Einstein’s and other kikes’s crap about the universe

I know many people have a lot of questions about science, the universe and life. I am posting this, as it may be of interest. I majored in the physical sciences when I attended university many years ago. Satanism is for the advancement of science. Humanity has failed to make any serious progress because of crap like what I am sharing below. Advanced worlds out there combine spirituality with technology, such as group telekinesis when operating flying saucers. There is a point where both physical science and spirituality; the occult meet and compliment each other. Everything of the so-called “occult” can be explained scientifically.

This morning, I was finishing up on “Cracking the Bible Code” book. Because Hebrew uses letters for numbers, stage magicians’ tricks can be incorporated into sequences and codes of numbers. All sorts of different things can be done with numbers, as any mathematician knows. This is another fact that not too many people are very knowledgeable about. This is where that crap comes from. The so-called “Bible Codes” are nothing but another hoax promoted by the Jews.

Lilith appeared to me. This was right after I read in the book concerning the “Big Bang” theory and how the universe is supposedly “15 billion years old.” Now, note again…”15 billion” again, the number 1 + 5 = 6. She told me that “Big Bang” theory was a total crock of shit. I then went on to ask about the universe, the micro and macrocosms and such and she told me this…she stated that because we live and die; birth and death, we often see things in a linear time perspective…in having a beginning and an end. She said the universe and the micro and macrocosms do not correspond to linear time. They do not have a beginning or an end. She also stated what Thoth said about the universe being triangular shaped. She then went on and told me how science and everything else has been held back and stymied by the Jews.

That theory concerning the universe being 15 billion years old is based on Einstein’s crap. Again, Jewish lies. This in turn is based upon their stupid torah and then we have the muslim idiots who refuse to admit that the earth is older than what is stated in the koran, like the kikes- so all scientific enquiry is scarfed and stymied [Jewish roots]. I read some time ago where professors and other important scholars, if they do not conform to what are deemed accepted teachings, in many cases, even in spite of research, they re given a strong warning, then they are ostracized and eventually cut from their positions, if they persist. Certain research and such is taboo.

Well, she then left and I went on reading and that book even stated that before Einstein’s theory, the general belief was exactly what Lilith told me- the universe had no beginning or end.

See how they ruin science? No different from how I read many years ago how they have NASA completely under their control.

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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