The Agent Of Liberty What Was The Liberal Enlightenment

The Liberty doctrines that came out during the Enlightenment, and the basic variants of the core ideal of Liberty. Its been forgotten that these are from esoteric ideals that were incarnated in exoteric political forms of the times. The Enlightenment and American and French revolutions were Hellenistic revolutions from the Masonic lodges. That were based on esoteric principals of Liberty. Hellenism was the word for Paganism at that time. And Hellenism was punished by death by the Catholic Church by law.

The American Founders were Masons who built Capitol Hill to be a Temple to Liberty as Jefferson put it. What does that mean? During the French revolution the Masonic revolutionaries destroyed the Catholic Church and in the churches put up statues of the Goddess Liberty and held Pagan celebrations in Her honor. They banned all Christian rituals and all Christian practices within the public or private life and during the civil war even executed thousands of Catholic Priests who were the vanguard on the Royalist [Catholic Regime] and defrocked all other Priests and forced them to marry. All Christian symbols were removed from the public. The revolution in France was to destroy CHRISTIANITY and the Totalitarian Christian state. And create a society based on natural law philosophy, science, liberty, social progress and spiritual knowledge. They couldn’t do this under the ancient regime which was the Feudal theocracy.. In America the Founders also destroyed the Church State of the theocracy of the Church of England and the regime of the Jewish banks behind the English throne in London that were oppressing the American People.

The Free Mason’s came from the Templar’s all Masonic symbolic and ritual is openly connected to the Templar symbols and the Templar’s created the Free Mason Lodge guilds in Europe as part of their building and social advancement projects. Many Masons were arrested along with Templar Knights by the Catholic regime in France. And they reveal ed the Templar’s had taught then esoteric knowledge. And they were literally part of the Templar Order as a branch. One of the rituals in the Scottish Rite which was founded by the Templar’s when they fled to Scotland and won the Scot’s their independence from the English crown. The ritual involves striking the Papal Crown and Crown of the King with a dagger and swearing hatred against it. These people were trying to liberate Europe from the Jewish system of the oppressing and totalitarianism Church regime. Which was the Soviet Union of the time.

The Templar’s as noted by scholars didn’t worship Christ. They worshipped a hidden God called John all Templar commanders of the Order changed their name to John to honor this. Da Vinci who was a Templar member painted this John in the image of Dionysus in his famous painting of John the Baptist and hid this in plain sight. In the records of the time of the 13th-14th century it was recorded one of the Templar Heads the Baphomet that was found. It was a silver head of a women [Sophia] and within it was a letter and number code of M58. The 5 and 8 is the golden mean of the perfected spiritual-physical form in Templar-Hellenistic spiritual philosophy. The M is the ancient letter in the ancient Greek it is the 13th letter and this is also in Egypt as well of whom both had the same culture and it appears again in the runes. The spelling of the name of this letter hieroglyph of M is SHIVA. The same is found in the Yezidi system of which the Templars had common interaction with. The hidden name of the Yezidi God is Shiva. This is the important connection Shiva is originally shown as the eternal youth who has the peacock and serpent and carries the spear the Vel. The god of the Templar’s, John is from Jnana which is the name of this God, Jnana Pandita in Sanskrit as well. Jnana is the origin of the word Gnosis. However this is one title of Shiva. Jnana in the near east became Oannes [The Babylonian name of Enki] and then in Greece became Ioannes which is the name of Dionysus. This is also related to the ancient title of Dionysus which is Iacchos means John in Greek, this also becomes Bacchos. The God Dionysus has the symbol of the peacock and serpent and carries the spear and is shown as the eternally young boy and has the same mythos as Shiva’s original form does in Hinduism. This god is also called Al-Khadir by the Yezidi’s and Sufi’s [The Sufi’s were originally Pagan they still use a remnant of the Egyptian-Greek system] Al-Khadir which means The Green Man in English. Kartikeya a popular name of Shiva’s original form in Sri Lanka when the Greeks went to Katargama and saw the Temples to this original form of Shiva they stated that is Dionysus and worshipped Him as such. Alain Danielou the French Scholar has written an entire set of books proving Dionysus and Shiva are the same God. The Aryans came out of the east. To note Shiva is called Shaitan by the Yezidi’s which is Satan in Arabic as the full name of Shiva is Sata Shiva. The Eternal Shiva. This is also Satam or Satan Shivam in Hinduism.

