Liberalism is Christianity without the Christ

William Gayley Simpson’s Which Way Western Man?

Revilo Oliver

[My note “liberalism” as mentioned is secular [unconscious] xianity, this doctrine was phased [jewed]in during the enlightenment period to keep this program going as Europe was breaking free of xianity on many levels. This doctrine is what the jews centered their illuminati doctrine around which was later repackaged into an economic modality to appeal to the resentments of the industrial era and called “Communism” and later repackaged as cultural marxism but always the same old program at the core. Just listen to a liberal yak its the same values as the cultural marxist [or xian] without the giga long political lingoism. We are seeing the morphing of xianity into pure Secular xianity. Communism always pushes on a liberal appeal because the core of Communism is literally the doctrine of liberalism [secular xianity] framed into a economic model. The police state and slaughter comes once the jews have centralized power and then the later stage of their formula they drop the mask, wipe out the Gentile usefool idiots and idealists who have served their purpose and before they can become jaded and turn on the hand that lead them [and the jews don’t share power]. Leaving only the jews at the top and the Goyium slaves at the bottom the way it was always planned behind the door. Communism/liberalism is unconscious xianity and can only work where xianity has planted the seed. Final proof is America had a full on cultural marxist revolution in the sixties under xian-liberal rhetoric, American flag in one hand the bible in the other:

The Jewish Communizing of America -High Priest Mageson666]


The other apostates I have mentioned, and many that are now forgotten, together with almost all of the anti-Christians of recent centuries, exemplify the operation of what may be called the law of cultural residues. In all civilized societies, when a long-established and generally accepted belief is found to be incredible, good minds abandon it, but they commonly retain derivative beliefs that were originally deduced from the creed they have rejected and logically must depend on it. Thus it happened that modern enemies of Christianity rejected the mythology, but uncritically retained faith in the social and ethical superstitions derived from it — a faith which they oddly call rational but hold with a religious fervor.

They laugh at the silly story about Adam and his spare rib, but they continue to believe in a “human race” descended from a single pair of ancestors and hence in a “brotherhood of man.” They speak of “all mankind,” giving to the term an unctuous and mystic meaning with which they do not invest corresponding terms, such as “all marsupials” or “all ungulates.” They prate about the “rights of man,” although a moment’s thought should suffice to show that, in the absence of a decree from a supernatural monarch, there can be no rights other than those which the citizens of a stable and homogeneous society have, by covenant or established custom, bestowed on themselves; and that while the citizens may show kindness to aliens, slaves, and dogs, such beings obviously can have no rights.

They do not believe that one-third of a god became incarnate in the most squalid region on earth to associate with illiterate peasants, harangue the rabble of a barbarian race, and magically exalt the ignorant and uncouth to “make folly of the wisdom of this world,” so that “the last shall be first” — that they do not believe, but they cling to the morbid hatred of superiority that makes Christians dote on whatever is lowly, inferior, irrational, debased, deformed, and degenerate.

They gabble about the “sanctity of human life” — especially the vilest forms of it — without reflecting that it takes a god creator to make something sacred. And they frantically agitate for a universal “equality” that can be attained only by reducing all human beings to the level of the lowest, evidently unaware that they are merely echoing the Christians’ oft-expressed yearning to become sheep (the most stupid of all mammals) herded by a good shepherd, which is implicit in all the tales of the New Testament, although most bluntly expressed in another gospel, which reports Jesus as promising that after he has tortured and butchered the more civilized populations of the earth, there will be a Resurrection, and his ovine pets will pop out of their graves, all of the same age, all of the same sex, all of the same stature, and all having indistinguishable features, so that they will be as identical as the bees in a swarm.[2]

Although the “Liberal” and Marxist cults have doctrinal differences as great as those that separate Lutherans from Baptists, they are basically the same superstition, and whether or not we should call them religions depends on whether we restrict the word to belief in supernatural persons or extend it to include all forms of blind faith based on emotional excitement instead of observed facts and reason. When those “atheistic” cults scream out their hatred of “Fascists” and “Nazis,” they obviously must believe that those wicked persons are possessed of the Devil and should therefore be converted or exterminated to promote holiness and love. And when they see “racists,” who impiously substitute fact and reason for unthinking faith in approved fairy stories, their lust to extirpate evil is as great as that of the Christian mob that dragged the fair and too intelligent Hypatia from her carriage and lovingly used oyster shells to scrape the flesh from her bones while she was still alive.

With very few exceptions, the anti-Christians, no doubt unwittingly, retained in their minds a large part of Christian doctrine, and they even revived the most poisonous elements of the primitive Bolshevism of Antiquity, which had been attenuated or held in abeyance by the established churches in the great days of Christendom. And today, professed atheists do not think it odd that, on all social questions, they are in substantial agreement with the howling dervishes and evangelical shamans who, subsidized with lavish publicity by the Organized Jewry who control the boob-tubes and other means of communication, greedily participate in the current drive to reduce Americans to total imbecility with every kind of irrational hoax.

-Revilo Oliver