Liberty, Liberation and Aristocracy in Satanism

Satanism does stand for liberty of the individual, however, liberty does NOT mean doing whatever you please, whenever you please and not caring about the consequences of your actions and what impact your actions may have upon the world around you. That is not liberty. That is stupidity and extreme selfishness to the point of pathology and will never work as system for our people to live by. No great civilization was ever born from such a mindset.

A truly liberated individual is one who is Enlightened. Who has used the knowledge of Satan and the Gods to reach the highest goal: That of becoming as a God. This is the true meaning of liberation, it is liberation from a mere mortal existence and attainment of a much higher existence, and one who is liberated in this sense has the knowledge necessary to build a truly satanic society. A liberated individual can become a leader to others, and this is where true and original Aristocracy comes in.

There is a difference between original Satanic Aristocracy and what any forms of aristocracy have become today.

Satanic Aristocracy in Ancient Gentile cultures was comprised of those individuals who had reached the highest levels of Spiritual and Physical perfection via consistent and hard work on the Soul. These individuals dedicated their time to Spiritual practice. I know that in Ancient Ireland, the High King was also the High Priest, as the High Priest was tasked with guiding the people in the satanic way and instructing them Spiritually. A True High Priest/High King was one who had achieved the highest Spiritual level and was thus equipped to be a leader. It was the same in Ancient India. Aristocracy was not a meaningless, empty title and contrary to what many believe, it was not a closed system in which only one family and that one family alone had rulership. It was stated in the Ancient texts that anyone who dedicated themselves truly and fully to the attainment of this Spiritual level could reach the level of Aristocracy. There is an Ancient story from India that details how a Brahman came upon a group of fishermen one day, and decided to take them on as students and teach them the ways of Brahma, upon which they also became Brahmans.

It was only when the enemy infiltrated that the meaning of Aristocracy began to changed and slowly degenerated into the filth it has become today, as can be seen with those reptilian rothschild jews that are currently seated in Buckingham Palace. The original Aristocracy was all Gentile, and was set in place as a system of both physical and Spiritual leadership and guidance of the Gentile People and the creation of true Satanic Society. Also note there is a very profound difference between leadership/guidance and CONTROL. Satanic Society leads/guides the people into knowledge and well being whereas enemy jew society seeks to control and reduce the population to virtual robots.

The Satanic Aristocracy taught the people Spiritual knowledge as due to their own level of Spiritual Advancement, they were equipped to do so. The jew version of “aristocracy” vehemently suppresses any and all Spiritual knowledge.

Another thing I want to go back to is the notion of Aristocracy being “kept in the family”. This is another thing that has been corrupted. The reason Ancient Pagan families would often remain in leadership is that your level of Spiritual Advancement will be passed along to any children that you have. If you would like to gain a better understanding of this, then I advise you to study metagenics. This has been discussed in detail on these Groups in the past. Your DNA and your Soul are intimately connected and each affects the other. This is the reason that GodHead is also very much Physical, as when your Soul is perfected, this affects your DNA and you become physically perfected as well. Modern Science has also discovered a lot with regards to how meditation, and especially the use of Mantra, affects the DNA. For this, you can research further on your own. My point here is, Spiritual Power will run in the blood. This is also the reason why the christian inquisition put to death entire Pagan Gentile families going down the generations, as they knew this power could be carried through in the bloodline. They wanted to eradicate this entirely. And yet more proof of this is the fact that often certain psychic abilities will run in families. Many here will understand this and will have experienced it themselves. This is due to an Ancestor somewhere along the line who was more Spiritually open.

My overall point- the reason entire families ruled in Ancient Satanic societies was because of this power being passed along in the blood. This, however, did not mean that one could not progress towards this level via hard work. This is why there were entire schools set up to train individuals who wished to seek this level of Spirituality.

The modern “aristocracy” which is quite frankly a downright insult to the true and original meaning, is an absolute joke. These individuals are nothing more than leeches to gentile society and are there to control, manipulate and enslave. If you look to the modern British aristocracy, you can see for yourself with enough research that this is kept strictly jewish. As has been noted, both Kate and William are jews. William’s mother Diana has been proven to have jewish ancestry. Kate’s mother, who’s surname is Goldman, is also a jew. This is NOT in any way, shape or form true aristocracy and has no right whatsoever to be ruling over the Gentile People. They have perverted the true meaning and purpose of the original Satanic Aristocracy which was to teach and to guide. They were not “elite” by simply sitting on their asses, they were elite by the level of Advancement they had achieved, and were therefore fully equipped to be teachers, leaders and guides to the People.

It is vital that you understand these core differences. Then the picture will begin to become far more clear.

It is the law of nature, that those who have attained the highest levels of Spiritual and Physical Advancement should be the leaders of society, as they can guide a society to become truly great and a society in which all can thrive in the truest sense. A society which is free from poverty, disease and other negatives, and in which everyone is working towards becoming Spiritually stronger. This is the TRUE meaning of Aristocracy.

Hail Father Satan!!
Hail Beelzebub!!
Hail Lilith!!

Heil Hitler!!
Heil Heinrich Himmler!!

-High Priestess Zildar Raasi

Joy of Satan Ministries