Satan is the highest name of God in Hinduism. It means the saviour God which is Shiva. The Green Man is all over the Templar buildings. Satan Shiva means also The saviour Shiva. Who is the serpent God.

The sacred rites of the Templars are Tantric and still found in Shiva tantra in Hinduism. They are based on awakening the kundalini energy and leading it to the crown the place of Shiva. The Baphomet is also the symbol of the world tree which the Templar’s called the face of the Val, the Vel. The spine is the shaft of the spear and the head of the spear is the human head with the risen energy in Hinduism and the Templar system. This is also shown as the world tree. The Templar’s also had the symbol of the Pagan God Abraxas over their head quarter door. Whom the Yezidi also have as well as Abusax and is shown in the same way as Abraxas.

In the Templar system the number of their god is 13 and we see this is Shiva. The head of Sophia is called by the Templars’ Kundry in their Grail mythos. This is the ancient name of Kunda whom the word Kundalini is a title of in Hinduism. The serpent energy that transforms the soul. The Kundry is the energy of Shiva. The Baphomet as the actual one found is the symbol of Shiva. Note the traditional image of the Devil in European folklore has the Devil carrying a pitchfork, adorned in serpents, wearing animal skins, having horns and is the god of the mountain tops, forests and wild places. This is Shiva the serpents, trident, the crescent moon as the horns the animal skins and the mountain tops and forests are the holy regions of Shiva. This is also taken from the image of Dionysus. Both Shiva and Dionysus also have the bull and panther as their animals.

The Latin title of Dionysus was Liber which means “Free” this is where the word “Liberty” comes from. It’s the Liberty of spiritual liberation that comes from activating and raising the serpent to the crown. The Masonic image of the crown and the concept of every man as his own king is describing this important subject. From here one obtains the Siddhi’s and the power to govern their own fate and not be chained to suffering and slavery.

This is what Jefferson meant about his statement on the Capitol Hill building. It’s built in the shape of the ancient Pagan Temple if you note the tomb of Washington is empty and Washington himself is shown on the celling of the dome as ascended being surrounded by Pagan divinities. The symbol is one of the fact that Liberty is from ascending the serpent from the root to the crown which is symbolized by the heavens that Washington is in. The open tomb represents the root chakra and the dome the crown. Washington wears a violet robe while sitting on a rainbow. The robe is the color of the open crown chakra and the rainbow the other chakra’s as well. Upon the roof of the dome is the Goddess of Liberty. Which is Sophia the kundalini serpent. Washington’s famous painting that hung in the Oval office was of him standing with a rainbow in the background and a serpent next to him on the leg of the table. In the risen position like up the spine.

The most revealing fact is the statue of Liberty which was a Masonic statue given to America to celebrate the concept and meaning of Liberty the American Masonic revolution established as its ethos. It’s the image of the Pagan Goddess Inanna, Holding the Torch which is the symbol of Dionysus as the serpent energy, its fire of transformation as it travels to the crown. The Goddess is shown with the rays of the risen serpent ascending from her crown and the broken chains of bondage to suffering and time. Note the Goddess is shown as masculine in the features as well. In ancient Greece this was showing the union of the soul both male and female traits united with the serpent. The dual channels of the sun and moon coming together in the center of the head. The union of the snake. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of the Magnum Opus . The perfection of the soul.

From spiritual freedom comes political and social freedom. The people who gave you the enlightenment and political, social liberty were themselves Satanists. The American Flag of the revolution has the serpent coiled three and a half times around an invisible linga of Satan Shiva. It’s a Templar symbol.

