Cultural Judaism

As we will note Liberalism and Communism are born from the same Jewish Illuminati Manifesto. And that this all comes from the secularization of Jewish Christianity. Its simply all Cultural Judaism.

Western Liberalism came from the Jacobin French Revolution and its Jewish Illuminati Manifesto was penned by the Jewish leaders, Jacob Frank and Adam Weishaupt which is the birth of Communism-Liberalism. With the Rothschild’s and other Jewish leaders behind this movement. Indeed Jew Trotsky confessed the start of the Communist revolution was in France by the Jacobin’s. The Jacobin’s and their Liberal ideology in the next century went thought a name change. The Jacobin’s became the Communist League and the Illuminati Liberal manifesto became the Communist Manifesto The Frist International was a Liberal affair with many such sects of the Jewish Liberal revolution born in France attending the Communists among such.

Communism And Free Masonry

This agenda was outlined in six basic ideals by the Jews:
The six main points of Weishaupt doctrine is the abolition of:
1.Ordered or nationalistic governments in the form of monarchies.
2.Private property.
3.Inheritance rights.
4.Patriotism to nationalist causes.
5.Social order in families, sexual prohibition laws and all moral codes.
6.All religious disciplines based on faith in a living God, as opposed to faith in nature, man, and reason.

This is the aim of Liberalism. We are living in this today. Destroy all organic boundaries in the way of a Jewish One World Order.

This is most apparent for those who don’t understand in the very fact Cultural MARXISM is simply a confessed Radical Liberal political movement. As stated by its own Jewish creators. Its the continuation of what the Jews laded out in their Illuminati Manifesto. Communism and Liberalism show themselves as the same.

On Cultural Marxism

Here is the open confession from the Jews that Liberalism is simply a weapon of cultural Judaism to annihilate the host nations, races, cultures, identities, and even the family. So that the Jewish Race can rule the ruins. As they laid out centuries ago.

“Indeed, the goal of producing political propaganda by using the methods of social science was self-consciously articulated by Horkheimer.”

“The closest that the Frankfurt School ever came to defining utopia. The envisioned utopian society is one in which Judaism can continue as a cohesive group but in which cohesive, nationalist, corporate gentile groups based on conformity to group norms have been abolished as manifestations of psychopathology.”

“Gentile nationalism and close family relationships are an indication of psychiatric disorder. At a deep level the work of the Frankfurt School is addressed to altering Western societies in an attempt to make them resistant to anti-Semitism by pathologizing gentile group affiliations….The opposition of Jewish intellectuals to cohesive gentile groups and a homogeneous gentile culture has perhaps not been sufficiently emphasized.”

“Frankfurt School may be described as a form of radical individualism that nevertheless despised capitalism-an individualism in which all forms of gentile collectivism are condemned as an indication of societal or individual pathology. Thus in Horkhiemer’s essay on German Jews the true enemy of the Jews is gentile collectivity’s of any kind, and especially nationalism.”

The Jews admit they created a Liberal based pseudo science to declare all opposition to Cultural Judaism a mental illness this includes declaring all Racialism, Nationalism, Cultural Pride, Family existence a mental illness. This same method was employed by the Jewish Soviet Union who’s constitution was the same Liberal document penned in the Illuminati Manifesto of the Jews. Anti Semitism was also listed as mental disease and treated with a Commissar’s bullet to the back of the head. The terms Racism, Sexism, Xenophobic and on all come from them here. To attack all Gentile racial and cultural existence.

The Jew’s today use the term NAZI and Fascist as well mixed in with this. This is Jew speak.

NAZI, FASCIST are Jew speak for Bad Goyim.

Tolerant, Liberal, Multi Culturist, are Jew speak for Dumb Goyim.

Which one are you?

Jews in America where also behind the creation of bogus science to push this same political agenda of racial egalitarianism the gospel of the Liberal. They took over the scientific institutions and ruined them with a Jewish political agenda. Preaching all races are the same and where all one race, this lie is right from the Jews. And a major key to their aim of a Jew World Order.

The Jew Boas and his fellow Jews created this pseudo science to mask their Jewish racial agenda against the West.

“By 1915 the Boasians controlled the American Anthropological Association and held a two-thirds majority on its Executive Board.”

“Boas also opposed research on human genetics- what Derek Freeman terms is “obscurantist antipathy to genetics.” Boas and his students were intensely concerned with pushing an ideological agenda within the American anthropological profession. Freeman commitment to a common viewpoint, and an agenda to dominate the institutional structure of anthropology. They were a compact group with a clear intellectual and political agenda rather than individualist seekers of disinterested truth.”

“It is interesting in this regard that the members of the Boasian school who achieved the greatest public renown were two gentiles. Benedict and Mead. , gentiles became e the publicly visible spokespersons for a movement dominated by Jews. Indeed, like Freud, Boas recruited gentiles into his movement out of concern “that his Jewishness would make his science appear partisan and thus compromised.” Boas engaged in a “life-long assault on the idea that race was a primary source of the differences to be found in the mental or social capabilities of human groups.”

“Boas almost single-handedly, developed in America the concept of culture, which, like a powerful solvent, would in time expunge race from the literature of social science”
“Boas did not arrive at the position from a disinterested, scientific inquiry into a vexed if controversial question.. There is no doubt hat he had a deep interest in collecting evidence and designing arguments that would rebut or refute an ideological outlook-racism-which he considered restrictive upon individuals and undesirable for society…there is a persistent interest in pressing his social values upon the profession and the public.”

The Jews have used this to create the platform to open the boarders on the West today and exterminate the White Race. All this is laid out in the Jewish Bible. The gospel of Jewish domination. The end perfected world and humanity are a race of sexless, identity less, Nationless, Raceless, slaves who toil for the Jewish masters of the New Zion. The real Jewish Illuminati Manifesto was the Bible. The Jews have just brought what was up in the sky down to earth.


All quotes are from the:

The Culture Of Critique, by Kevin Mac Donald.

– High Priest Mageson666