Science, Science. Well, this is a very much hated thing by xianity. For around 1700 years or more, science of every kind was shunned and supressed in anyway possible. From what we know, thanks to the jewish religions and programms, supression of all races in Earth, you can see the results today. But first things first.

Thing is with Science, today it was re-founded upon left brain principles, while it existed in the East and Egypt, Ancient Greece and other places in abudance, in other forms. Today we call this prelithic, but this is nothing but a jewish lie. The Ancients knew ways to sublimate, direct, cultivate, gather and project energy by other means that relate astral and spiritual. This also had to do with the constellations. Despite of the jewish lies about how the Pyramids were built [they lie about everything anyway] texts inside the Pyramids mention again and again… When certain alignments took place in the sky, certain people with certain abilities were called in to build these megalithic structures. Inside the Pyramids there were found many ancient technologies that had to do with Ratios, were carefully calculated and were to be used as mind/spirit machines that influenced the physical world. They were built upon mathematics and upon Astral laws that the enemy made sure would be suppressed. Researchers and people who dared talk about these things, which I will not mention their names, you can search and others who even utilized these things [Like Nikola Tesla] were put to death, directly or indirectly or their voice was shut down by the so called and all knowing jesus beliving jew ass kissing ‘scientific community’. There are also many honest scientists but science like in every other field is infilrated or influenced by jewish influence. Like Einstein’s crap theory [which was also stolen by someone else, no different than Zuckenbeg stole facebook from someone else etc] to some scientists still subconsciously hanging to xianity and being unknowing of spirituality, which guides them in conscious blindness to see beyond some things. There are others who do and will always do and these are the only bright people many of which are supressed by the ‘scientific community’. Many others with a ‘big mouth’ have even been put to death or assasinated, simple old jewish crap.

So to get fast to the point. Quantum Physics today shows us a whole new world, of different universes, realities, possibilities, more dimensions. Even left brained scientists today KNOW that 90% of the universe is made up of “Dark Matter”. We can only see a certain spectrum of light and there exist all sorts of other dimensions, one on top of another. There are radiations and things we cannot see. What we reffer to as “consciousness” is still a scientific riddle. Then, we have an eye like organ in our brain, which is the original Vadjet. This “eye” is atrophied and obviously cannot see any “physical” vibrations but is made for something else.

How much fucking IQ does it take to realize that the enemy is trying to shut us down from reality and its invisible mechanisms? Even your WI-FI and cellphone are invisible but with certain technology it can be seen. The Aura or the electromagnetic field around the body can be seen by some technology named “Krilian” photography. What I am trying to say, we can see much of it, but people have orders to keep it down so the populace cannot know. One can just hit a google research and find all the soviet experiments on people that had to do with the “powers” of the mind, “Operation Paperclip” done by NS Germany, MK Ultra practiced by the USA, and all the efforts made by corporations like Google and even other institutions to understand the mechanisms of the mind…For better or for worse reasons. Thing is, the brain is a riddle. It changes every second. They are trying to come up with information in order to control or for any other reason. One side wants to know so they can control and destroy and put humanity in disaster, this is the side of the enemy. People of our liking and side work for Satan’s agenda which is healthy evolution and evolution that goes even with our spiritual capability and consciousness. They also research Genetics and take the ‘old knowledge’ in far more consideration than most know. They also know about Aliens, as the evidence is overwhelming.

For those who don’t know, NS Germany did send expeditions to Tibet and other places to determine the “Aryan Origins” [not in the sense of “White Superiority” but to find the races of the “Aryans” who were created by Satan]. Gentile Races were created by Satan. It was not too long ago that I was visited by a Demon who looked no less than a Vietnamese. He was immensely powerful and of the most beautiful Oritental beings I have ever seen. I am sure there are also Gods who are very dark skinned, resembling what we today call the Black Race, as some may have been in Egypt though still being diverse from Egyptians, as were the Greeks of the time who were segregated [not allowed to procreate with Egyptians but were allowed to spiritually advance in Egypt]. As for the Chinese/Japanese and Hindus, there are reports of people ascending to Godhead and many have been also recent. Satan helps all his Children reach the top in their Spiritual Mission. The lands we have and our assigned places are all in accordance to our Divine Purpose in protecting and cultivating the planet. I know in Satan’s planet there is “racial diversity” but there is very little to NO inter mixture, and there is no Racial Hatred. In other words, the God Races are kept pure.

Now to link this with underground cities [you can see in the news how many cities they find, from Peru to China down to Egypt] they find many cities that many people could live up to 200,000 in number. There is no ‘light’ in these cities and there is no Sun. Edward Lytton [a British writter] wrote in his “Novel” the Coming Race, about such people. He talked about how advanced they were and how he met with them. Funny is the thing that if supposedly this was a novel and not something that really happened to someone, he has found so much accurate information. He even mentioned that these beings meditate, their use of bioelectricity, the advanced civilization they had and so forth.

With all the above in conjunction you can understand, the enemy hides things, big time. They hide many things, they hide so much that they cannot control anything anymore. It wasn’t long ago that they found a statue of ISIS too far from Egypt to even ASSUME that something was going on in the past between people if races SO FAR. But thing is, for the most part, history is distorted and in placed before 2000AD we are lied about in many many places. We are lied on about timelines, about events. The xian clergy and the inquisitors, the byzantine empire etc, made sure to destroy and confiscate any and all evidence up to a 98%, alter the rest 2%, by making the Ancient Races perish, admixture, destroying the temples and every proof they could get their hands upon. More than half Egypt is below the sands as we speak and there are writings being found that outright say the Truth but many are discarded or Egyptologists are told to hide things.

Then, lets go back to Tesla. I urge everyone to read about Tesla, especially those in the field of science. The father of your computer, electricity, screens and technology we have today, was a ‘crazy’ man, who had an accident and some portions of his brain opened up. This ‘crazy’ [as the left brain kike type of thinkers would describe him] said ‘crazy’ things like, that he “Talks and commands electricity”, that he ‘transcends the realm of time and space and absorbs knowledge from a sea of consciousness’ and other things. Which is all right thinking applied in left brain applications. So the next time some left brain dude pretends to be intelligent, remember that you know better. This reality is not to be understood solely with the left brain, but with both the parts of the brain, no matter if one approves the other. When one is advanced enough, both sides co-operate greatly and then one understands how far the Human potential is. Satan opens one up to the Truth and to things far bigger than themselves. With 86 billion Neurons and even more nervous connections in such tiny brain, with billions of galaxies and millions of solar systems in each galaxy, there are still people who think of themselves that they know it all? Believing still some kike made the cosmos and that they will roast in “hell”? In year fucking 2014?

Do you see where all this is going? Let your mind expand and try to understand. When one is a Satanist, he Stands for the Truth, no matter if it ‘applies’ or if he ‘agrees’ with it. Let Satan open up your eyes.