The Jewish Problem:

What happened is the Jews created the Illuminati, the doctrine was created by Jacob Frank the declared Jewish Messiah of the time and leader of the Jewish race and another Jew, Adam Weishaupt who’s father was a rabbi. It was Frank thought his vast money power and connections that got the Rothschild dynasty started. Frank’s goal and his fellow Jewish elites plan was to take over the Enlightenment by the Illuminist doctrine and use it to create the Zionist World Government the Jewish Torah tells the Jews the Jewish Messiah must create as the fulfilment of their God Yahweh’s promise to them. This is the Jewish Kabala doctrine of synthesis. The Enlightenment and the Jewish conspiracy united by taking over the Lodges which are the driving engine of the new social order and then merging them into Jewish control via Communism. When this occurred in Russia the Masonic Lodges were all exterminated by the Jews with their Gentile members.

The Jews used their influence in money and its effects on politics’ to remove the ban on Jews from being in Free Masonry with the congress of Wilhelmsbad:

“When the time came for a vote on their admittance at Wilhelmsbad, the Jews were so anxious to win the day that they completely filled the hall with other Jewish supporters. It was not long afterwards that the Illuminati membership included an abundance of Jewish banking families, including the Rothschild’s, the Oppenheimers, the Wertheimers, the Schusters, Speyers, and Sterns.”

From here the Jews took over key lodges from the inside and worked to replace the Hellenic doctrine of Liberty with Illuminist ideology and the esoteric vehicle became the Jewish kabala with Christian additions for the Goyim. The simple fact is the philosophy of the Jewish kabala is pure Communism. Which is what the Illuminati doctrine is that of Communism.

The fact is the Jewish Illuminati was a subversive movement was known within the Masonic world. Washington wrote about this to a friend in letter still in the library of Congress:

Library of Congress link: … 0395%29%29

Mount Vernon, October 24, 1798.

Revd Sir: I have your favor of the 17th. instant before me; and my only motive to trouble you with the receipt of this letter, is to explain, and correct a mistake which I perceive the hurry in which I am obliged, often, to write letters, have led you into.

It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am.

The idea that I meant to convey, was, that I did not believe that the Lodges of Free Masons in this Country had, as Societies, endeavoured to propagate the diabolical tenets of the first, or pernicious principles of the latter (if they are susceptible of separation). That Individuals of them may have done it, or that the founder, or instrument employed to found, the Democratic Societies in the United States, may have had these objects; and actually had a separation of the People from their Government in view, is too evident to be questioned.

My occupations are such, that but little leisure is allowed me to read News Papers, or Books of any kind; the reading of letters, and preparing answers, absorb much of my time.”

The Jews took over the French revolution from within with the Jacobin movement which was the political arm of the Illuminati which had taken over the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris which was the command lodge of the time. Its well known the Jewish Frankist movement was the guiding hand behind all of this within France. It was with Robespierre the Jacobin, the Jews launched their coup within the revolutionary government it was also Robespierre that end the animation of Christianity as the goal. Allowed Christianity back into the Nation and tried to start a Christian cult. The Jew Trotsky wrote in his own works he considered Robespierre to be the pure revolution in which the Communists wanted to return to. And the execution of him as treason and counter revolution. The reason Trotsky felt this way was because the Jacobin’s had been the previous name of the Communist league.

Something to note about Marx and Hess the two writers of the Communist Manifesto which is the exoteric doctrine of the Jewish esoteric doctrine of kabala:

In 1841, Moses Hess, brought Marx into a society called the “League of the Just”

The motto of the League of the Just (Bund der Gerechten) was “All Men are Brothers” and its goals were “the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth, based on the ideals of love of one’s neighbor, equality and justice”.

Strange statement for a bunch of claimed atheists….

Remember this society was Jewish and its ideology was written by Jewish Rabbinical leaders and authors this is taking only about fellow Jews. All Men is simply the Jews. As only Jews believe they are human and the Gentiles are animals. The Goyim are put here to be property of the Jews. The “Government of God on earth” is the Jewish Messianic Kingdom which is laded out in the Jewish Torah, Talmud and Kabala. The core mission statement of the Communists from the start was to create the Jewish World Order. As the entire Communist movement was created by Rabbinical Jews. That of Jacob Frank, Weishaupt , Marx, Hess and numerous Elders of Zion overseeing and founding it. While it’s called Marxism it’s well known that Marx was the student of Moses Hess and that is was Hess who wrote the Communist Manifesto and let Marx take the front credit. This is because Marx was hiding his Jewishness and pretending to be a Gentile Christian. Like Weishaupt hid its Jewishness and pretended to be a Christian Gentile to infiltrate as well.

