Poisoned food from China

To put it plainly, this is bio-terrorism – High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

Satan asked me to post this. I strongly suggest that you all do your own research on the internet, as I won’t be posting any links. There is hoards of information regarding this subject. I am not about to ever tell anyone what to do here. What you do is your own choice- responsiblity to the responsible. I do encourage everyone to ask any Demons you work with and/or if you are new, just be open to signs and warnings.

I have always loved Asian food. For the past few months now, both Lilith and Satan have forbidden me to eat at any Asian restaurants. Sister in Satan, Raven stated in a post that Satan is not ‘omnipresent’ and this is true, but I will tell you, they will put an aura on you. A couple of times, I rationalized and at one Chinese buffet, the food was noticeably spoiled and at another [both placed I frequented for years], this was take-out and there was a nasty piece of metal in my hot and sour soup. Point being…this made a stronger statement to me as not to eat out. The Powers of Hell will get their point across. There was another time and something else happened, but I can’t offhand recall right now. Another time, I was in a local Chinese supermarket that I have shopped at for many years. I only went in to get a Mexican spice they sell there. Lilith actually hollered at me ‘DON’T YOU GET ANYTHING ELSE!’

Satan and Lilith both informed me that there will be some ingredients that are coming in from China that will be deadly. Satan equated this to AIDS, in malignancy. He even stated ‘this is so bad that even the Gods themselves would have a difficult time curing it.’ I do know that several of you who are gifted and open and who communicate with our Gods are aware that in the future ‘many people will die.’ Satan himself told me this and I know that he has also told this to other brothers and sisters.

In addition, pet food is being laced with poison. Dogs and cats are having explosive diarrhea, vomiting and many are dying. This comes from ingredients from China and is even in prescription pet food that people buy from the veteranarian. This is becoming epedemic. I now cook for my pets. I will no longer feed them any commercial pet food, which was bad enough even before the Chinese ingredients. People pay top dollar for ‘rendered’ pet foods where euthanized animals who are put to death at the pounds and shelters with poison injections and such, are ground up ‘rendered’ into the kibbles, along with road kill, cancerous tissues from diseased livestock at slaughterhouses and even worse.

In order to maximize their profits, the jews are now dumping vast amounts of toxic wastes into foodstuffs for both animals and human beings; most of this comes from China. Cat food is now being laced with shredded tires, polyurathane plastic and worse. Just do some of your own research on Google regarding this. In Panama, some time ago, children’s cough syrup was laced with anti-freeze, which is lethal and many died. This is not conspiracy theory, IT IS NEWS! IT WAS ON THE NEWS! Check this out on the internet. Children’s toys form China were laced with lead. Lead is highly toxic, causes permanent brain damage and much more. Animal toys for pets is even worse. There are various newsletters and such that keep people informed about the incessant recalls of pet foods and products on the internet. I encourage you to check these out.

Please do your own research. Satan has gotton onto me to post this as it is serious. Eating out anymore, especially at Asian restaurants, as they use imported ingredients from China, can be deadly. I asked about soy sauce and Lilith told me to buy soy sauce that is from Japan, never from China. I have learned to make my own Chinese food at home. No, it isn’t as good as at the buffets, but it is palatable. Just always remember to undercook the vegetables. Many places to eat are no longer safe because of imported ingredients used in the food prep.

In closing, I cook for my cats. If you choose to cook for your pets, you can control what goes into their food. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding home cooked pet foods. You can’t just feed a cat a can of tuna. I began cooking for my cats when two came down very sick from eating commercial dry cat food, and by the Grace of Satan, I was able to heal them; one which came close to death.

If anyone is interested here, please reply if you want me to post the ingredients I use and how I make homecooked food for my cats. I will be happy to post this, but I am ending this now as it is getting too long. I will check back here and post what I have learned regarding pet food.

I also want to add that certain over the counter life-saving medications are being removed from the shelves and one must obtain an expsnsive doctor’s prescription for stronger and often addictive versions of the same line of medications. One major example is over the counter asthma inhalers. Brother in Satan, Nico, posted here some time ago regarding 35% FOOD GRADE Hydrogen peroxide. This is totally different form the anticeptic that is used. You have to know what you are doing, but this [tastes absolutely horrible, even when taken with strongly carbonated soda pop], when taken consistently, I have heard prevents asthma attacks, which are epedemic today, and also keeps one’s immune system very strong.

