Chinese fake food

This is a very shocking revelation. Mainly due to the conditions imposed upon the Chinese people by the communist party, many of these desperate people are trying to make money using inappropriate methods. Unfortunately, this profoundly affects the rest of the Free World, especially the West.

Another reason to never eat Chinese grown/produced foods. It is no secret that world jewry is trying to create a new soviet jewnion, China, a red beast that they will surely use to spread their bolshevism, this is why the likes of Goldman Sachs and the Sands Corporation, which is owned by megajew Sheldon Adelson, is outright directing and collaborating with and bribing officials of the Chinese communist party. Their main target is the USA, with their cyber-attacks and economic espionage.
– Samy Abbas

Made in China: Top 5 Fake, Gross Chinese Products – Gutter Oil Viral Video

Decades ago, the Chinese were known for selling counterfeit bags that had Louis Vuitton labels. It was later followed by other counterfeit items such as mobile phones displaying the Apple logo and were sold not only in China but in other parts of Asia.

The counterfeiting did not stop there though as news about food safety and fake food hit newsstands in recent years. The following are a few of the most controversial faked food made in China.

1. Gutter Oil

Gutter oil is recycled cooking oil taken from Chinese sewers. The video expose of Radio Free Asia has gone viral on various social media sites as RFA shows how China’s black market recycles cooking oil from Chinese gutters. The recycled gutter oil is later repacked and sold.

The Making Of ‘Gutter Oil’

2. Rat Meat Sold as Mutton or Beef

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security said in May 2013 that authorities caught traders in the country who sold rat, mink, and fox flesh as mutton or beef. A total of 63 people were arrested according to the NY Times.

A Sina-Weibo user, China’s version of Twitter asked, “Is it cheaper to raise rats than sheep?”

China fake meat scandal: Crime ring busted after selling rat meat as mutton

3. Fake Chicken Eggs

Fake chicken eggs being sold in China look like real chicken eggs but they’re composed of coagulants, starch, and resin while the shell is made up of gypsum powder, calcium carbonate and wax. While the news of these fake chicken eggs is slowly making their way to mainstream media, they have been around since the 1990s, according to Geobeat. Reports say these fake eggs cost much less to produce as compared to the real thing.

Japanese journalist secretly investigates fake eggs made from chemicals in China.

Investigation of fake eggs in China. by FujiTV

4. Melamine Milk

In 2009, packs of infant formula imported from China were removed from Philippine grocery stores because they were tainted with Melamine.

The tainted milk powder was also sold in China resulting to 53,000 Chinese children being brought to various hospitals for food poisoning.

And now for an update on China’s poisonous milk scandal. The poisons in some milk might not be just from pure melamine, but actually from melamine scrap that has other chemicals in it.

Chinese Milk Tainted with More than Just Melamine

5. Rice Noodles

Rice noodles made from mouldy grain and carcinogenic additives started making the rounds in Chinese grocery stores in 2010. According to the Beijing Youth Daily, 50 factories were making them producing 500,000 kg of rotten grain noodles a day.

Experts say that these rice noodles may have made it to other countries.

Fake Meat: The Meat Glue Secret

Meat glue, also known as transglutaminase, is a clotting agent that has the ability to bind protein-containing foods together. In other words they take some pieces of unknown material (possibly rat or rotten meet) mold them with some fancy purdah and it begins looking like a “solid” steak.
“One of the concerns about cooking up a fake steak like this is there’s a lot of meat that used to be on the outside that is now on the inside – which means there’s bacteria inside this piece of meat.” – Greg Mrvich, creator of YouTube cooking channel Ballistic BBQ

Fake Meat: The Meat Glue Secret


More Chinese food scandals:

Exploding Watermelons, Latest Food Scandal in China

Chinese consumers have been hit by yet another food safety scandal. This time, it’s exploding watermelons. Farmers in eastern Jiangsu province say they used a chemical to make the watermelons grow faster, so they could make more money. Now they have to deal with huge losses because their crops have been ruined.

Decades-old rotting meat worth $500 million seized in China food scandal: report

Over half a billion dollars’ worth of smuggled frozen meat — some of it thawed, rotting and more than 40 years old — has been seized in China, according to local reports.

“It was smelly, and I nearly threw up when I opened the door,” said an official from the central Hunan province, where 800 tonnes were seized.

Yang Bo, the deputy director of the anti-smuggling bureau in the Hunanese capital Changsha, said smugglers would often transport the goods in ordinary vehicles, rather than refrigerated ones, to save costs.

“So the meat has often thawed out several times before reaching customers,” he added.

Reports stated that the meat seized locally came from the “border area” with Vietnam, where it was “difficult to control the flow of meat”.

Officials from Guangxi, a southern region bordering Vietnam, found some of the meat was “more than 40 years old”, meaning it was originally packed and stored when the country was still under the rule of Communist China’s founding father Mao Zedong, who died in 1976.

China was rocked by one of its biggest-ever food safety scandals in 2008 when the industrial chemical melamine was found to have been illegally added to dairy products, killing at least six babies and making 300,000 people ill.

China frozen meat scandal: 40-year-old Cultural Revolution meat seized in Hunan – TomoNews

To put it plainly, this is bio-terrorism – High Priestess Maxine Dietrich