Liberalism is secular xianity

This picture painted by a standard liberal type. Perfectly fits the whole anti-White, liberal narrative the Joo Poo People are pushing in the White nations to dissolve our Race, Nations and cultures out into a Globalist slave slate where all individuality and diversity is gone. The hordes of undocumented third worlders flooding into Europe this way are many times violent criminals fleeing the authorities in their own nations. Its similar to the waves the Jew Castro sent into Miami. He cleaned the jails out and put them on boats. Where these people go the crimes rates drastically grow. The African nations would not like it if all the Western world emptied our jails and slums and sent them into their cities and towns.

Behold this liberal clown actually blames the Europeans for not doing enough to help their own destruction by the enemy Polices of the jooz. Even on Xian premise. Liberalism is atheistic Christianity as the noted Communist Dugin stated:

As the Communist Advisor to Putin, Alexander Dugin who believes stated in an interview:

“This fits well with the Orthodox critique of Western Christianity. It is easy to see that the secularization of Western Christianity gives us liberalism. The secularization of the Orthodox religion gives us Communism……”
On Apr. 22, cartoonist Khalid Albaih posted a single cartoon on social media: a black Jesus Christ, crucified, floating in blue water. Instead of a crown of thorns, he wears the European Union circle of stars.

It’s powerful commentary on the recent tragedy in the Sicilian Strait, where a ship capsized on Sunday, Apr. 19, killing at least 800 migrants on their way to Europe. The cartoon places blame for the injustice of their death: the crown symbolizes the responsibility of European Union, which has reduced investments in Mediterranean naval rescue programs.

The religious theme recalls the fact that tragedy took place—as it has many times before—in the Vatican’s backyard, and the Catholic Church’s tenet of offering refuge to those who are seeking (“Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”).

What these people the Europeans are supposed to do their Nazarene Nancy duty to help in the door are really brining to your communities:

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Liberalism is Christianity without the Christ

-High Priest Mageson666