This stuff works, as I have taken it for overall health and noticed certain of my own problems disappeared.



Please do your own research and open yourselves to the Powers of Hell for guidance. Satan protects his people and looks out for his own.

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich
Joy of Satan

Article on food from China

While the article below is from a newsletter concerning pet food, it contains some very important information regarding human food as well. The entire point here is we are being slowly poisoned. This also includes people who do not eat meat, as the vegetables are also contaminated that come from China. It is getting to be more and more difficult, if not nearly impossible, to avoid food, pharmaceuticals and anything else we consume here in the Western countries that is not either directly manufactured or “processed” in China. Most of us know about Christianity and communism and how they work together to take control of and enslave the world. They are relentless and will stop at nothing. If one does much deeper research into the consumer products coming from China, how many people in the West, including children and infants have been poisoned and have even dies, including animals; my question is, is this some sort of preparation for something? Disable your enemies before you go onto attack? In the year 2020-2021, the USA solar return has a Mars/Saturn opposition across the ascendant/descendant axis, with Mars in the first house, as was with WW2, meaning war. Jupiter happened to aspect Mars in the 1941 return and this indicated the USA would win the war; Saturn is the opposite. I have always used the Gemini ascending chart for the USA, as Satanist Benjamin Franklin who was educated in astrology and the occult had the declaration signed after 2 am, putting Uranus on the ascendant for the US Natal chart. This has held up with everything, including the September 11th attacks.

Another thing I want to bring up here is how everything is going digital. Public libraries in some states are now abandoning books in favor of all computer libraries. Even a double-digit IQ should be able to see why this can be a serious problem. One must have a computer and it must be able to function the way it should in order to read any books? Our Gods left writings in stone for obvious reasons, not on a PC disc. Of course, they always try to give an excuse in the way of “paper” wasted and such, but you will see that this does not even compare to the level of toxic waste the government allows to go on unheeded. They always try to give a reason- their reason and most people do not even think. Systematic removal of knowledge from the populace, same as gun control, is a prerequisite for establishing a slave state. Removing knowledge is what the Vatican did, and also the USSR, as both mass-murdered and “purged” society of learned peoples; intellectuals, for one. Total ignorance on the part of the victims is essential in order to replace truths with lies, rewrite history, and create a slave state. Christianity and communism are one and the same and both use the exact same tactics to achieve their goal of world domination and enslavement. Read the article below for some information regarding what is being done with our food. “Distributed by” is a very broad term.

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich


Where is the chicken ingredient processed? Is it China? Now that the USDA has approved China to process US poultry, we can be certain that much of pet food chicken ingredient will make the long round trip to China before it reaches your pet’s food bowl. There is a multitude of concerns.

In October last year, we learned that most of the farmed and wild caught fish from all over the world makes a trip to China before it lands on your dinner plate and your pet’s food bowl. As with most things associated with China, the reason (example) that wild caught salmon is frozen, shipped to China, thawed, processed, re-frozen and shipped back to the U.S. is money. Seafood-today.com states (in 2005) the labor required to remove the bone in salmon costs about $1.00 per pound in the U.S., the same labor costs $0.20 per pound in China. The shipping to China including the round trip back to the U.S. costs another $0.20 per pound. China provides a savings of $0.60 per pound of fish.

So now, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has given their approval to China to become the chicken processor to the world too. The USDA feels its safe for consumers to consume US poultry shipped 8,000 miles to China, thawed, processed, and shipped 8,000 miles back. But I wonder if the USDA happened to read a recent post on Food Safety News reporting on formaldehyde found in Chinese processed fish?

“A large number of fish imported from China and Vietnam and sold in at least some U.S. supermarkets contain unnatural levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, according to tests performed and verified by researchers at a North Carolina chemical engineering firm and North Carolina State University. Around 25 percent of all the fish purchased from supermarkets by researchers in the Raleigh, N.C., area were found to contain formaldehyde, a toxic chemical compound commonly used as a medical disinfectant or embalming agent. All of the fish found to contain the compound were imported from Asian countries, and it was not found in fish from the U.S. or other regions.”

We have to wonder if chicken processed in China will suffer the same formaldehyde fate as fish processed in China has been found to suffer from. And will the formaldehyde chicken end up in pet foods?

(By the way, recent unconfirmed information provided to TruthaboutPetFood.com is the sweet potato ingredient in many pet foods is also processed in China.)

