Darwin’s Angels

Darwin’s theories really do amount in many cases to nothing but a pseudo scientific justification for the continuation of the hierarchical system laid down in the Feudal regime of the system originally created by the Christian Theocracy. Darwin was trained to be a Minister in the Anglican church and picked most of his ideals up from Christianity and social beliefs of the time. Why do you think he placed out of all the different races on earth. The Irish at the bottom rung of evolution. It reflects the popular attitude in the English upper-class of the day towards the Irish and helped to justify their feudal regime in Ireland as well.

Darwin took the churches idea of predestination and applied it to biology. In away that it was a continued justification of the dominate caste system in Europe. That started with the Catholic idea of the will of God and his government upon earth. You have the Church and the nobles at the top and everyone else on the bottom. Mainly as serfs who are owned as chattel of the rulers who are ruled by the Church. The divine right of kings and all this. This means that you are predestined to be a brutalized serf by the will of god and any act or thought or rebellion is a violation of god’s will. The Bible sets this whole system up. The serfs slave all day and have to give most of what they have to the Church and nobles and are left with enough to only half starve instead of fully starve if lucky. Any serf caught off the serfdom they where confined to. Was hanged as a run away. This is how most of Europe lived. Communism with spiritual pretense.

Well in the 18th century scientific materialism was becoming the new religion. And the ruling classes wanting to keep the masses inline and continue their caste system, status quo. So they shifted by hook or crook the same Theological tenants into vogue under the banner of science. Now its we are the superior upper classes because of our biological predestination and the rest of you are born to be our servants, serfs and general property. Because you are biologically predestinated with inferior or weaker biology. Now god said becomes….science said.

A mentor of Darwin was the Reverend Malthus who was the famous pusher of the ideal that starving the working poor and social-economic working, lower class [most people due to the caste system in Europe] to death was a kind and goody thing. That it would cause the weaker to die off. Social Darwinism by another name. Its ideals where put to reality during the engineered famine that killed a million innocent people in Ireland by the Rothschild’s. That modern historians openly acknowledge as direct genocide. Jesus loving Malthus work helped pave the way for such.

The ideal of improving the social-economic state of affairs for the people and ending the serfdom. And that by wage improvements, education, improved human rights and freedoms and income increases with labour reforms. This problem would cease to exist. Never occurred in the minds of these Judaic freaks. Because then they couldn’t justify sending children into the mines and mills as work slaves or filling the debtor prisons full of slave labour. All put there by the exploitive Jewish banker system.

Why not the problems caused by the abusive system is not the system its actually biologically inferior people after all. So we are justified in our materialistic enslavement of whole populations to our industry and debt systems and caste society. Of course the protestant deification of work served as the backdrop to enslave the population into industrial slavery. Its not an accident that Marxism used the same Darwin theories as above to justify its total enslavement of the population into neo feudal slavery as the scientific doctrine to justify its self with either.

Of course social Darwinist ideals where being moved around the upper classes at the time in America. And this is when the Jewish, Rockefellers and their agents created the public school system as it is. Which is designed to shut down the right side of the brain and train systematized drones, fit only for wage slavery in their economic serfdom. Who have had their self esteem and creative ability destroyed. And a new artificial personality assigned that is servile and depended on authority for direction on everything. Right at the time they destroyed skilled labour and self employment in America and replaced it with proletarian wage slavery. In their factories that destroyed entire families and forced parents to put their kids into adoptive trusts that sold their kids off to strangers as cheap farm labour so they would not starve to death. Its also no mistake after a century of the school system the rate of inventions in America has declined. They destroyed the creative part of the mind with their school system. This is why IQ is worshipped and not creativity and personal genius. They created a system where left brained training is to rule. Garbage in, garbage out. Removing people from the part of the psyche that the psychic abilities are within.

The key to Telsa’s genius from his own autobiography was his psychic abilities which come from the right side of the psyche. He stated he would see the object within his minds inner eye and all the knowledge of how to create it was downloaded into his mind with the image. Watson the father of DNA discovery saw the spiral shape in a deep trance state which opens one to this Shakti or right side of the psyche, which was the key that unlocked his discovery.

All what is being pushed by the system is the same doctrine minus the spiritual pretense in many cases. Where science becomes the new theology. Add to the fact Darwinian evolutionary theories take as much faith to believe in as Jesus. Its just shit and used to push us into nihilism, materialism, atheistic humanism. the kind the Jewish Communist state is built upon.

Got news for people. What we call science is realms of make belief bullshit that is designed to go nowhere. The big bang is bullshit as well and has been debunked over and over. But the theology of science just destroys the career’s of the heretic’s who question it. Where back to the Catholic Church and the Communist System which put scientists in gulags for discovering any holes in the states scientific dogma’s. And we know what the Church did to such.

-High Priest Mageson666