The big conflict is the thinking around materialism either its all that there is or an immoral distraction.

The enemy programs that pretend to be religion tell us materialism must be overcome and having less is better. Be not like the rich man and such. This is simply done to ingrain a poverty consciousness in the psyche of the mass. Which softens them up to be exploited and not protest or revolt in a society in which they have next to nothing and live like abused animals. When their masters live in palaces of marble and dine off plates of gold. The unconscious programming sets this up.

This also lays the foundation for convincing them that spirit is separate from the material. The material world is evil and so is the flesh, that must be overcome. So upon physical death one can achieve salvation in the pie in the sky. In return for absolute obedience to the power system thats whole authority rests upon the ruling ideology paraded as religion. The ulimate carrot and stick.

This allows them to remove true spiritual knowledge by destruction of the cultural centers and leaders and then implementing their program which is always a counterfeit and corruption of the authentic culture they wish to attack and remove. This is built upon changing the meaning behind the original symbolism into a literal meaning built upon the psychological template of control they wish to install.

They know the effect this has upon the conscious of the victims. As time goes by living in this society people will exist on the lower octave of consciousness. Such beings are easy to control and lock into the two legged factory farm the enemy wants to create. This is done by shifting the dynamics of this template as time moves foreward into new surface modalities. But unconsciously the same template animates it.

As a result materialistic ideologies will arise, atheism will become the norm and naturally the next step is materialism becomes its own ideology. The spirit is nonsense the physical is all that exists. This is the stepping point to Communism. Where all traces of the past are gone. Man is just a literal Goy. An animal of burden without a soul. The Communist [or whatever they are calling it today] state becomes God. And the Jews control this state at the top. Just look at N.Korea for an example of this impluse for religion behing shifted into upholding the atheist slave state. The world devoured by Yahweh.

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Enemy Agenda

So let us leave behind the terms of thinking of a spiritually hollow and psychologically confused society.

The reality behind all creation is everything is made up of light and sound. That manifest at different octaves. All matter is spiritual energy that vibrates on different frequencies of sound and light. There is no separation of spirit and matter. Only waves of sound and light that form into different consciousnesses. At different levels.

The problem is our society due to the effects of the enemy has lost truth and puts the cart before the horse in life. They work and work in a slave society for a crumb off the Jew table. But they live deluded to the truth they are made of spiritual light and this light must be nourished and tended to daily just as eating which the body uses to obtain the same on a lower octave.

When this is done we start to move up the metaphysical ladder to higher octaves and sub-octaves of our own personal Logos, thus light/consiciouness. With this we can build a better world and more abundent life for ourselves. And be around to really enjoy it. We can all manifest the highest quality life.

At this point this intrinsic impluse towards higher meta-development is being sublimated into the hamster wheel society to slave and slave in a Jewtrix system. Along with the condition of man’s psyche already being subject to nurmerous pathological [karmic] suffering states due to its lower octave state. This generates the conditions for negative excesses and attitudes that are normal today. And allows the Jews to control the results.

The people the Catholic program dare not ever call by their true name…. The “Shining Ones.” Stated that the danger to mans soul is not living in the truth he is a being of light. But losing this and sinking to the lowest octave of consciousness where all negative influences will torment them and they will perish by the forces of time.

They stated the soul was locked into a lower octave [fallen] and by purification of the soul it ascends to the higher octaves of light transformation till the Perfection process is finished and the being is made whole. Into Shining Ones.

Which is the meaning of salvation to be healed/made perfected by the Magnum Opus. This is why the Gods of these schools where healing Gods. The Healing they gave was perfection of light and its truth. As they knew the cause of old age, suffering and death was the unperfected state. [They listed aging as a sickness].

The Magnum Opus is changing your tune and getting the lead out.

This is the core meaning of Yoga is Yagya-Austerites. Austerity was the performanice of tapa’s or exercises the generate inner fire that purify the soul and transform it to higher levels of light. Yagya where the fire rituals that such was done with. The outer ritual is a symbol of the inner ritual. This is penance for “sins” sin was another term for the dross that had to be purified out to achieve the perfected octave of light. The ancients mention it as a literal impurity. The Eastern texts state the purpose of Yoga is to purify the body by inner spiritual fire [tapa] to the Kumara state.

Its obvious these terms and concepts have by corrupted by the enemy. Which returns to first part of this article. The enemy changes the concepts behind the terms to destroy them. And damn humanity.

The Cathar people where highly spriitually advanced beings and known for their wealthy society full of art, beauty, true knowledge and honor. They worshipped the light within and without. And our true God Satan. As Lucibel or Lucifer in Latin. Among other titles. They where keepers of the Grail mysteries [The Magnum Opus]:

The Catholic church spent three decades of warfare trying to exterminate these people. Millions where killed and when the fires where out and the blood dried [they fought so well and bravely it took a Papal army of over 300,000 troops decades to take an area smaller then Texas]. They heaped lies upon lie over their graves. Pretending they where just heretical Christians to Rome. This was needed because the Church had to hide the fact there where Pagan regions and cultures still in existance in Europe in the 13th century. And understanding the charges the Cathar’s brought against Rome. Exposes the entire truth. That Catholic Rome’s ideology is nothing but a Jewish made corrupted, counterfeit of the original religion of the people called “Pagans” today. Lest the church dare to actually name them and exposes themselves once and for all.

The “Cathar’s” stated this garbage Jewish counterfeit program from Rome. Would damn humanity by removing the true knowledge of salvation from mankind and enslave them into the lowest state of consciousness. Turning our world into a tomb world. They recognized the Jewish Yahweh as a monster of the most depraved evil. As well as its people the Jews and their Juadized Goyium.

Many Cathar’s chose to die by burning on the execution dock of Rome rather then renounce truth. They threw themselves into the flames refusing to bow to the evil of Judea. They did not want to be part of Yahweh’s tomb world.

Jewish creation of Christianity:

-High Priest Mageson666