This means we need to ask more questions of pet food manufacturers. Example questions…

Are meat and vegetable ingredients USDA inspected and approved?

What is the country of origin of all ingredients including supplements?

What is the country of processing of all ingredients?

Ask your pet food manufacturer the tough questions and pay close attention to how they respond. If they avoid the questions or don’t provide complete answers…well, that’s some important information to consider too.

Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton


Association for Truth in Pet Food

Pet Food Safety Advocate

Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible

This video goes into great depth the reason why Satan said it’s unsafe to eat food from China:

Chinese Food: What’s in the chicken jerky dog treats that’s poisoning our pets?

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich
Joy of Satan

Another Sickening Trend

I am sure many of you are familiar with the fact that the day September 11th, when the World Trade Center was attacked, yes, attacked as this was deliberate; jews who worked in the twin towers or close by received a prior warning not to report to work that day. Jew Larry Silverstein who owned the twin woers also took out some 2 billion dollar insurance policy two weeks before the attack. Not sure of the exact details or exact amount of money, but for further information, if you haven’t seen the videos on the 911 and what really happened, you can find them here:

My point of the above is that the jews KNOW beforehand; they not only know, but plan these kinds of things.

Yesterday, I went across town here to a small supermarket, where I can purchase different grains and such in bins- you can get as much or as little as you please. Tulsa is backward in many ways and this is about the only market that has the above and also carries specialty items unavailable elsewhere here. This market is in the heart of jewville- surrounded by homes, most close to and above the million dollar range in price; in other words, many mansions. The market is also full of a jewish clientelle, jewish workers and so forth.

you can do your own research on the following, as it is all over the internet, but most of the fish and seafood in the USA now comes from China, where it is ‘pretreated’ and processed. It doesn’t matter that most of the US has a coastal line, the fish and seafood here have to come all the way from China. I noted a sign on the door when entering the market that seafood from the state of Maine was on sale there. Out of curiosity, I inquired at the small customer service desk,, concering where this market gets seafood and fish from and if any came from China. I was informed that ‘we don’t carry anything from China.’

In addition, I also noted when shopping there that quite a few brands now are inclusing a tiny American flag next to the kosher K symbol on food products. This is to ensure that jews are aware of what they are buying and that it is safe for them to eat and not from China.

I don’t think I need to explain anymore, as this is glaringly blatant. Nearly everything now comes from China. Stores such as Wal-Mart can mark the label as ‘Distributed by’ and be within the legal system and exempt from being accused of misrepresentation on the labels regarding where the contents came from. ‘Distributed by’ is a very broad term. Also, many food products are made in the USA with ingredients from China. The jewish owners of these companies save billions of dollars this way, as Chinese ingredients are dirt cheap, as opposed to American ingredients that have to be inspected.

I already wrote of how many children died in the country of Panama:



Don’t be fooled, as with always, the jews do their dirty work and gentiles always have to take the blame. There are plenty of Chinese JEWS in China and other areas of the world. Shanghai has a large Chinese jewish population. This is where the word for meaning swindled ‘Shanghaied’ originated.

To put it plainly, this is bio-terrorism. In my own personal opinion on this, third world countries are being tested with these toxic ingredients before they will go rampant in developed countries, such as the USA and Europe.

What we can do now:

We need to be aware of as much as possible. Do your best to keep up on local news and consumer e-mail newsletters. Really read the labels on any food you purchase. Read the fine print. I recently purchased a bag of fish from Wal-Mart; I was in a hurry and saw ‘Chesapeake Bay’ company on it and when I got it home, there was a smaller box checked ‘China.’

Keep up on your meditations and always reinforce your aura of protection [which everyone should have built on their soul by now]. This will keep you safe. I was telling a friend of the family who is very psychic about how it is now dangerous to eat in Chinese restaurants, as they use ingredients imported from China in their recipes, and our friend stated she experienced the same with her second sight, that many will die and also told me that she saw how some other food from China here in the USA contained a virus of whooping cough that mutated and of which there was no cure.

Those of us who are with Satan and are aware [and be sure to do your own research regarding deadly toxiins in the food], will survive. Those who are without are on their own. There is no need to get paranoid. Just use common sense, be well informed, and keep a level head and keep reinforcing your aura of protection.

Here is more information:

Letter from Chinese Laborer Pleading for Help

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich
Joy of Satan