banking dynasties. Friedman also worked for the San Francisco branch of the jewish Federal reverse. Rothbard was an apologist for Marx. Rand who is Moelyneux’s much mentioned heroine was a jew who’s proper surname was Rosenbaum. She also was working for the jewish bankers via the Trust.

Rand’s perfect world in her opus, Atlas Shrugged is the world ending with a one world government of international banks and multinational corporations in a new world of deracinated, cultureless, cosmopolitan consumers [Goyim] who live to toil in the factories, farms, and economy owned by the jews. Its actually Communism. Of course Rand did an about face on her nonsense when it came to defending…………Israel.

Rand’s promotion of the destruction of race, nation, culture is based on the jewish lie of pure individualism were the Communist lie for the same is based on pure collectivism. It ends the same way as its intended. The dissolution of all Goyim societies with the jews taking up total control by total ownership. Communism is state capitalism in a global state. Which is what the reality of Rand’s ideal is as well.

Anarchism, liberalism, Communism all came out of the jewish movement of their French revolution. The uniform of the French revolution and the slogans were that of the Rabbi Weishaupt’s Illuminati, Hebrew Weishaupt who worked for the same banking jews the fellow Rabbinical Rothschild’s, who in their own writings call themselves the “King of the Jews”. Are the same jews who paid the creators of Libootardism and are attempts to achieve the above. Promote dissolution of the Goyim host and a system that allows for the jews to walk in and take over.

Molyneux is an admitted jew, his mother was jewish. He will do some tell some facts in some places but then rush to defend his own tribe and shift the blame onto straw men while bragging about how supreme jews are. Thus keeping people from the truth about the jewish problem and White Genocide. He likes to blame the victims of jewish propaganda the Whites themselves, because he is a jew. He is also obsessed with his jewy defooing concept that ruins families and then check out how he lied without missing a beat to Joe Rogan on his show. Typical jew, look a guy right in the face and lie with ease. He also pushes the jewish ideology of xianity intensely and Libjewtarianism. He is gate keeping and promoting the jew agenda. If you refuse to name the jew, then the jews win.

Molyneux is what is called “A limited hangout”. Otherwise called a jew being a jew.

-High Priest Mageson666