The Criminal History Of The Jews In China

The Jews officially showed up in China as early as 206 B.C from reports. Other Jewish migrations came from India later. It seems the Jews probably originated in East from India and the Far Eastern regions.

Note something important: “Some Accidental observations of Marco Polo trips show that Jews were sufficient enough to be able to exert political influence in China..”.[1]

This was during the Yuan dynasty that was later overthrown by the Ming dynasty. Note the Yuan was the Mongol dynasty which shows the Jewish Race had influence behind the Mongol campaigns of the Khans. Which massacred tens of millions.

Note during the Ming dynasty the Jews rose again to political and social power to an extreme degree totally infiltrating Chinese society and taking control of the Ming government. Just like the Jewish Torah tells them to do in the books of Daniel, Esther and the story of Joseph in Egypt.

“In 1421,a Jew named Hassan (An San) was rewarded by the Chinese Emperor for reporting an act of attempted treason against the Emperor by Kaifeng’s Prince Su. Part of Hassan’s reward included being given the Chinese name Chao Ch’eng or Chao the Honest. This paved the way for the Jews of Kaifeng to become full-fledged members of Chinese society. It was not long before the rest of the community took Chinese names, although they continued to use Hebrew names in their communal records. A number of Kai Fung’s Jews began working for the Chinese government. “China’s civil service was far more egalitarian than any in the West at the time. It recruited officials on the basis of examinations leading to three successive degrees, roughly corresponding to the Western bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate. The exams tested a student’s knowledge of and ability to interpret Confucian scriptures. They were open to all Chinese citizens. Within a generation of Hassan’s breakthrough, Jews in Kaifeng began passing the exams and becoming mandarins. The next three hundred years (c. 1421-1723) were their Golden Age. Jewish mandarins attained a wide variety of [important government] positions. “[2]

This is important the Jews who obtained the highest positions in the Ming dynasty that ruled China and took the court and governmental over.

We know from marble tablets that were found in the finds in China the Chinese Jews were in China from the 12th century and that the Jews had so much influence as merchants and thus money lenders, banksters they were granted special privileges and lands by the Emperor of China we can note the same history inscribed on the walls of Indian Jewish synagogues of identical political privileges given by the Indian rulers.

“Inscriptions in the Chinese language found on its marble tablets, dating from the years 1489,1512,and 1663,which have been often translated and published, have cast unexpected light upon a hitherto entirely unknown chapter of Jewish history. The following abstracts of these inscriptions give an insight into both the history and the character of the Chinese Jews. “The inscription of 1489 referring to the immigration states: ‘Seventy families came from the Western lands offering tribute of cotton cloth to the emperor, who allowed them to settle at Peenlang’ (K’ai-Fung-Foo).In 1163,the synagogue was erected by a certain Yen-too-la; and in 1279,it was rebuilt on a larger scale. In 1390, the Jews were granted land and additional privileges by Tai-tsou, the founder of the Ming dynasty. In 1421, permission was given by the emperor to Yen-Tcheng,”

Note the Jews simply infiltrated themselves into power in the new ruling Dynasty working their way up to hold major positions in the Imperial Court.

What then happened the Chinese rose up against the Ming Dynasty in a major rebellion that overthrew the Dynasty. Note the Chinese people destroyed the synagogue and slaughtered the Jews in a Pogrom as part of the revolt against the Ming Dynasty. Even going as far to destroy the Jewish Torah and the Jewish religious artifacts as part of destroying the synagogue and Jewish region of the city. No mistake as to why. The Jews were oppressing them with Imperial power. The same style Pogroms happened all over Europe in both Islamic Spain and Christian Europe for the same reason. The argument the Jews make all those Pogroms in Europe were because of “religious intolerance” against them are phoney. The Chinese were PAGANS and they rose up the same way for the same reasons.

“Another inscription dated 1663,by a Chinese [Jewish] mandarin (Chinese public official), gives a graphic account of the rebellion which caused the fall of the Ming dynasty in 1642 and the destruction of the city, the synagogue, and many Jewish lives, and of the rescue of the sacred writings by a Jewish mandarin, who, with the help of the troops, restored the city, and together with his brother,rebuilt the synagogue in 1653.Only one complete scroll of the Law having been recovered from the waters, this was placed in the middle of the Ark; and twelve other scrolls were copied and placed around it.Other holy writings and prayerbooks were repaired by members of the community, whose names are perpetuated in the tablet, together with the names of all the dignitaries who took part in the restoration.”[3]

The Jews were so powerful in the Ming Court they were leading important military campaigns and armies. Mandarin’s are Court advisors and ministers. And here we have a Jewish Mandarin leading an army.

Later many Jews migrated to Shang Hi and Hong Kong and became cotton dealers and Opium dealers note this is where the heart of organized crime in China originates from as well because the Jews have always run the organized crime business everywhere they go. The British Jews such as the Rothschild’s sent in troops to protect their fellow Chinese Jews on the ground to deal their Opium. The Jewish Rothschild’s and Sassoon’s worked with the Jewish Solomon brothers and Chinese Jews to run the Opium trade into China.

Later the Chinese Jews started the Chinese Communist Party in Shang Hi with help of their western Jewish brethren out of Moscow. From here they took over China and slaughtered over seventy million people. The Jews still control China to this day.

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