Moses Hess is the father of Zionism and in his own writings stated Zionism is about creating a world Jewish dictatorship run from a future state of Israel. This is what Communism is the Jewish religion exoteric form to bring this about. Which is what Hess wrote this doctrine of Communism to do.

Note Weishaupt in his own writing:

“These high speculative intellects, they become Magi. These collect and put in order the higher philosophical system and work at the People’s Religion which the Order we will give to the world”.

The “People’s Religion” is Judaism. This is a Rabbi writing. The doctrine of Judaism at the core of the Torah is the Kabala of which is the instructions and doctrines for the Jewish Rabbi’s to create a One World Jewish Government. And which the exoteric political doctrine of the Jewish religion is Communism. The outer form of the Jewish religion is simply Communism. This is why the Jews called all anti-Communist opinion anti-Semitism, because it literally is.

The Russian Revolution stared out as a peaceful change to democracy and freedoms for the Russian People and leaving the autocratic feudalist order of the Czar’s and church theocracy behind. However the Communists after failing to get anywhere within the new democracy despite even promising the peasants their own property which is anti-Communist. Setting up democratic worker councils offering liberal freedoms to the People of Russia. The Jewish leaders of the Communist Party then reveal this was all pandering for power to then bring in their totalitarian regime. When after failing in democratic elections and being a tiny minority fringe party. They launched a violent armed coup against the democratic government and started arresting and murdering all their political opposition. Lenin the Jew, then shut down all the workers councils and ended all liberal freedoms by violence and started a civil war for power that killed ten million people and they simply slaughtered all their political opposition. And they exterminated the Free Masons and removed all spiritual knowledge in the process from the population even executing other spiritualist societies outside the Masons. The Jews don’t want anyone having spiritual knowledge they stole this from the Gentiles and then removed it with their programs so they could become God.

“The Bolshevik leader of the Revolution, Lenin, who on both sides of his family was of Jewish lineage, contributed his plan for a centralized government that would be controlled by a Jewish oligarchy. After Lenin and his Illuminati cohorts raised their flags at the end of the Russian Revolution, their new communist government emerged with Jews occupying at least 75% of its highest positions.”

The first thing Lenin did was pass the anti-Semitism Act which made anti-Semitism against the law and punished it by death. This is the sign the Jews are now your masters and that’s it. Note the Jews shot anyone owning a copy of The Proctors of the Elders of Zion under this act. Say what you want but Henry Ford believed them to be true to the point he paid to put a free copy of this book inside every Ford Motor Vehicle he sold so everyone could own this work for themselves. And published them in his paper which was the third largest news paper in America. Ford willingly incurred the wrath of the Jews to get that information to the public. Note the original Protocols were just nothing but tracts from the Torah and Talmud. The second version the 1905 edition published by Nilus had this removed and the anti-Christian statements put in. The Jews under their Communist terror still tortured and murdered Nilus for publishing this book. The original 1903 copy of the Protocols has been authenticated by Russian academic’s. They were obtained during the Kishinev pogrom by the rioters who ransacked the homes of the Jewish elites. And published in the local paper run by Krushevan who then lied about where he got then to avoid being arrested as possessing stolen property from the pogrom. Even the Protocols are just repeating what’s in the Jewish Torah.


Lenin and his fellow Jew Trotsky then stated the structure of the Communist system would be nothing more than a “Labour Army” with a dictator giving all the commands. Thus breaking all their promises to the Russian People. Because they were lying Jews the whole time. The Jews enslaved Russia into a planation state run by a totalitarian owner’s class of racist Jews. Who then tried to do this to the whole world. This was the plan from the start as the mission statement of the Jewish Communists stated. The religion of the People is Judaism which says the Gentiles are animals put here to labour for the Jews as their property.

By HP Don Danko

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