What Happened In China Is What Is Going To Happen Here: Falun Gong

The Communist Party of China was created in Shang Hi by a combination of Jews from Moscow and Asian Jews all taking orders from the Jewish elites the Elders of Zion. The Founder and head of the Chinese Communist Party was an Asian Jew. The Jews have lived in China for centuries even a thousand years. The entire Chinese Communist Party is run by Asian and western Jews in all the key positions. Thousands of western Jews came to China to also take party in the conquest of China with Communism. Mao’s government was chaired in all key positions by western Jews. Such as Cohen who was responsible for the murder of forty million Chinese farmers by starving them to death in an organized holocaust, Shapiro and Epstein. It was Israel Epstein who wrote the blue print for the Cultural Revolution in which millions of Chinese People were murdered and all the spiritual knowledge was removed by violence. During this time all the spiritual teachers and practitioners were sentenced to death. It was an attempt to wipe out spiritual knowledge.

Globalist Jews created and run Communist China

The Criminal History Of Jews In China

The Persecution of Falun Gong (OFFICIAL ENGLISH VERSION)

In 1999 Falun Gong emerged in China which is a Taoist movement which is based openly on the Light Body teachings and working towards this state and consciousness. A movement of one hundred million people was banned and the Communist government created a special unit 6-10 [note the most important numbers in the Jewish occult which spell the name of the Jewish god they use their occultism everywhere] which purpose was to arrested and persecute Falun Gong members in the first week 50 THOUSAND Falun Gong members where arrested. Millions of Chinese Falun Gong members were arrested and imprisoned in brutal prison camps in which tens of thousands were tortured and worked to death in gulags with no hope. Whole families where arrested and destroyed by the Jewish regime. Between 2000 and 2008 at least 65,000 Falun Gong members were murdered by the Chinese Communist government and their organs harvested and sold on the market by the Jews who run the Communist government. The Jews in Israel do the same to the Palestinians. The Falun Gong members where herded like cattle into special camps in which special medical tests where done on them for needed biological information for market information to people wanting the organs. When the demand was put in the specific person was executed and had their organs removed.

This is the world the Jews have created: http://www.ishr.org/countries/peoples-republic-of-china/systematic-torture-in-the-peoples-republic-of-china/

“Torture Methods The most common methods of torture are hitting, kicking and electric shocks. Frequent abuse is also caused by cigarette burns, spending forced periods of time in painful positions, which can last for days, being beat by fellow detainees because they were ordered to do this by the wardens, overstretching of body parts, near drowning or suffocation, sleep, food and drink deprivation, puncturing of body parts, and the refusal of medical care and medicine. [methods of torture and abuse in the People’s Republic of China …]

Sexual Abuse

Female political prisoners are especially at risk of becoming rape or gang-rape victims during their time in the re-education camps. The victims are either abused by the police and wardens or they are put into cells with male inmates. Some women are already stripped naked before being put into the cell. The wardens then let the male inmates know that they can abuse the woman without needing to fear any punishment. Male political prisoners also become victims of sexual abuse by homosexual inmates or wardens.

The perversion of some of the members of these Chinese Security Institutions has no limits according to torture survivors. Policemen and members of the Ministry of State Security have for example forcefully inserted various objects, such as bottles, sticks and brushes, into the victims’ vagina or anus.

The victims of this abuse find it especially hard to report about these experiences. The offenders, who clearly have the approval and who act in the intentions of the CPC, do not have to fear that their actions will be punished. Instead human rights lawyers and civil rights activists demanding the implementation of the officially ratified torture prevention convention become victims of harassment, intimidation and arrests.

Some of them, like the most famous human rights activist Gao Zhisheng, have “disappeared” since their arrest. ” This was done with a organized campaign of propaganda against Falun Gong by the Communist government to justify the organized terror and murder campaign against spiritual knowledge. Why would a “atheist government” be so terrified of this knowledge being practiced by the public…. Its all nonsense right…. NO ITS NOT AND THE FUCKING JEWS KNOW IT!

This is the reason the Jews wrote the Bible to set up a Jewish world government in which spiritual knowledge was removed in an organized state campaign of terrorism by their Church. They are doing the same in China in the current world for the same reason.

Note the enemy teachings that were put into Taoism that of being a passive victim. If ONE HUNDRED MILLION people practicing spiritual knowledge had of decided to do mass spiritual workings to bring down the Communist Jew government and bring Freedom to the People, that would have been it. And the JEWS FUCKING KNOW IT!

Keep up the Final RTR and bring justice for this world. Or this will be the fate of everyone when the Jews get their global Communist slave state.

– High Priest Mageson666