The Vegan Religious cult

The Vegan Religious cult is a highly funded, and propagandized religious movement used to undermine and destroy the value of the gentile food supply, so, that they may be under the spell of the feces derived new world order parasites.

Veganism is a concerted malnutrition program. It causes serious psychological and physical health issues in those on the diet. If you don’t take serious amounts of vitamin injections and take supplements hand over first you’re going to get very sick and possibility die in the long term; which has happened repeatedly and which has been proven to happen repeatedly. Some people once they get into the cult, gradually become weaker and sicker and as a result naturally realize that it’s a cult and they get out of it. But, unfortunately most of them linger for years in the Cult.

If we look to the origins of this Veganism in the West you will see it started with the different Christian cults in the Roman Empire. The Catholic Church also had people go on Vegan diets during Lent and remove as much meat as possible out of their diets on Fridays. The Monks were also forced onto Vegan style diets. The texts claimed some of the Greek Philosophers believed in Veganism.

But the Church founders made many mistakes when they openly bragged about how they destroyed the entire Pagan civilization and what they didn’t destroy they rewrote to make it into a Christian propaganda tract. The works of the Greeks we have left, that weren’t confiscated and destroyed, such as Plato, Aristotle, and Pythagoras are corrupted. They were rewritten by the feces derived, new world order parasites, centuries ago. The ancient Greeks were not Vegan – they ate meat and animal products. They also ate meat as part of their religious festivals. The Spiritual Schools of the Philosophers were part of Greek culture not apart from them. The fact that the feces derived new world order parasites went to such lengths to insert Veganism into those texts and corrupt them, is very revealing, and clearly reveals the enemy actively destroying the gentile races. And proves it.

The rise of Veganism in America started with the evangelical Christian movements such as the Seventh Day Adventists and Hygienists movements. They promoted Veganism as Christianity always has. Today many Vegan tracts openly repeat the lies of the Hygienist movement’s and their baseless claims on humans being a Vegan species.

If we move onto the Soviet Union (which is now the new United States of America) the populace was put on Vegan diets by engineered food shortages for the masses. The feces derived new world parasite leaders of this regime ate so much meat that they were the only fat people in the USSR, and they were recognized as such.

This was done to the extreme within the death camp, GULAG system the feces derived, new world order, parasites ran, over the Russian people. Purposely putting the inmates on Vegan diets that literally drove many of them insane. And they actually used this to test how exactly would be the best manner in which to make people pliable.

The Vegan Cult Movement today is founded and run off this feces derived, new world order, parasite, communist ideology. The parasites that run this communist ideology engine, run the factory farms. And they also control the media in the United States. The leaders of PETA are members of the elite new world order. PETA stands for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”. So, those that run the factory farms are the same people promoting the Vegan Cult Movement of today with various animal liberation writings designed to be used by their criminal lobbies in order to further undermine laws concerning food.

They also drive up membership by comparing the holocaust to the manner in which the feces derived, new world order, parasites, treat these animals. Doing this demonstrates clearly that they feel a need to promote both events. For example, the “Holocaust on your Plate” exhibition consisted of eight 5.6 m2 panels. That’s 60-square-foot panels (for Americans), each juxtaposing images of the Holocaust with images of factory-farmed animals. Photographs of concentration camp inmates were displayed next to photographs of factory farmed chickens, and piled bodies of Holocaust victims were laid next to a pile of pig carcasses.

Captions alleged that “like the Jews murdered in concentration camps, animals are terrorized when they are housed in huge filthy warehouses and rounded up for shipment to slaughter. The leather sofa and handbag are the moral equivalent of the lampshades made from the skins of people killed in the death camps.” This was of course funded by no one. Most people don’t know yet, that the feces derived, new world order, parasites run the factory farms, they run PETA and they created the Vegan Cult Religious movement. And this has been proven many different ways and I invite you to discover one of them.

Protein-Calorie Malnutrition

Also called protein-energy malnutrition, occurs when the diet is low in both proteins and calories. If the diet is especially low in proteins, the condition is called Kwashiorkor. Signs of kwashiorkor include changes in the color and texture of the hair and skin; swelling of the body; and damage to the intestines, liver, and pancreas The disease, which is common in some less developed nations, usually attacks children who are suffering from an infectious disease. Kwashiorkor is fatal unless the patient is given protein along with food providing calories. If the diet is especially low in calories, the condition is called marasmus. Marasmus usually attacks infants and young children, and it causes extreme underweight and weakness.

Kwashiorkor is a disease that generally strikes children. In severe cases, the muscles waste away and the skin swells with body fluids.

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